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Avatar n tn i would like to know of any alternatives to a bladder study my doctor said i should go to but becaues i dont have insurance he wasnt helping much.
Avatar f tn Get evaluated by a pelvic floor PT who may be able to help with myofascial release on the puborectalis, iliococcygeus and obturators. Alternatively, vesicare or Enablex, may be helpful, but put you at risk for retention, constipation, and dry mouth as well. Being noninvasive, it may be worth a try. Other alternatives inlude liberty ESTIM, which is a removable vaginal insert pacemaker which can cure up to 50% of women with urge incontinence who use it twice daily for 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, I am sure that many people with MS and other neurological diseases suffer from constipation, this can happen either due to the medicines that we are taking for our MS or due to the nerve pathway damage, in my case it has been caused by both, for a while I was on a drug called Vesicare which I am sure many of you take for bladder urgency. This drug is known to cause constipation as it drys out our mucus, so usually we end up with a dry mouth and dry other bits.
1034549 tn?1255428213 I am hoping that I will only need to take these tablets short term and that perhaps I can wean myself off them and maybe then my problem might have gone away. Research your meds too, ask lots of questions and seek alternatives if you think what they are prescribing is not for you, but to be in agony can ruin your life just as much as anything else. I found I was getting depressed!
Avatar n tn I have started taking probiotic enzymes for digestion. I am also taking vesicare for bladder stuff. I still am swelling and feeling yucky, but I think that the cancer-free stuff made me think that whatever this is I can beat it and hopefully find an answer. It has also been suggested that I might want them to look at the gallbladder and liver. Anything helpful you hear please post so we can use it to find answers to our ballooning bellies.