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Avatar n tn My aunt has trigeminal neuralgia and she has been having attacks that are closer together and more sever she is treating them with pain meds, but she is having to take more of them and more often. We have tried to talk her in to having surgery, but she is very hesitant. She is worried that she will be paralized on some or all of her face and arms. Is there a surgery that does not have these affects, but will help her symptoms without having to have additional surgeries?
Avatar m tn i am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and put on tab there any effective remedy except surgery for this chronic illness?
Avatar n tn they are becoming more frequent. I saw a GP and he told me it sounds like trigeminal neuralgia, but I should see a neurologist/or my surgeon. Sometimes I just get these crippling pains in my left eye (like before surgery, that make me sick) that last a day or so. How is it possible to feel pain and have such a loss of sensation, pressure, and temperature? Even acidic foods just burn the back of my tongue to the point my eyes tear/lose appetite, or just can't eat anymore.
Avatar n tn The pain specialist said it'll be 3 months before we know if it worked. There are five surgery options. Your doctor will have to figure out which surgery would be best for your situation. Find out from your neurologist how many patients with TN he/she treats in a year. My suggestion is to find a teaching hospital in the nearest large city that has a "facial pain center" or "pain center". These docs specialize in TN and other facial pain diseases.
Avatar f tn After my last surgery at 24 I suffered from very bad facial pain and was subsequently diagnosed with aytipical trigeminal neuralgia, and TMJ. After about a year of medicinal treatment I gave up my pain was going away anyhow so I stopped going to pain management and stopped seeing my neurologist. Over the last two years I have had minor flare ups and for awhile no pain... Until a couple of weeks ago.
Avatar f tn i have a reaserch on mangment of trigeminal neuralgia , but i cann't know until now which the best medical or surgical treatment and i couldn't found which have high rate of recurrance.
Avatar f tn Have you had a thin-slice MRI (also called "Trigeminal Neuralgia Protocol")? Did the MRI show a blood vessel or vein compressing the nerve? If so, the MVD is your best bet -- it is the only procedure that is considered "non-destructive" and its results last the longest of all the surgeries. I have MS that the doctors think caused my TN. Because of the MS, I am not considered a candidate for an MVD.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that nerve regeneration takes this long and causes pain like this, or is this something I should be looking into and/or treating. I figured after 2 years, the nerve damage is permanent. My GP mentioned trigeminal neuralgia- I've been researching, but I want to know what's necessary to stop this.
Avatar f tn My husband was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia about a year ago. He is steadily getting worse. His doctor has recommended Carbatrol 300 mg 3 x a day. Eating is now a severe problem he is losing weight, and his sytems are becomming debilitating. He is 57 years old, very healthy otherwise. Right now his Doctor is talking about cyberknife surgery. Has anyone had this procedure and did it help?
Avatar n tn If you want to ask questions and find out about just about any treatment, there is a support group and the Trigeminal Neuralgia Asssociation.To join the support group (no charge) send an E-Mail to ***@****. In the body, type the line: SUB TN-L "your name". Everything has been tried by one or more members from magnets to Microvascular Decompressions. People are there with "classical" TN (like me), ATN, ATFP and AD.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Last February I had the Cyber Knife treatment. Now, one year later I am having facial numbness, lips burning, face sensitivity and some shooting pain near my temple. Are these symptoms related to the Cyber Knife treatment or is the Trigeminal reoccuring? My symptoms are worsening each week. Do you think the Microvascular Nerve Compression could help? I have been taking Tegretol and at one time Neurotin as well.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. Drug of choice for trigeminal neuralgia is carbamazepine but as the dose may vary according to severity therefore I would advise an oral medicine specialist consultation or at least a physician to confirm this diagnosis and get you treated accordingly.
Avatar n tn my son developed trigeminal neuralgia after a dental procedure. he is presently on medication for it. he is 28 years old and what is research showing for future care.
Avatar m tn I am wondering whether LLLF (Low level laser therapy) might be helpful for trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. There doesn't seem to be much out there on this that I could find. I am looking for a possible alternative to drugs and surgery. The symptoms began a few months ago and have progressed slowly, but they don't seem to have turned into full blown TGN at this point. I am trying to prevent a progression.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you are describing are not trigeminal neuralgia. You need to have a neurologic examination performed to define what abnormalities are present. Then perhaps a MRI of the brain and cervical spine may be necessary to exclude structural lesions or inflammatory conditions. Other disorders which may be evalauted include connective tissue disorders and auto-immune disorders such as lupus. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have a recent dx of Trigeminal Neuralgia from Primary Care and have been referred to Neurology for further evaluation. The pain distribution is unilateral and follows the sensory distribution of cranial nerve V at the maxillary area. History of previous trauma (neuroplasia) dates to 1997, though asymptomatic to current presentation. There is no prior history of TMJ, aneurysms, tumors or other common precipitants. I am 61 years old, consistent with typical onset.
Avatar n tn Doctors 1st couldn't know what it is but after 2 months a doctor told me its a Trigeminal neuralgia or what is known by facial pain. He gave me Tigirtol (2 tablets a day -200mg) a day and it was like magic for 1 month but after that we has to increase it to 3 then to 4 then to 6 for a short period of time but it didn't stop. So we phased out from Tigirtol and shifted to Nuronteen which was good but for a short period of time where the pain came back and much more sever.
Avatar n tn To to get relief from Tn trigeminal neuralgia naturally, the full pranayam exercises are described below.You can do this alongside any medication.Your feedback at some point will help others. This works gradually, so allow time (3 months to 9 months) and concentrate fully on the breathing. Keep a record of episodes and how you are feeling. This will show you a trend.Avoid cold drinks and drink warm water. Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after 1 minute.
567677 tn?1246771376 Wow, sorry, I missed this. It is a favorite topic of mine after learning a great deal about it when I had it. Trigeminal Neuralgia is literally a "pain syndrome of the Trigeminal nerve. This nerve is the 5th Cranial Nerve and supplies most of the sensation to the face. There is one on both sides. The Cranial Nerves are nerves that emerge directly out of the brain or brainstem.
Avatar n tn I found out I have Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. What is the time line for it going away? Will it go away-the pain?
Avatar m tn I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and am currently taking BACLOFEN to help with the pain. I was treated with the Gamma Knife about a year ago without success. A friend also had TN and was treated with an alcohol shot to the face that had to be repeated about 4 weeks later. That was over 10 years ago and he has had NO pain since. I can find only passing references to the alcohol shot to the face. My question is where can I go to get this alcohol shot to the face?
Avatar m tn I just had a nerve block procedure done for my trigeminal neuralgia pain in my face. My face was sore but after 3 days, the pain in my face became more painful and I felt more electrical current shooting onto my lower teeth area. Why does it seem like my facial pain just got worse after this procedure.
1140169 tn?1370188676 Assuming everything is hunky dory, then we do start talking about Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you looked at the picture of the Trigeminal Nerve (cranial nerve V) and read my description, you'll remember that the nerve has three branches (Tri = three, Geminal = roots). V1 handles sensation from the top of the face above the eye. V2 has the middle part of the face, nose, upper gums/teeth, and upper lip, + others. V3 has the lower jaw, lower teeth and gums, lower lip +.
738075 tn?1330579444 I woke up with Trigeminal Neuralgia last Thursday morning. I knew that was what it was, because I had it once seven years ago. This time it's SO much worse! I told myself I'd "tough it out" for the weekend, even though I did put in a call to my neurologist. By Sunday, it was so bad, I was in tears! I told my DH "just take me out back and shoot me like an old horse!" I was kidding, but kinda serious, too! Monday was excruciating, and I got to see my neuro in the am.
Avatar f tn For those of you with trigeminal neuralgia, would you mind me asking you what it feels like? I have been assuming, for a while, that what I have in my face is bilateral trigeminal neurlagia. But, perhaps I'm wrong.
279234 tn?1363108849 My doctor's office's fax machine won't fax a Lyrica prescription, but will do Vicodin, diazepam, Ambien, etc. It is strange. Now back to our Trigeminal Neuralgia discussion... I think that TN can worsen over several days, even while taking medication. I was on an increased dose of Lyrica when mine struck, and continued to get worse for quite a while. A lot of the time it would be a constant ache, but other times it would flare into a screaming kind of pain.
1926571 tn?1323210289 about Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and I was hoping to get some insight into whether I may be experience something similar to someone already diagnosed. I had surgery in June of 2010 to remove an Astrocytoma from my temporal lobe which involved some extensive scalp cutting... basically like a question mark on the side of my head. Since my surgery, I've had terrible burning highlighted in the photo I attached. It's on the side of my head near the front side of my ear.