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Avatar f tn hi everyone i am sorry if my mood bother anyone i feel like big failler and looser i eat when i am depressed or sad or alone and then regret ang feel guilty i wannt to know did i lost any hope to loose weight ?i am waiting for today challenge as i hope great push i failed more than once in controlling weight is it a sighn to stop now and start later?
Avatar n tn listen to music that is uplifting not sad or funny videos or tv..but not sad news or movies that have too much suspense..write..write as much as you can about the way you feel whether its here or in a journal...dont be afraid your not alone and you can not die from anxiety or panic..its a terrible feeling ..i know this i woke up this way as well..but we are well physically okay..just not emotionally...and we can heal this and its only a terrible feling...
1569133 tn?1310464416 awwwww a sad one feeling low Eric its very good though ..I must hunt some out I love quotes ..
2048234 tn?1330814100 Hey all. I am trying to put together a little book of positive notes for my sad days. Do any of you have songs that help you get through the tough days or quotes? I just want something I can keep with me whenever things get tough. I really want to go home, or atleast go outside.
Avatar f tn ( I've tryed cola and something sweet becus this girl told me to try t and nothing :(
Avatar f tn ( I'm due the 26th and I was hoping he'd come before but now I don't even think he'll come on the 26th! Anyone else due around that time?
Avatar f tn Sorry for your loss, losing a child is one of the hardest things in the world. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
2203296 tn?1400641623 I wore a bright pink shirt and everyone said it was very brave to do. Yes because why be sad? I know shes in a better place not suffering. Your grandfather is in a better place. Yes its ok to miss him. Write down how you are feeling. It helps alot.
199177 tn?1490498534 This is so sad...what a terrible thing. I can't imagine the sorrow that mother is's just awful...
Avatar f tn I had my first ultrasound today. They were unable to find a baby, just a sac. I was supposed to be 11 Weeks today. I'm very sad, but trying to keep my head up. I see the doctor tomorrow to discuss my options. Had anyone experienced this before? What happened?
Avatar n tn ( I've cried this entire time.. Is this normal?
424839 tn?1268186246 My question is about these quotes I have been posting I would like to know if I posted some on religon would that offend anyone being that must would be refferancing Buddhsium but when you read the quotes the can be transfered into anyones faith so I would like to know if people would be offended thanks.
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Avatar n tn I hope your test comes out NEG. I am new to this site and I have never had a sore but I have had cruel boyfriends...believe me that was punishment enough. Try not to worry now because there is nothing you can to before you get the results back. Hopefully, Grace will be able to help you but if the sore looks like the previous one that was cured w/ antibiotics I would not be overly concerned. My thoughts are with you.
10996785 tn?1432812977 I love the quotes! When I"m sad, I'll go to youtube sometimes and watch funny stand-up routines. Louie CK, George Carlin, etc. Just a thought..