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Avatar f tn im on the highest dosage of vyvanse and its supposed to last longer than addorall but it seems to be working less and less...is that possible?? im sick of insurance not paying for this medication yet not getting any other substantial benifit from vyvanse, anyone else experience a increased tolerence to any add meds?
19909356 tn?1486420175 So, I'm 18 and take Vyvanse that is prescribed by a psychiatrist for ADHD. Without the medication, I struggle a lot in school and have nearly failed classes in the past even though when I'm on the medication I do extremely well in school. I've had no issues getting my prescription increased, filled, and covered by insurance until now. After my last appointment, my psychiatrist increased the dose to 50mg from 40mg.
Avatar n tn My dr. gave me a rx for vyvanse 70 mg but I don't have insurance. Is there any free coupons or discounts available.?
Avatar f tn I then asked my daughter to give me her bottle which she got last week and I find theres no powder in her her Vyvanse pills either. I went to pharmacy and she looked at me like I was a druggy and asked if anyone took our pills. I have no one who would do that or whos going to sit and open each pill. I then thought well maybe the medication is evaporating? could that be? Now I need to go see our doctor call Walgreens corporate and my insurance and Who else? Someones stealing our medication.
Avatar f tn Appt coming up to discuss this and I am hoping he will switch me back to vyvanse and allow me to take it twice a day in order to get full coverage. Any advise on what to tell my Psych. at my Dr. Appt, or any research/evidence that I could read would be GREATLY appreciated!
1285906 tn?1271720213 I don't have health insurance and the money to waste of ADHD tests, but if I know those drugs will help me improve my business, then I will see those things as an investment. Could someone give me a suggestion? Thanks so much!
1666464 tn?1303228958 One thing that makes Neurofeedback/biofeedback difficult is it can be expensive and it is not always covered by insurance. Hope this helps and I hope you find the right solution for you!
Avatar f tn he faked being ADHD???to get vyvanse from her. How the hell to you do that? And be on Ambian and restoril and Xanax??????? How unethical is that? I went with him to his shrinks office and she took him off the ambian and "dosed" him down on vyvanse...this was last June 2011. He was unwilling to end it entirely by late Nov. I ended it. These shrinks should have their licenses yanked! I was put thru hell for 3 yrs. not knowing about the vyvanse.
Avatar n tn i am beginning to think that i can no longer tolerate the vyvanse. besides the shakes and blurry vision, i feel like my heart is pounding at times, i notice little twitches here and there, i have trouble going to sleep sometimes, i have started having tightness in my chest and feeling short of breath. i have started to back off the vyvanse. i am opening up the capsule and taking about half of the medication.
405614 tn?1329147714 Are we only supposed to sleep every other day? I'm sure there are lots of other odd things about insurance and meds. Back when I didn't have insurance, the drug companies Patient Assistance Programs shipped me all the meds I needed for free; I just had to fill out forms and have my PCP fill out a portion. Anybody else have issues with getting meds?
990354 tn?1307136486 I started out on Vyvanse, then due to insurance went to generic Adderall. I found Vyvanse to work much better, so I think I solved the insurance problem and I'm going to go back on Vyvance soon after I finish my Adderall generic. I found no transition problem between the two medicines. All these meds are really the same sort of thing. But it isn't wise to mix medicines. I know doctors would not like this. It doesn't even sound like it is her medicine, she needs her own prescription.
Avatar n tn Will swallowing the owder make any difference on how the vyvanse works? We lost our insurance once and i had to take a generic, like I am taking now---and it did not work as well---I was also trying to save some money by stopping the vyvanse this time around. I've got to do something before my household falls apart. The tiredness I feel is overwhelming!!!!
Avatar n tn i was originally diagnosed with a stim test by one doctor and then a second doctor did an improper stim test and a non-fasting blood draw---and pulled me off hydrocortisone and thyroid.
Avatar n tn Vyvanse and Tenex for the ADHD and Risperdal and Lamictal for Bipolar. He also takes Melentonin to help him sleep. This combination of drugs to help him has been wonderful. They all seem to compliment each other.
Avatar m tn He is also submitting a request to my insurance for an MRI of the cervical spine and brain. This should also provide some answers. I am starting on Adderall today to replace the Vyvanse and hopefully I'll be more awake during the day.
1218509 tn?1267494523 Currently I am on Adderall, because Vyvanse was too expensive when I didn't have insurance. I took 60 mg of Vyvanse for three to four months, back in mid-2009; it was absolutely amazing. It was very smooth, it lasted around the 12-14 hours my Psychiatrist said it would, and I did not give me any side effects. I would highly recommend Vyvanse to anyone who needs a ADHD/ADD medication. I can only wish you the best experience with this medication once it is available by you.
Avatar f tn The officer said he gave him a sobriety test and said he didnt really seem intoxicated and had me take him home and had his ride impounded due to no insurance. Well he got his ride out on Thursday and yesterday the police had him again, but let my husband go get his ride, but instead of charging him with a dwi he only got a pi, due to him being at a gas station when they found him and he was not driving.
Avatar n tn I just began looking into this and may take the step of going for a test, but unfortunately my health insurance is pretty bad (high deductible), and I have incentive to minimize my use of health care. A trip to the doc for this will mean at least a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket. Anyway, the question is: Is there a list of symptoms to which you can refer me that focuses on those most useful in diagnosing hypothyroidism in MEN?
Avatar n tn I was in the medical field for 20 years until my seizures caused me to become disabled in 2001 and therefore, I had to go on Medicare and due to my pre-exsisting condition, I could not get no secondary insurance and did not qualify for part D Medicare (prescription coverage) so I had to go on the Patient Prescription Assistance Program in order to get my Depakote medication.
Avatar f tn if it doesn't work---i'll go back to paying through the nose for the vyvanse. without a stimulant to make up for the fatigue the meds and the fibro and adrenal insufficiency cause me, i can hardly stay awake and get off the couch.------i hate this!!!!
Avatar f tn Recently, since the insurance said they would not pay for Vyvanse and Adderall the Dr. said which did I think I wanted to stay on. I said the Adderall because of it's quick effectiveness. I cannot take the Seroquel as it puts me out too much and I don't wake up for the kids in the middle of the night. So that is the background. My Dr.s office is a conglomerate of Dr.'s and therapists.....might be state run. They switched Dr.'s on me. I saw another Dr.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have recently been prescribed zoloft and dextroamfetamine (vyvanse). My dose has just been raised to 150 zoloft and 50 vyvanse. I am feeling dizzy, I'm sweating like crazy lying down in a cold room, and I've thrown up a few times since I took the increased dosages earlier today. Occasionally it feels like my heart has butterfly wings too. Am I just having panic attacks? I heard the dex can increase anxiety... I don't have insurance here...
Avatar n tn I can't afford Vyvanse anymore, it's $150.00. We switched insurance plans. I don't like what Adderral XR did for me either. I feel like just stop taking it all together. I haven't had it in 4 days now.
584432 tn?1218339317 he is currently on vyvanse 30 mg once a day zoloft 25 mg once a day intuniv 1 mg once a day and clonidine, 2 mg at night He has always had the issues...
Avatar f tn I have a doctors appt with a family physician and my psycologist on Tuesday but I have no insurance so I can't afford a ton of tests. Does anybody else know how I feel or know what this could be?
Avatar m tn I am constantly tired and seem like I am not able to pay attention. I was diagnoised with ADD several years ago and have tried several different medications. The most recent is Vyvanse. None seem to help with either concentration nor my constant fatigue, which leads me to believe that neither are related to my ADD. Recently I've started to develop headaches and body aches as well.
1047234 tn?1253547296 I take pain meds, and I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR THAT TO ANYBODY I am like you TIRED OF PAIN I also take Vyvanse which is a time released stimulant, and Hydrocodone, and also Lyrica and I have Xanx on hand for anxiety, which is always present with pain, but I don't like to take, it makes me tired. I still have pain, but I finally have a pretty good regiment that works for me. The Vyvanse and Lyrica are expensive, but I have a discount card for both and the insurance pays too, my co-pay is $25.
253566 tn?1219683299 I havent noticed any additional side effects at all and get 5 hours of good energy and lose the brain fog. Unfortunately, it is suppose to be very expensive and my insurance probably doesnt cover it but my psychiatrist has been kind giving me a ton of samples! He is a good guy! I dont have any of the "interference" and am hoping I never do. It sounds just horrendous. I will ask my dentist about "tooth and bone resorption".
Avatar n tn ve noticed since I started taking vyvanse 3 years ago ( started on 30mg and now up to 70mg) that I have become slightly more aggressive and am prone to crying fits when before I was not at all. I am add and the doc has tried pushing for 100mg a day but due to insurance restrictions that's not happening. I have noticed a huge help with these fits when the vyvanse is taken on work days and not on off days (or taken for school and given a "break" on the weekends).
Avatar f tn I had tried Provigil some years ago for fatigue and didn't have a good experience. I now take Vyvanse for ADHD, and it helps with energy and focus, too. It's great. If you can make it past the side effects in the start; once they are gone, it's great.