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765828 tn?1306267468 I went to see my PA and he said the same thing. Right now I'm tacking Diclofenac in gel form (Voltaren) (since the pill form wasn't working) for unexplained excruciating chest pains that happen at random. Anyway, neither pill or gel is working. He then prescribed me to ANOTHER anti-inflammatory while still on Voltaren. He said give it about two weeks unless something comes up, otherwise if everything goes okay, then ta-da, don't do anything.
Avatar n tn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myofascial_Release Do continue with therapy and update on the progress. Take care.
Avatar m tn Hi , i have arrived at this site after spending 2 visists to emergency department and several visits toa doctor. I have had very similar problems as decribed. sometimes i feel fine i think im over what ever it is , then i wake in the night feeling nausea, light headed, wierd sensantions through most of my upper body and back, i feel stabbing pains and sometimes i can actually see movment in my chest from gas passing through me.