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Avatar n tn As far as the mouth ulcers i'm not quite sure, maybe a nutritionist would be good, i know sometimes those things can be caused from certain things you eat and drink including over the counter vitamins.. My husband gets HORRIBLE mouth ulcers from over the counter vitamins and when he eats a lot of tomato based food.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are very acidic. I get the cold sores, cracks in sides of mouth, and tongue ulcers as well. As SOON AS I FEEL THEM COMING ON, I immediately take 1,000 mg of Lysine (500mg in the morning, 500mg at night). I starts to thwart them off by the next day. It is truly amazing. (Get the GOOD kind at a place like the Vitamin store or a reputable health food store - - - make sure it has NO yeast in it!) There seem to be certain foods / chemicals in the food that instigate mine.
Avatar n tn I also have ulcers in my mouth as well as acid reflux. Yogurt really helps my oral ulcers, because it has live active cultures, acidolphilous, (I have now clue how to spell that word). But this doesn't help the ulcers down below, go figure. The first thing that the doctor was suspect to is called BECHET'S. I'd suggest that you look this one up, symptoms can occur rapidly and can affect things you wouldn't put together to make this one disease.
Avatar m tn no, you don't get less results over time from taking valtrex. Odds are that mouth sores inside your mouth as you've described smiley aren't even due to herpes. You can try to get them pcr swabbed within 48 hours of their appearance the next time you have them. Odds are that they are canker sores or something non-herpes going on.
Avatar n tn I did not have the disease before, because i was tested and everything came back negative. I have been getting these things called canker sores in the mouth. They are on the gums and one was on the lip, but the one on the lips seemed to heal in a little less than 2 weeks. I now got one on the inside cheek. could these be a canker sore or a fever blister. i have read alot of information, but i can't determine, maybe you could clear this up for me.
Avatar n tn They were small and I thought they were ulcers since I am under some stress at work and then worry about my mouth so often. Right now Tuesday morning they look better still two small ulcer looking things barely noticeable a little red. NO puss or anything. IS the HSV-1 or HSV-2 in the mouth? What does HSV_2 in teh mouth look like? Would a new case of it show up in the mouth so many days after the exposure?
Avatar f tn In 2010 I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic neutropenia (I don't know the actual neutrophil count, just that it was low enough for me to have to see a hematologist). I had continuous mouth ulcers and throat infections and small wounds took weeks to heal. A month ago I decided to go off Valtrex.
Avatar m tn Can you elaborate on what the sores in your mouth look like? I'm curious because I was under the impression sores or ulcers inside the mouth usually indicate a "canker sore" which is not related to HSV. I get sores in my mouth as well, but I assume they are canker, please describe. Besides the sores within the nostrils, I would have a doctor confirm if those mouth sores are indeed herpes. Preferably a swab.
Avatar m tn I started developing a burning sensation in my tongue and the roof of the mouth with NO ulcers or signs of infections. Dentist can;t seem to find the problem, i did a throat culture came back negative, I did blood work (cbc) and everything was normal, including sugar level for the past 3 months. I did B12 and iron and it was normal.
Avatar f tn Day 2 - 3 tiny pimples inside bottom lip - went to dr said he didn't know (no swab) Valtrex 1 days worth and antihistamine Day 3 - swelling completely gone (very minor soreness like 1/10) have eczema on chin and upper lip with scabs that looked like carpet burn from beard I am assuming (no sores looks like abrasion) applied polysporin disappeared within 2 days Day 5 - went to dr. saw no symptoms of anything looked completely fine but had sore throat and got sick after (no fever, etc.
Avatar n tn 9). However, I have taken Valtrex daily for the past 3-4 years as I have always gotten cold sores. My 2 questions are: 1) Should my taking Valtrex cause me to doubt the accuracy of my negative result at 12 weeks? 2) Is it possible that I could have acquired HSV-1 on my penis even though I already have oral HSV-1? I thought that I read that having oral HSV-1 provides some immunity to contracting it on the genitals. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn A few weeks to a month later I had a sudden attack of swollen lymph nodes, tons of ulcers in my mouth and down my throat, and blisters all over my lips. My throat was swollen, my gums around my teeth were unbearably sensative and chewed up. I could hardly brush my teeth or eat anything. I waited a few days then went to the doctor. I was on vacation and went to the hospital there. The doctor said it looked like a herpes outbreak, gave me some valtrex and told me it would get better.
Avatar n tn I haven't seen an ENT about it, but I know they aren't mouth ulcers or thrush because treatment for those conditions haven't worked. The only treatment that has worked has been valtrex, if I feel one coming on and I take an acyclovir tablet it will retreat. I have been tested for celiac, and I was negative. Is it possible that it is some other virus that only responds to acyclovir? I still get heaps on the outside of my mouth, but they are only small.
Avatar m tn When I was dealin with complications of the initial onset of herpes infection I got a mouth infection, it was white and thrushy with ulcers that would come and go. They never prescribed me anything for the mouth. I just deal with the ulcers that come and go that I was told was harmless and "they happen." Just got a bunch of blood work done even though its to early to tell for anything but just another starting point I suppose.
Avatar m tn Id listen to Grace on this. I'm negative for both herpes viruses, but also had tons of recurrent ulcers in my mouth, inside cheeks, on gums, under tongue and side of tongue, and I swore it was herpes. My blood test has been negative through 22 weeks and the ulcers were swabbed negative for herpes. Doctor stated they were canker sores caused by stress or a virus. Herpes typically does not present itself like that.
Avatar m tn Approximately 3-4 weeks later I started having rough patches, burning, tingling and swelling all over inside of my mouth then tiny red ulcers that would pop up and then disappear almost in the same day. This occurred inside my mouth, but never outside of my mouth. This went on for 2-3 months without stopping. I saw my Dr. and Dentist who both told me it could be HSV1 but very doubtful. It never stopped so I went back and my Dr.
Avatar f tn I won't know for another day or two but she prescribed me valtrex for the one ulcer. Since taking valtrex (2, going on 3 days now if I decide to take it today) I have had two more ulcers (no blisters or fluid filled bumps) appear on my labia exactly opposite each other, and I have also developed canker sores in my mouth as a reaction to valtrex (or penicillin which I am on because I was just diagnosed with strep (with a strep test) for the first time ever).
Avatar n tn Infection and stress may also cause the sore spots in your mouth. Canker sores or aphthous ulcers, are small sores that occur inside the mouth and may also show up in small clusters. A small red bump rises and may bursts, leaving an open, shallow white or yellowish wound with a red border. The sores are often painful. Most canker sores will heal on their own in a few days to a couple of weeks. If it persists, have this evaluated further for proper management.
Avatar f tn Currently 40,, diagnosed with hsv 2 over 15 years ago. About 7 years ago, regrettably had unprotected oral sex, and since then have had multple times per year with general sore throat, ear pain, headaches, flu like symptoms, and nver have had any hsv lesions outside of my mouth. Have had "ulcers" in the mouth, cheek area. This year alone, have had "autoimmune" type issues with eyes, now a mild hearing loss.
Avatar f tn Didn't really help, although it reduced the fever and headache, the swollen glands were still painful, and I had developed a whole mouthful of ulcers/sores (top of inside mouth, gums, lips, tongue). I thought this may be an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin suspension I had been taking. My doctor said it was a virus, and prescribed valtrex. Gave me the talk about not having unprotected sex, asked if I had any discharge or lesions down below - which I don't.
Avatar f tn I have had mouth ulcers since I was little. Was married 13 yrs now divorced. When I was married I remember being "careful" about oral sex when I had mouth ulcers. My bf and I have been together 4 yrs and have not been as careful about oral sex when I have mouth ulcers. As far as I know, he doesn't get mouth ulcers. Sept 4 (thurs) I suspected he was dishonest w me and may have cheated. I do not know to what degree ie nothing at all, oral sex, or sex.
Avatar n tn I have chronic mouth ulcers that seem exactly like recurrent HSV1, except that for the last year, they are ALWAYS there -- I always have tiny pinprick blisters on the roof of my mouth (hard pallet) that never go away, and sometimes they'll break out more and/or I'll get sores on my gums.
Avatar n tn Valtrex is valacyclovir which would be a very effective preventative medication to block herpes simplex 1 which is the most frequent cause of cold sores (aphthous ulcers) and sores around the mouth. It sounds like cold sores, and you could find our for sure by having the open sore cultured by your doctor. If it's not blocking forming these sores, it could be something else.
Avatar f tn I have gotten ulcers in the past in my mouth and tested positive in 2009 for hsv 1 at 5.0 and negative.
Avatar m tn I seen the oral pathologist today. My mouth ulcers had cleared up and he wasn't to concern with them. When I told him I have had no relief of the gential herpe outbreaks even thoough on daily valtrex he was concerned. My next stop is at my gyno but can not seem him for two weeks. He (pathologist) said it could be from something as simple as yeast infection(I had taken several Diflucan for my mouth) but would not comment much more. In my reach search it always goes back to HIV.
Avatar n tn Further, I also did cunnilingus. Around mid Feb 2017, had ulcers in mouth. I had plenty of them since birth, hence ignored. But they re-occurred second week of March 2017 and along with it rashes / white waxy secretion around penis. Mid March 2017 we did complete blood test. All the reports were negative, however Herpes IgG was positive with the value being 3.2. I am not sure when this was acquired - In Jan 2017 or even before from someone else. 1. How severe is this value?
Avatar n tn Since your cultures came back negative, it would be a good guess. You can also get ulcers in your mouth. Hang in there. Hope your appointment goes well on the 9th.
Avatar n tn No sypmtoms of herpes what so ever. I do get mouth ulcers inside my mouth, never on the out side. I had a yeast infection with a cut, like normal.. Went to the dr. for meds could not get it healed up, he swabbed the cut for herpes it cam back positive for type 2. In very much shock, 10 days later had blood work done, PCR test and IGG type specific, all came back negative or non detected. My husband igg came back negative. How can this be and witch one do I go by.
Avatar n tn I had 2 biopsies taken from my mouth and the biopsy report indicates that it's likely erythema multiforme. I talked to the pathologist who read my biopsies and he believes I'm having an autoimmune response to a herpes virus that is dormant in my system. The recommended treatment is Valtrex for 4 months along with high doses of pred for 20 days. If lesions reappear after 20 days treat topically until through with Valtrex. If still no improvement, move forward with allergy testing.