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996946 tn?1503252712 0), age ≥ 65, highly variable INRs, history of gastrointestinal bleeding, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, serious heart disease, anemia, malignancy, trauma, renal insufficiency, concomitant drugs (see PRECAUTIONS), and long duration of warfarin therapy. Regular monitoring of INR should be performed on all treated patients. Those at high risk of bleeding may benefit from more frequent INR monitoring, careful dose adjustment to desired INR, and a shorter duration of therapy.
Avatar n tn In chronic, acquired liver diseases, the serum bilirubin concentration is usually normal until a significant amount of liver damage has occurred and cirrhosis is present. In acute liver disease, the bilirubin is usually increased relative to the severity of the acute process.
Avatar m tn The new research looks at how warfarin affects the progression of fibrosis in mice with chronic liver injury. Warfarin is already used to prevent and treat blood clots in people with artificial heart valves, deep vein thrombosis, and a host of other conditions. A previous study by the same researchers demonstrated that in Hepatitis C, scarring of the liver accelerates in those patients who are prone to form blood clots.
Avatar f tn Anesthesia and contrast also can be safely used in patients with liver disease. The liver is very resilient and really can take a lot. Wish you the best and hope for a good outcome of your surgery.
233616 tn?1312790796 I know that obesity is one of the causes of diabetes but plenty of us are not obese and never have been. I believe there are many factors with liver disease being one.
Avatar f tn I've heard people in hospital tell the nurse that they refuse to take 'rat poison' and I think it's important to put this into perspective. Warfarin was first developed as a pesticide because it was noted how a small dose of anticoagulant would cause rats and mice to hemorrhage to death. So it was deliberately developed as an anticoagulant and it was found to have other uses, such as saving lives in humans suffering a thrombus.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism 3 years ago with hypercoagulability (genetic) and have been on 2.5mg of Warfarin per day for the past 3 years. I have just had an abdominal scan, and was told that I have a dense, fatty liver. I have tried to eat as healthy as possible, but had to cut a lot of greens out of my diet, as it affected my INR and would have lead to me having to increase my Warfarin dosage. Now I am not sure if this lead to the 'fatty liver'problem.
Avatar f tn She should be tested for both of those and vaccinated for Hep A and Hep B. Other possible causes of liver disease should be explored and ruled out as well. Does she have regular screens for liver cancer? As Nan said, if she isn't seeing a hepatologist in a transplant center, that's the next step.
6708370 tn?1471493810 Since that time I have had dozens of doctor perform the exam and even medical students have measured the size of my liver and spleen and detect ascites with this simple 1 minute exam. Splenomegaly is a common complication of cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Cirrhosis (scar tissue in the liver) can interfere with that blood flow. The blood isn't able to pass easily through the liver. Pressure builds up in the portal vein. (“Portal Hypertension”) The spleen enlarges.
Avatar n tn Although rare, cyanobacteria like Spirulina may contain toxins called microcystins, which accumulate in the liver and can potentially cause cancer or other liver diseases.
4822967 tn?1367660296 I live in Oz too and the waiting list for my endocrinologist is around two months. You can also ask to be on the last minute cancellation list for a possible earlier appointment. There is a Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme to help with the cost of travel and accommodation if you need to travel to see an endocrinologist. I had acute kidney failure and have thyroid issues both hyper and hypo symptoms. I had severe itching and anaemia as two of my many symptoms of kidney failure.
Avatar n tn Highly Probable Alcohol (if concomitant liver disease) Amiodarone Cimetadine Clofibrate Cotrimoxazole Erythromycin Fluconazole Isoniazid Metronidazole Miconazole
Avatar m tn The aim of the present study was to determine if there was any correlation between HCV viral load and the severity of liver disease. Fifty patients with HCV infection were included in the study. These comprised of 34 subjects with a history of alcohol use and 16 non-alcoholics. Quantitative serum HCV RNA assay was carried out using the branched DNA (bDNA) technique. Linear regression analysis was performed between serum viral titers and liver tests.
237039 tn?1264261657 But I still have the coronary artery disease and my cardiac blockages are from Plaque buildup. I am still trying to figure how why one trumps the other.
1451338 tn?1413478623 less commonly lung, skin) Lupus [Systemic Lupus Erythematosus] (skin, joints, kidneys, heart, brain, red blood cells, other) Scleroderma (skin, intestine, less commonly lung) Sjögren's syndrome (salivary glands, tear glands, joints) Goodpasture's syndrome (lungs, kidneys) Wegener's granulomatosis (blood vessels, sinuses, lungs, kidneys) Polymyalgia Rheumatica (large muscle groups) Guillain-Barre syndrome (nervous system) Localized Autoimmune Diseases Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (pancreas islets)
170935 tn?1225374676 watch out for the liver. My best defense is acid reducers ( prescriptive kind), and not eating the gassy foods like apples, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, sugar, etc. Taking Beano before meals with beans or veggies helps also.
Avatar n tn It is a measurement that has nothing to do with asthma, asthma medicines or allergy. It can also be abnormally elevated with advanced liver disease. You should ask the consultant what this means in your case.
Avatar n tn Sometimes high AST levels can signal that one of the medicines are causing liver damage. My step-father was on Lovastatin and his doctor tested his liver once a month. After several months, his ALT and AST levels were high, so they took him off the medicine. I would also stop drinking alcohol, and retest to see if that was the problem. Good luck!
1013028 tn?1250926867 Thrombosis can be prevented with heparin administration and treated with heparin and warfarin. If clots occur heparin followed by warfarin ( coumadin )is usually prescribed. Higher-than-usual doses of warfarin may be needed. Warfarin or Coumadin is prescribed to prevent strokes arising from atrial fibrillation and DVTs forming in the legs usually.
Avatar m tn Presently doing further liver function tests, calcium/magnesium tests and inflammation. He is presently on warfarin and also has started Baclofen to see if they help his cramps. I have also started him on calcium and magnesium supplements today! Any idea to which area to look into this issue? e.g. possible names of diseases? Thank you for reading this question.
144210 tn?1273092382 4 g/dL Low levels of total protein indicate a more advanced stage of liver disease. Albumin 4.1 3.5-5.0 g/dL A low level may mean advanced liver disease, because the liver is not able to produce the normal amount. Calcium 8.8 8.5-10.5 mg/dL WBC 2.67 4.0-11.0 k/uL L Used for fighting infections. White blood cells are made in the bone marrow. RBC 4.74 4.5-6.
Avatar m tn Enhanced hypoprothrombinemic response to warfarin has been reported in patients with acute alcohol intoxication and/or liver disease. The proposed mechanisms are inhibition of warfarin metabolism and decreased synthesis of clotting factors. Binge drinking may exacerbate liver impairment and its metabolic ability in patients with liver dysfunction. The risk of bleeding may be increased. Conversely, reductions in INR/PT have also been reported in chronic alcoholics with liver disease.
Avatar n tn Highly Probable Alcohol (if concomitant liver disease) Amiodarone Cimetadine Clofibrate Cotrimoxazole Erythromycin Fluconazole Isoniazid Metronidazole Miconazole
Avatar n tn I imagine that his coumadin is already being monitored very closely since he had hepatic disease. Warfarin is contraindicated in pts with liver disease, and should be used with caution. Surprisingly, combo tx is not contraindicated for warfarin pts, but like someone else said, his blood counts will require even closer monitoring. I wish you and your husband the best of luck and health.
1139187 tn?1355710247 I also read that Cetirizine (Zyrtec) can cause immune-mediated reactions in the liver, and I believe liver issues can cause back, nerve and joint pain. Could it be that because the liver metabolizes these antihistamines that they are causing toxic effects and giving me the symptoms??? I have all the symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis, but that is usually found in men and at a much earlier age... I am a 57 year old female! At times the lymph nodes under my arms are sore.
3624762 tn?1349398652 EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT High levels of cholesterol are associated with atherosclerosis and heart disease. Low levels are a marker of poor liver function. NAME CREAT (Creatinine) NORMAL RANGE 0.6-1.4 mg/dl DEFINITION This is a breakdown product of creatinine phosphate, which is a protein found in muscle. It is made entirely by the kidneys. EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT Abnormal levels usually indicate problems with the kidneys or renal system. NAME Eosinophils NORMAL RANGE 0.04-0.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering severe anxiety due to a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli from the end of January. I am on warfarin tablets. My anxiety is worse after physical symptoms; such as pain and discomfort in both legs. Does anyone out there on warfarin have these or similar discomforts and how do you overcome the anxiety?
Avatar m tn thanks to the OP for posting those possible causes etc as I now think it may be allergy, Iam taking a LOT of herbal supplements for my Liver Disease and I think it may be related and the ringing is like a 'pressure build up' sort of noise - the humming must also be part of it, so Im gunna stop all my supplements which include Milk Thistle, Multi-Vitamins, Cod-Liver Oil, Dandelion , Artichoke and Herbal Teas (although most of those have just started recently) if any I think it be Milk Thistle a
Avatar m tn There are multiple perfusion defects at the periphery of the right and left hepatic lobes. There are geographic and well-defined and extend to the periphery of the liver. Augmenting hepatic venous branches can be seen coursing through through these areas. The liver is otherwise unremarkable. There is no intraabdominal or pelvis lymphadenopathy. There is no ascites. Clinical Summary: Thrombus within the superior mesenteric and portal veins.
Avatar m tn go see a hematologist and find out, i too bruise easy but i have stage 4 liver ciirosis and enlarged spleen, 0%wbc, very low blood platlets and psoriasis of skin 98% of body.