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721523 tn?1331585402 I will let you and the rest of the forum know what I find out, since my visit is sooner than yours. Perhaps it will benefit both of us. I went for urinary retention and dribbles but didn't feel the medications will solve my problem by exchanging it for other problems!
Avatar f tn Hi to everyone! I have had a problem with Urinary Incontinence for 4 years. I have tried taking Detrol and Vesicare but neither seem to work well. The biggest problem I have is that when I get out of bed every morning I can't hold my urine really at all. Does anyone else have this problem? I am only 32 years old and I did see an Urologist. The doctor did a test where he looked in my bladder and he said my bladder is one of the healthiest he has ever seen.
Avatar f tn This additional flow resistance prevents the leakage of urine when abdominal pressure increases. The procedure is best suited for mild to moderate urinary incontinence, usually defined as patients who wear one to four pads per day to absorb any leakage." "Men interested in the male sling should have a comprehensive evaluation of their incontinence before any recommendations are made regarding treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi, so were you using it for painful spasms or urinary urgency and incontinence. I hope you don't mind me asking. It is very very expensive here, because it's not approved on our drug lists it cost me $65 for a packet but I would pay $1000 for something to help me at the moment (if I had the money)... I just want to fix the burning feeling I have and the spasms.. oh and the incontinence would be a bonus too but that is not my major issue, well not this week anyway.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I have to hold myself up off the seat with my hands - painful/ache This is all due to the fact they found a lesion on my T10 (spine) - again as Quix mentioned. I have urinary hesitancy, I can hold myself for hours without going - and as for BM, well I am training my body to realize the minute I want to I HAVE to go, albeit just a small amount ( I googled this) as I could my hold urge for a BM also.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the neuro's are so busy that really they don't have time to spend hours on this but they should refer you to some help, I would think most MS centres or Societies have help with this, ours has a whole team just devoted to care and help with issues like DMD, bladder incontinence etc. My Neuro has just ordered for me to go to a Urologist. I was wondering what type of testing they might do and if it hurts? (sorry) thinking of myself here.
Avatar f tn I had no pain or burning during urination. However, I tested positive for a urinary tract infection and began on pyridium and bactrim. My symptoms did not improve so I began on Levaquin for 10 days. Since then I have had an ultrasound of my kidneys, ovaries, and bladder, and everything was normal. My labwork was also normal. My symptoms did not improve and I began on Vesicare, which did not help, and now I am on Detrol LA. This does not seem to be helping either.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just wanted to follow up on my previous posts. My problem coming on all of a sudden with urinary frequency and feeling like I had to go all the time, along with strange tingling and funny feelings down there. Well, I am happy to report I am doing much better and it seems my frequency is due to pelvic floor dysfunction, probably stemming from having two foot surgeries and the stress( clenching of abdominal muscles) of my life- won't go into details!
1344197 tn?1392822771 Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation or Interstim, which is a minimally invasive procedure, is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for managing the frequency-urgency syndrome, urge incontinence, and idiopathic urinary retention. The use in refractory Painful Bladder Syndromes (PBS), Interstitial Cystitis (IC) patients has shown great promises in patients who have failed other therapies. J.
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, I am sure that many people with MS and other neurological diseases suffer from constipation, this can happen either due to the medicines that we are taking for our MS or due to the nerve pathway damage, in my case it has been caused by both, for a while I was on a drug called Vesicare which I am sure many of you take for bladder urgency. This drug is known to cause constipation as it drys out our mucus, so usually we end up with a dry mouth and dry other bits.
Avatar f tn Every time I get up, when I cough, laugh, sneeze, or anything I am leaking. My doctor put me on Vesicare, but that's not working. So what else can I do? I am too young for this, I am only 30 years old.
Avatar n tn been to the urologist-no issues. He gave me Vesicare to try out for overactive bladder but it only seems to help slightly. Help; I need sleep!
Avatar n tn My neurosurgeon said I do have spinal stenosis but nothing that would cause the symptoms I am having. Also having urinary/fecal incontinence. Vesicare barely helps. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have very similar symptoms, and was curious about asking my doctor for vesicare. I apologize since you're looking for an answer and all I have is questions, but I'm hoping you can help me decide if this medication can help me. I'm a 23 years old male, and have had pretty severe OAB symptoms since I can remember. So bad I have publicly wet my self for not being able to get to a bathroom fast enough. It is very frustrating as these uncontrollable urges are almost never due to a 'full' bladder.
Avatar f tn I did and he put me on Vesicare. I have been on it for two days. No relief at all. But i do nolt have SUDDEN urges to void. I have CONSTANT 24/7 intense pressure to urinate with some pain. The pressure will not go away ever. My bladder feels overly full constantly. When I try to urinate only trickles/small amounts of urine come out. I DO NOT have any leakage. Just full pressure pain. How do I get back to feeling good again? Please help. thank you and God bless you.
Avatar m tn Other symptoms of MS can be treated like their non-MS counterparts, like treating urinary incontinence with Vesicare. I don't know enough about Bipoar disorder to say the same. My point was that it looks the same from the outside. The good neurologist/psychiatrist will do a work up when he sees the patient with new onset psychiatric disease. You check the MRI, thyrid, B12, ANA - all those things that are known for showing up with this problem.
Avatar f tn The Burch is designed to treat stress incontinence, not urge incontinence. Sometimes women who receive a Burch for stress incontinence develop new onset urge incontinence adter the procedure.
1373769 tn?1278607210 // As soon as my leg is healed sufficiently I am going to finish the course of Badder PT with a trial of the electrical neurostimulation gadgets.
333672 tn?1273796389 When I had my urodynamics test about a year and a half ago, I was peeing an avg of 16 times in 24 hrs and I was getting up between 1-2 times at night. He put me on Vesicare. Now I'm going to PT for pelvic floor spasticity for my bowels. She asked me to do a log of how many times I'm peeing in 24 hrs. Now, even with the Vesicare, I'm going between 14-15 times in 24 hrs and getting up now between 3-4 times at night.
Avatar n tn Then, if you are young, otherwise healthy, and a nonsmoker, consider getting a urologist to start you on a medication like Detrol or Vesicare to decrease the urgency and incontinence episodes. Every reproductive age woman makes cysts on the ovary once each month. They come and go. Unless they get very large (Orange size or larger), andas long as they are filled with a simple fluid (simple cysts) they are usually are not a problem.
147426 tn?1317269232 There are so many physical problems that people encounter during the course of a relatively normal lifetime. Urinary incontinence, for example, is a common problem for women (*ahem*) our age. Therefore, my last suggestion for today is that you consider any and all treatments -- even treatments not found helpful in MS. I plan to return with more ideas. Meanwhile, have a dry weekend.
147426 tn?1317269232 JJ - Thank you for the crossed fingers. My legs are crossed for the very same outcome! 6monkeymom - your Dr. Suess comment reminds me of a very old ad for Nabisco Lorna Doones, "The butter in the batter makes the bitter batter better." Udkas - Thanks for the info on how Vesicare worked for you. I am also seeing a small increment of daily improvement. The pain and cramping is gone, but the incontinence has only improved a little.
1225331 tn?1333369369 Hi everyone, This is the first time I've posted a question. Dec 2009 I presented with severe left leg spasms & cramps, weakness, numb / tingling feet, & urinary incontinence. I couldn't get into the neurology office until 3 months later. And a subsequent MRI showed that I had a lesion in my thoracic spine. So, they initially thought I might have partial transverse myelitis. Then 3 months later I presented with optic neuritis.
Avatar n tn If these two things have been evaluated for, you can consider the other myriad of causes for urinary incontinence. These causes can be evaluated via urodynamic studies to see if it is mechanical or anatomic in nature. These tests can be discussed with your urology referral. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn I do not have children. I'm currently on Vesicare (light dosage) for urinary frequency/incontinence. Family history: my grandfather died of Heart failure at 85, my other grandfather of AIDS. My grandmother (84) has a slight heart Arrhythmia (atrial?), but is otherwise very healthy. My other grandmother suffers from rheumatoid arhtritis. I have a history of sudden and transitory tachycardias (usually because of Anxiety/panick attacks), as well as fainting and drop in blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Get an appointment with a GYN/Onocologist, get a TVUS, a CA125, a good internal pelvic exam, many of your symptoms are for OVCA yes, but they also are the signs of endo. fibroids,ovarian cysts and many other causes.
147426 tn?1317269232 Copaxone Time for first symptoms to diagnosis: 10 years, at least How many neuros before diagnosis: 1