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Avatar f tn I am searching for a new doctor, and would like to be able to present ideas for other prescriptions so as to not waste more time and money.
Avatar n tn Will treatment for hypothyroidism suppress my cold sores at all? to be cold sore free for even a week seems like an impossibe wish at the moment. My boyfriend and I can't kiss, I can't eat chocolate, I can't drink, I can't kiss my family & haven't been able to do any of these things for over a year now..I feel like I've been delivered a life sentence..can anyone help?
Avatar m tn if i actually took my acyclovir like I'm suppose to would it be better then valtrex??? valtrex is more costly but it doesnt matter to be bc my piece of mind is more important.. I've heard good things about both.. what do u think??????????
Avatar n tn All the same, when I started dating my boyfriend almost a year ago, who does not have herpes, I chose to go on valtrex preventatively just to take that extra step to not transmit it to him. Well, even though we're still together, the herpes has been an issue and we haven't had sex in a very long time, lets put it at that. This leads me to my problem currently with valtrex...
696569 tn?1276538719 She tested for yeast and BV (scans for chlamydia and gonorrhea were negative). She apparently didn't think the ob was still going on, so maybe I was wrong about the continuing ob :) I have been a mess emotionally, but I am adapting. They also took blood tests for HIV, syphlis, and hepatitis, which freaked me out even more. She has me on suppresive therapy (Valtrex), which I think is the best option for me personally right now.
424454 tn?1221112613 I don't have any advice about cold sores occurring during a flareup, sorry. Is this happening to you? I never get cold sores - tough wood - so I don't even know how to treat them!
Avatar f tn I had continuous mouth ulcers and throat infections and small wounds took weeks to heal. A month ago I decided to go off Valtrex. Three weeks after cessation, I had a severe OB with headaches, joint pain, excruciating blisters, urinary precipitation, plus aching in the whole waterworks region (it was far worse than any earlier OB). Symptoms are slowly subsiding, but are still present after 8 days. Have there been any studies about the successful cessation of suppressive therapy?
Avatar f tn they gave a culture to a lab for a more thorough strep test, that has not come back yet. to treat my throat they gave me augmentin (amoxicilin and clavulanate). so far i have taken one pill and i will take another in 12 hours. on my left tonsil, half of the inflamed tonsil is covered by a flap of skin. that skin is very irratated and red, this is probably due to the skin stretching as well as my tonsils having issues in general.
250701 tn?1320978365 Google "Burning Mouth Syndrome" (BMS) It sounds like what your talking about. I would see a "Ear Nose and Throat" Doctor and a Dermatologist. They do have medication to treat that condition that's very hard to diagnose.
Avatar n tn I was given an unkown injection, 1g of Zithromax, 2g of Metronidazole and I am still taking the Valtrex. The Dr at the clinic said the sores were too small now for them to culture but they are possibly Herpes. I had a blood test for herpes in 1996 which was positive 1&2, but I have never had a known genital outbreak but have gotten them on my lip. I want to have my girlfriend treated, but have read that Cipro will not treat Chlamydia, but Azithromycin will treat both.
Avatar f tn give the doc a call and ask for a prescription for herpes antivirals to keep on hand for future cold sores. she can use either 1 day famvir, 1 day valtrex or 2 day acyclovir to treat cold sores. acyclovir is the cheapest option - 800mg 3x/day for 2 days.
Avatar m tn Just to clarify, Valtrex and Acyclovir also treat shingles. It's highly unlikely that's what she's taking it for, but I just wanted to clarify verysaddude's post that the two were only for herpes.
Avatar m tn once i'd been told what they were and how to treat them (including a valtrex perscription) the outbreak has pretty much cleared up. except for one sore that remains. it's been there for approximately 4 weeks. it was the last to develop and also the largest and most painful. at its height, there was some yellowish puss that drained. once this happened it decreased dramatically in size but still remains.
Avatar m tn With or without Valtrex, cold sores go away just fine whether you treat or mess with them or not. You really don't need t pay such careful attention. Best. Dr.
4333925 tn?1359106042 i used to fever blisters all the time-hav u tried buying cheap popsicles and putting it on yr sores?it used to work for me to get the thing to dry up??
Avatar m tn But I have a feeling that these drugs somehow interfere with body's ability to cope with the virus and makes cold sores come back very quickly. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn At frist I kept thinking it was a pimple under the skin getting ready to come out. But then just tried to get used to it. It's been about a year not and I still can't get used to it though. I drives me crazy! But you know what I too sleep with my arm up under my pillow. So maybe that has something to do with it. And that would be a hard habit to break for me since I've been sleeping like that as long as I can remember.
Avatar f tn At 59 years old my recent episode sounds identical to yours. My story is I was married for 35 years and my husband had cold never occured to me that it was herpes. He died over 2 years ago and so I started a new life. My generation, or at least I am a trusting person. I started a wonderful new life with a man last July and again we both are very trusting and honest with each other. Last week my episdoe began as yours did.....tears.....small bumps....
Avatar n tn I stupidly gave unprotected oral sex to my partner with an active cold sore and then had brief intercourse right after. It is now six days later and I have had a burning sensation for at least three days. Today I noticed an area that has two little red spots on the top part of my vagnia,almost near the hair line that look a little raw. No bumps or blisters. I also have been taking acyclovir for the past two weeks to treat the cold sore. My urine came back neg for a UIT and I plan to see my MD.
Avatar n tn I had totally scratched myself raw, I was really rashy, I don't know how many sores I had, maybe a couple, but they appeared to me to be more like scratches that I caused (I know, gross!). I was in a lot of pain and discomfort.
Avatar n tn First, I will feel a bit dizzy and nauseas, then I will have to run to the bathroom because the diarrhea hits me and I feel like while I'm going to the bathroom I will pass out, then the nausea and dizziness with cold chillls and then I am hot so I have to take the sweater off that I put on because I was cold. I am 30 years old and I have a mild case of lupus that has been under control with plaquinil over the past ten years.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure about the acne, but for the cold sores you should ask your doctor for a prescription of Valtrex 500mg. I have always been prone to cold sores and fever blister since I was young and for the last year and a half I have been on Valtrex. I have only had a cold sore break out twice since being on this medication. Just a thought. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn or reactivate? The truth is, no one knows for sure. A person doesn't necessarily have to have a cold to get a cold sore — they can be brought on by other infections, fever, stress, sunlight, cold weather, hormone changes in menstruation or pregnancy, tooth extractions, and certain foods and drugs. In a lot of people, the cause is unpredictable. Here's how a cold sore develops: The herpes simplex virus-1, which has been lying dormant in the body, reactivates or "wakes up.
Avatar n tn For about 6 months I used Carmex on a daily basis and sometimes Anbesol because someone told me I had cold sores. I thought it to be odd that I would have cold sores almost every day and that they never really blistered up..only appeared on or around my lips in tiny little bumps which appeared to be fluid-filled..but never turned into open blisters. I saw 1 dr who said they didn't appear to be cold sores, but gave me Acyclovir, just in case..which did nothing. Next, I went to a Dermatologist.
Avatar m tn I used Monistat and Diflucan which seemed to treat it, and saw my doctor for further STD testing just to be sure. She confirmed that it appeared to be a nasty yeast infection and the STD tests I had done all came back negative (except HSV1 of course). About 4 weeks later I had what I thought was another yeast infection. I treated it immediately with Diflucan, and 7 days after that treatment, I was not convinced it was a typical yeast infection.
Avatar n tn I had a boyfriend that I thought cared for me very much until I got sick. After that I found valtrex at his place that he said he takes for cold sores. After that he said he could no longer be with me. I have gone from being a very socialable,acitve and fun individual to being depressed and not wanting to get involved with anyone. Plus the pain I am in sometimes is a horrible, horrible feeling that sleep is my only escape. Don't you think I know how stupid all this sounds?
Avatar m tn Not sure what to do now. I'm sure as hell not going to pass up on anything because of this. I'm on Valtrex 500mg daily + protection, what more can I do ?? I mean I will tell an eventual long term partner, yes. But for a one night stand ? You can catch it even while being protected. Those who have cold sores on the lips do they tell everyone they're about to kiss ? What would you do ? I've got to say this in conclusion.
Avatar f tn they will look more prominent at some times than others due to irritation and dryness. do you keep valtrex on hand in the cold sore dose to start at the very first sign of a recurrence of cold sores?
566390 tn?1236545991 Immediately afterwards, I washed my genitals thoroughly. He takes Valtrex and Zovirax to treat it, and this particular outbreak was rather small (one sore) and didn't get to an advanced stage because of the medication he was taking. He had the cold sore five days prior and at the point of oral-genital contact, the sore was just a scab. My question is: what is the probability of me contracting herpes from this oral-genital contact?
Avatar f tn It is not a fast acting benzo at all. As in it has no instant effect once it does build up. It is used to treat anxiety over a full day normally. Dosed out twice a day. But if you can get through the day without it then you are doing good. You making up for the amount at night time. Have you any other symptoms of common anxiety at all? Might help you get a better answer the more we know. About your anxiety. Not you vagina. That post was long enough and told us all what we needed to know.