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Avatar f tn -Half the time, I feel like I have a UTI. Pain, some burning, and I feel like I have to go but I don't. I've done several at home UTI test strips and they are all negative. -the OTHER half the time, I'm producing much more urine than I can account for in drinks and foods. and it's like water, comes out clear.
333672 tn?1273796389 When I had my urodynamics test about a year and a half ago, I was peeing an avg of 16 times in 24 hrs and I was getting up between 1-2 times at night. He put me on Vesicare. Now I'm going to PT for pelvic floor spasticity for my bowels. She asked me to do a log of how many times I'm peeing in 24 hrs. Now, even with the Vesicare, I'm going between 14-15 times in 24 hrs and getting up now between 3-4 times at night.
Avatar f tn I am a 32 year old female. I am pretty healthy. However, about a month and a half ago, I started having very severe urinary frequency and urgency. I had no pain or burning during urination. However, I tested positive for a urinary tract infection and began on pyridium and bactrim. My symptoms did not improve so I began on Levaquin for 10 days. Since then I have had an ultrasound of my kidneys, ovaries, and bladder, and everything was normal. My labwork was also normal.
Avatar f tn Pee, stand up, feel like I have more. Incredible urgency to pee. You give in to go and your lucky to pee half a teaspoon, but it felt like you are holding back niagra falls. I have an overactive bladder. You need to cut down all your coffee, pop, tea, alcohol, and spicy food. Drink plenty of water. I know I know. More fuel for the fire, but 2 32oz bottles a day or you will get dehydrated on the medicine I am about to recommend. For me, Detrol LA, Vesicare, Enablex didn't do anything for me.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old male and have never had sex before in my life but i masturbate everyday and a few years ago had noticed a terrible urine frequency problem, in my past i used to smoke alot of Marijuwana but i have not had that since i was about 20 or so, and when this frequency condition occurred i did not go to the doctor for some time due to me being scared ( i kick myself everyday for it) anyway so then one day the condition just got really really bad previously i would put up with it, urin
790669 tn?1465192699 So I finally got my internet back. Really bad lightening storm, phone lines under ground had to be replaced. Found out the ethernet port to my dsl box was fried. Got my new dsl box yesterday, hooked it all up and still the same thing. :S SO I grabbed the laptop and it worked fine and now it's also the ethernet port on my desk top, ugh!! lol So I've seen a 2nd urologists and he definitely comfirmed my Interstitual Cystitis..he was it was "moderate" stage.
Avatar f tn I have lost all faith in the Healthcare system I am a part of and spend the first half of my day crying and the second half being mad and looking for answers.
Avatar m tn It took a long time. All my life, before being hyper, I'd slept like a baby...took a bomb to get me up. Because of that, I didn't have much in the way of "going back to sleep" skills. I think I'm finally learning them... You're still so new to meds and trying to get stabilized...maybe throwing another factor into the equation should wait a while?
147426 tn?1317269232 I had my first infusion July 8. Word on the street was that one generally began to see a Quality of Life improvement by the 4th or 5th infusion. The infusion was unremarkable, except that I got a lot of knitting done. About two weeks later I noticed a subtle bump in energy and mood. Was it real? Was it the power of hope? It didn't matter. It was cool as I noticed that I was more willing to get in the car and run errands or do dreaded paperwork.
Avatar f tn I have lost all faith in the Healthcare system I am a part of and spend the first half of my day crying and the second half being mad and looking for answers.
560501 tn?1383616340 and I can not think of the name of it to save my life. To get a bit of relief I sat in a tub of hot water. Just enough water cover my bottom area. She also said that this can happen w/ MS?? It's some kind of a spasm in the Urinary tract. Does this sound familiar to anyone???? I am still trying to learn a bit everyday since my actual dx. As a side note.......I do in fact drink LOTS of water and added cranberry juice to the mix. I do allow myself to have (1) glass of tea on most days.
405614 tn?1329147714 I know I was scared about taking the Vesicare that i am now taking but it has given me back quality of life, it has made a huge difference to me socially and mentally, I can now go on a long drive without a zillion loo stops, I am no longer in pain and enduring painful spasms, so I am not whining as, the benefits outweigh any side affects. Goodluck with it all, let us know how you get on, I am sure that the Doctor wouldn't suggested it if he didn't think it would help.
147426 tn?1317269232 Keep us posted on the Botox, as you know this med was offered to me and I declined, I think I needed someone else to try it first! Vesicare has helped me with both the incontinence/urgency and the spasms, but boy does it constipate you!!! I think if you have success with the Botox I might go down that path.
Avatar m tn I never had any UTIs or any problems with frequent urination in my life prior to my symptoms. I've had a constant urge to urinate that popped up out of nowhere last September and hasn't gone away since, to varying degrees of intensity but always present. Certain days I can hold it for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, others I'm going every half hour/hour. On a "good day" I go about 8 times.
Avatar dr m tn dx = demylinating disease/white brain matter disease detrol didn't work so the urologist changed me to vesicare. That seem to be helping. Without the meds I am up every two or three hours without much output.
667078 tn?1316004535 Almost forgot my injection on Saturday, not too bad - 1st time in 3 months, I woke up at 2 am and realized it so I was in the bathroom mixing it half asleep. Probably the reason I wasn't feeling top notch yesterday, so I took it easy for most of the day. Hope everyone has a great restful week!
Avatar f tn I have lost all faith in the Healthcare system I am a part of and spend the first half of my day crying and the second half being mad and looking for answers.
Avatar f tn I have lost all faith in the Healthcare system I am a part of and spend the first half of my day crying and the second half being mad and looking for answers.
Avatar f tn I have had it for three years and am ready to jump off a tall building- it's ruined my whole life. No cure and doctors all suck. My life is ruined and I just want to die it's so invasive and horrible to have every day of your life.
147426 tn?1317269232 Fourth drug a real loser. That leaves Vesicare, but I truly doubt this will be any life saver, nor even a child-sized water safety vest or WaterWings, though the wings would be a hoot to wear to formal dinners. I, at least, could be safe knowing that when the flood gates opened, I would be saved as all the others washed helplessly by me. :)) She had a long talk with me two weeks ago about Botox. Seems more and more MSers are opting for that youthful bladder look.
Avatar f tn then again, I thought the shooting pains in my head when I cough, sneeze and poop was normal too since everyone has said nothing was wrong with me all my life. I have not really done much research on TCS yet. So I have no clue what symptoms are.
Avatar f tn i refused to look that way.. as much as it sucked i cut my dose in half.(slowly) also drink tons of water, eat well and LOTS of exercise. I am now 165lbs and i'm ok with that i'm working on getting off of the methadone clinic. It's been a long road, don't listen to what anyone says about how high your dose is or how long you have been taking it. It is NONE of their business it's an individual choice and lets face it it's better than using and all the risks involved and .
147426 tn?1317269232 Hey Quix, Well when you do things you do it properly, no half measures for sure! Oweeeeee! A lesser man, whoops woman, would of been screeming blue murder doing the damage you did, it wouldn't be your bad leg by any chance?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. Thru out my entire life I'm 25 now and still have this problem. I've been bk&fourth to the doctors and still no solution my social life is ruined and I cry every night. Pantie liners don't work. Try poise.... If it's leakage and vesicare.
Avatar m tn Cipro for a month, along with tamsulosin and dutasteride (avodart) made no real difference. Symptoms 90% remained. This is making my life very miserable. Some days pain lasts for hours after urinating. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn as soon as i go to the bathroom i get relief for about 2 or 3 minutes then it starts to build up again i haven't been sleeping it wakes me up every half hour to an hour.they said i had no fever but yet i have the chills i get sick to my is making me crazy it is real but they can't find anything wrong...any suggestions?
1522652 tn?1291241954 old female, and for most of my life I've suffered from chronic uti's and occasional bladder, kidney infections. I think I was 21 when I passed my first kidney stone, it was tested and found to be made up of calcium as were all the ones that I passed afterwards. As fast as I could pass one I could have Ivp or ultrasound a week later and would have new ones. They always only affected my left kidney, never the right.
109530 tn?1279747396 Well, I went to the MS Specialist that I have been seeing for a while and today he confirmed that I have MS. I received the fax stating it last week or so, but kinda didn't fully believe it. I guess I expected them to say..."wait, this is a mistake!", but it isn't. He put me on Vesicare, Lyrica, Vitamin D, DHEA, and has the nurse coming out to start me on Rebif. I am a bit frightened about this whole self injection thing.