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Avatar f tn Levothyroxine Glaucoma: Lunigan 0.3 Back and Hip aches and pains: Voltaren Gel Husband has been backwards and forwards to the GP for various things including, severe fatigue, memory loss, a few episodes of confusion, blue lips (not constant but at various times of the day), muscle weakness, and back and hip pain. Bloods have been taken and doesn't show anything and a chest x-ray has been given also showing nothing. The GP now says it is 'probably one of those things' or 'his Bipolar'.
Avatar f tn ) I also get a prescription cream that is compounded by a special pharmacy and I also have a prescription for Voltaren gel and Lidoderm patches. These may not take all your pain away but they may help take the edge off.
9880688 tn?1414119247 I did add one more part that I thought was crucial...things to help with pain...you know...thermacare heat wraps, stop pain roll on, lidocaine and/or voltaren gel, therapeutic massage, etc etc. I like that I can make a contribution to the forum...and quite frankly, I like knowing that I can free up time for all of you (the more experience) to work on the harder parts of this stuff with the newbies...like aftercare, lifelong sobriety, support for those things.
Avatar m tn I slapped aloe Vera and all kinds of hydrating lotions on there, took 5 aspirins and covered it in plenty Voltaren - nothing worked. I ran around the house, bit down on a rolled up towel to mitigate the pain a little but to no avail. I was literally going crazy, I started thinking maybe cutting my skin open with a knife might bring some relief. In the end, at about 7am I just lay down with a bunch of cooling packs on the affected areas - finally feel asleep.
Avatar m tn I’ve run the gamut of big name (and store brand) over-the-counter gas and acid medicines, spending too much money on chalky, fruit-flavored tablets, minty gel strips and nasty, thick liquids that didn’t solve my problem. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific food or drink that could be described as the catalyst for this horrible feeling because sometimes if I ate pizza I felt like I was going to die, and then other times I could eat pizza and there were no symptoms at all.