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Avatar n tn I take lots of nutrients, am very healthy, eat right, exercise, get the right amount of rest, don't do sun hardly. I also put callogen and elastin and vitamin C and vitamin K cream, and vitamin E into my facial lotion (although it may help if I use my facial lotion every day. But I use it enough. I thought these nutrients would help applied to the skin; do they not soak into the skin? Because I'm still seeing the problem. What will make them come back up (not be sunken/indented).
Avatar n tn My eyes have become worse this morning,even though I only applied aqeous cream and vaseline to the eye area and face yesterday. The right under eye is especially swollen. Will have to take the day off work again to see the doctor. It still feels very dry. Thanks againfor tour kind help.
Avatar n tn I'm a 21 year old male living in New Zealand. About 7 months ago I purchased some Vitamin C cream from the body shop to improve the elasticity of the skin on my forehead because I was starting to develop 2 very small frown wrinkles (As some young people do in New Zealand due to the harsh sun). Unfortunately the Vitamin C I had purchased had oxidized and I did not find out about this until I had been using it for about half a month, but by that stage the damage was already done.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar n tn Hi Wrinkles and fine lines are expected as one ages or when one stays under the sun for prolonged periods. It is best that sunscreen be applied over the face to prevent skin damage brought about by the sun. Also, dust ,smoke, direct heat and changes in temperature may also cause wrinkles. Genetics may play a role also. It may be difficult to revert wrinkles and fine lines when they are already present.
1153085 tn?1341305493 i never heard of them..right now i m using Palmer's cocoa butter lotion with vitamin e..bt its not helping..
1913502 tn?1330391792 I used a product called Waxalene, for my dry skin. It has soy bean oil, vitamin E oil, and bees wax. It was very thick and moisturizing, and I used it for my dry scalp and hair as well.
Avatar f tn I'm also looking into natural treatments like yogourt and lemon juice or witch hazel to fade the pigmentation. I'll let you know. I also use Vitamin E cream and take Silica in gel form everyday. I hear your pain. We're in this together. Try covering the pigmentation with skintrue by annabelle. But wait at least 20 minutes after applying the sunblock to put it on. Also, use a brush to put it on.
Avatar m tn It wrinkles like sun damaged skin when pinched, and I can stretch it nearly an inch to two inches off of my arm, and three to four inches under my arm. I have noticed wrinkles developing on my face at an alarming rate. This is a dramatic change that seemed to have happen nearly over night. I am a 21 year old male. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 140 lbs. I drink alcohol 2-3x a week in moderation, and I smoke 1 cigarette every few days. Just before I started noticing symptoms I became a vegetarian.
Avatar n tn Hi, I can relate! For the past few months I have been having viens apear on the sides of my forehead, temple area, which apear to some extent every day. But I have also been going through extreme stress which i think clearly is the cause! But the facinating thing is that they seem to subside fully at times, even though they are quite prominant, appearing in the same places, for the most part. What should I expect for a prognosis? As it is quite concerning!
Avatar n tn they calmed them down a bit only, then i started to get redness under the eyes and swollen under the eyes in the morning with deep eye wrinkles, they come and go and i have no idea what to do, ive tried steroids, all the creams, changing my makeup, not wearing contacts, and nothing...so i tried cutting out red chillies, chocolate and eggs, the last 2 days i had chillies and chocolate and it seems like it cd be back, so if i am on to something with it being a food allergy shall let you all know.
Avatar n tn I can't believe so many people have this.... I also have it on my eye lid and under my eye area. It makes me look like I have SO many wrinkles and I really don't. I thought maybe I got it from the eye make-up remover I was using. I used some A&D ointment and that helped a lot, took a lot of the redness and burning away. I do have Burt’s Bees hand slave so I'm going to try that right now and I'm going to go buy the Mario Badescu Control Cream that someone recommended.
Avatar n tn All the time I was putting some pure aloe vera gelly on it and also some vitamin E oil. The bit in the corner of the left eye got better or in fact it all moved to the crease of my upper eyelid between the eyelid and the eyebrow, on both eyelids and there it stayed for the next few weeks. All the time I was applying the aloe vera gelly and some aloe vera gelly and propolis creme. It stung a lot when I applied it but I thought that must mean it's doing some good.
Avatar m tn Hence why I will use lube for masturbation, and moisturiser when going about my business. Also I will try vitamin e capsules. Snip the end of these capsules and squeeze the contents on to the glans. I've used this before but the went back to steroid cream like an idiot.
Avatar n tn the slightly crepey skin and wrinkles inside the elbow crease, all the loose bunched up crepey skin on the outside of the elbow, skin has totally thinned on my hands- veins stick out (same with my feet), my feet has such loose crepey skin and are so wrinkled I can pull the skin on them pretty good, I have jowls, wrinkles under my eyes, getting wrinkles between the nose, three lines/wrinkles on forehead, lips are lined/ lost volume, boobs dropped and shrank, I get those neck things when I smile,
Avatar n tn didn't think anything of it and then the zit turned into a cyst and left light scarring under my eye..its gone now..i guess its all a part of getting older :( lol..i usesd warm rags most of the day that made the swelling go down gradually until it was gone..also i drank green tea which has antioxidants in it which reduces swelling and boost immune system...it worked..i didn't take any antibiotics..just stubborn i guess ..
Avatar n tn Several little pimples appeared under my left eye after a stressful night. As I have cortisoid, I applied some on them. They dried up in a day or two. But came back after another sleepless night in abundance now in both eyes. They are sore when touched. A dermatologist advised to just wash them with Johnson baby shampoo and they will go away on its own. I still have have them. And are now making my eyes itchy and watery. I now have them on my eyelids too.
Avatar f tn For the past week there has been a patch of red, dry skin under my eye, on my upper cheek, and I have no clue what it is. At first I thought it was windburn, (my husband drives his jeep with the top off) so I began applying lotion all day and night. It burns and tingles a little whenever I apply it. The lotion isn't helping though.
Avatar m tn The skin cracked and bled in one place. This happened again a couple of times. I tried vitamin E capsules to keep my girlfriend but also to try to fix the problem. Stupidly I used hydrocortisone 1% at the Base of my glans again. This made the area extremely red . Along with this my glans was dry and had red spots under the skin.
Avatar n tn I woke up to swollen, irritated eyes, with puffiness under my eyes and all around the eye lids. It's enough to be very uncomfortable and make me feel frightened. My husband thinks I should go to the emergency room. I'm thankful I found this site and to read about other similar experiences with Neutrogena/Salicylic Acid. My skin is so irritated and rough feeling now, but I'm mostly concerned about my eyes. If I'm no better tomorrow, I will definitely seek medical help.
Avatar n tn I know when it's going to happen - can feel pressure, then it pops and you see blood under the skin and then it itches like crazy. Sometimes it's a hard blue marble under the skin. I have 3 that are permanently there (two in the same finger). It's almost never caused by anything - just happens. Occasionally it's when I grip something.
Avatar n tn just drink the vitamin d pills. I had my doctor prescribe me 4 vitamin D pills, i had to take one once a week for 4 weeks. I have yet to have my bloodwork done for results. The best way to get natural vitamin D is to be under the sun. I am allergic to sun thus cannot be under the sun for too long. Ever since my defficiency i have forced myself to sit under the sun for at least 5 minutes a day. BUT, i still have the pain on the back of my head. I have also noticed losing too much hair.
Avatar n tn It is made by a company called Orbis Australasia Pty Ltd – www.duit.com.au The product has 15% Urea cream plus Vitamin E and several other ingredients that seem to combine well. I apply it every night and after showering in the morning (both when EK is dormant and also when it is active).
Avatar n tn A therapist told me to put a pillow under my knees at night so my back would be flat against the bed. It would take the pressure off of my back. It does work. I have had a harder bed and soft bed and neither helped me. I have a medium firmness now and if I don't raise my knees, I will hurt more there. Since I have progressed to a much larger area of problems, the rest of it makes up for it. It is worth a try if you are sway backed. The lower back swerves in making the rump look plumper.
Avatar n tn Hi, It seems that you have been under several intensive tests already and all these have been negative. Do you have any known allergies before? Have you been assessed along this line? Although you haven’t mentioned of a rash or any lesions in the area, an allergic reaction to some unknown trigger may be a differential. Also, this may sound like a sensory problem. An EMG however was done and it was negative (is this correct).
Avatar n tn Hello all, I have been having palps for the last 3 months (originally did start from panic attack) but now i have been having freq. ectopic beats and they are really scaring me! I have been to A&E twice where they did ECG (showed up with ectopics) and took my blood but bloods came back fine so they wasn't worried. I am currently waiting for a 24 hour monitor and echo scan but in the meantime im feeling very anxious that these ectopics just come out of no where even when im feeling relaxed.
Avatar n tn I love my hot baths. LOL. I've located a few sites that have before and after pictures. I went to google, under images, and typed in (lipodissolve before after Photo. If I can locate the sites again, i'll post them on here. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi, zorf: maybe it's my computer but I also wasn't sure how many comments we could post under one question. Hopefully no one minds, I was just trying to make it easier for us all. rnneedshelp: glad you are getting extra supports. what is gulf war syndrome? I had a crappy night; couldn't sleep because of the tingling. I basically only sleep when exhausted. The tingling started to act up more again; possibly because I might have overdone it yesterday. Anyone have suggestions how to sleep???