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522415 tn?1242941355 It seems women's brains are more receptive to Kappa opiods than other opiods like the oxy's or hydrocodones. It comes in a patch, nasal spray and a pill. Only the pill is what we would use. Simply ask your Dr. Some drs. do not prescribe certain drugs because they are not certified to do so. They don't tell us this. Morphine is a level 4 drug. A GP does not have a license to prescribe level 4 drugs. Sometimes they use the strong arm method instead of explaining their limitations.
405614 tn?1329147714 My insurance company doesn't want to pay for the shot...They said they would have covered it if it was the birth control pill but this wasn't an option for me because of the blood clots I got in my leg last year. Deprovera was my safest option. So I have to send them medical records and a letter from my doctor, that I'm still waiting for on proving my case, before they will consider it. The thing is my is I saved my insurance money....pay for a $75.
Avatar f tn Ondansetron has been trialled for fatigue by Piche et al. With some good results, but the cost of the pill is expensive, between $25 - $60 per pill. Take care everyone.
Avatar n tn I read that you can have up to 150 mgs of caffeine per day and it would be fine. Tea has about 40 mg per 8 oz so I might just have one cup per day. Moderation may have to be the key. I'll kick myself if my kid ends up with ADD, but hell, at least s/he'll have a mother who has all of these tricks to share who will never accuse him or her of being lazy, stupid or crazy. I won't pressure him or her into unresearched medication or accuse him or her of being a street drug addict.
Avatar f tn It also could be caused by the vyvanse I am taking--it is a stimulant that i would like to get off of. I also take 1/2 of a cafeinne pill with my pain meds--but I don't usually notice the shakes from that. The shakes usually start after I have been up for a couple of hours, which makes me think it could be the stimulant---that is about how long it takes for the full amount to get in your bloodstream.
Avatar n tn I hope you hang in there and please don't just pop a pill in a couple of weeks because we all know that one pill turns into a million pills and all of the suffering you are enduring will be in vain! Even with this depression I would never want go back to being addicted to pain killers. You can do it!
Avatar m tn Seems like so many folks that don't need it take it according to as search I just did I honestly doubt anyone is studying what has happened to people like us ----- there are a LOT of us but we seem to be pushed off as an anomaly --- All the people that reach SVR and have no side effects are what they are concerned about ------ Looking into folks like us and what happened cost money.
Avatar n tn I went from 60mgs a day (3 years), to 30mg/per day for 10 days, then 20mg/per day for 2 days, then just one 5mg pill yesterday. It has been really hard! But, my encouragement for all is that it does get better very soon, usually 3 days and the symptoms start to go away. I feel like I am full of cement and can barely move, no energy, cant sleep, all the normal stuff that happens in WD. I was at one time given Oxy and I elected to go cold turkey.
Avatar n tn When i finished the Savella (packet) i was on 100mg. per day. My PCP gave me a Rx. for 100mg. twice a day. I was really happy that I had found out something that worked for me. It had decreased my pain level to about 40%. I called it the Miracle Pill. Well coming to find out now, that after taking it for about 3 months or so; now is not helping me at all; I'm back in a lot of pain again+ more. I feel so deppresed with no hope again of getting some relief. Please help!
Avatar f tn Another member has recommended that I look into Low Dose Naltrexone LDN which will be part of a very long, indepth interview with this new guy... as well as Vyvanse. A fight I have been on with the local insurance - to get back on for that two years. The only stimulant that seems to work for my chronic fatigue! They have forced me on Amphetamine Salts ER 20mg which is like a sugar pill and has started to give me nightmares! My psychiatrist disagrees. Another idiot! Sorry for the rant.
Avatar n tn So far Prednisone has helped me....but today's my last pill and I'm praying I won't go back to where I was, which was totally unable to function. I just keep checking this forum every day to see if somebody gets help and post what I've been doing in case it can help someone. It's caused my panic attacks which I've had for years but under control, to flare up, too. You are not alone....but no one wants to feel like this!
Avatar f tn eat a lot of yogourt..it really facilitates weight loss. I eat about 500g of yogourt per day and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Topamax alone won't make you lose the weight, it will just make it easier for you to do it on your own. I hope this helps you!! Have a great week!!
Avatar n tn It is great hope for anyone with epilepsy, migranes, maia, but I don't think it should be prescribed for people as a weight loss pill. Their are other not so wonderful side effects, such as mind blocks, tingly hands and dry mouth. Plus, I don't think people should be given a pill just for weight loss. It is a good benefit, but exercise and diet are a better way. It's fair to us because we need the medication to aid other needs.
Avatar n tn The majority of what they did for me focused on correcting problems that coincide physiologically and physically as opposed to taking a pill. About 2 1/2 years ago, I started taking Adderral XR 10 mg twice a day; I am currently taking 30 mg of Adderral XR 2 times a day. XR stands for Extended Release. Sometimes, if I have that paper that I have been putting off due tomorrow, I’ll pop an extra.
Avatar m tn I have recently been surfing the net on this subject. I have been suffering from these "anxiety overs" for about a year now. I am a 26 year old male. It looks like this is common in about 1 and 10 males about 20-40 yrs. old. I only drink one to three times a month as I have done for the past 3 years since quitting some harder drugs. Anyways I still get these "anxiety overs" and yes a few days later I feel fine.