Topamax and heart palpitations

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Avatar n tn i couldnt take it. I had heart palpitations and foggy thinking.
Avatar f tn Anyone that has or is taking Topamax - does it make you feel nervous? Does it make your heart beat faster and/or palpitations? I have anxiety so I can't use it if it will make me more nervous. Anybody have bad side effects from Topamax?
Avatar f tn It was post op, and I was on GERD meds on a reg basis, and TOPAMAX, and I could not was just like b4 surgery...up all night....fatigued all day.... My PCP told me to try the antihistamine and to take b4 bed as it can make u drowsy....I tried just as I was getting ready and I was still awake till 2AM so I kept taking it earlier each night until I was 2 hrs b4 bedtime and it works great for me...
Avatar n tn you still must eat right...and still exercise...and it can cause heart valve damage... ephedra is almost just as good...and much can get it all over the net..
Avatar f tn Supposed to start on 25mg and actually break it in half and still have dizziness, insomnia, horrid palpitations lasting hours, fatigue and plain stupidity. This last round has given me horrible pains throughout my abdomen/side/back as well. Don't think this medicine can be continued. Did not take it last two days and still have belly pains and headache has come back.
Avatar f tn I have been on Topamax for just over a year, 100mg BD (twice daily) and just a month ago I started to get sever muscle spasms and heart palpitations. Combined with the paresthisia (pins and needles) all over my body and the severe fatigue and memory problems it has made this medication unbareable for me. I take it as an anti-convulsive for epilepsy but I cannot bear the side effects. I am down to 25mg OD (once day) and the spasms still have not gone and in fact have spread to my face.
Avatar m tn I'm a college student and I just moved back into my dorm this week, and like the idiot I am I forgot my topamax at home which is a two hour drive away. (Along with my wallet but that's another story entirely). So I've been forced to go cold turkey from it until I can talk to the psychiatrist here, who I won't have an appointment with for at least a week.
Avatar f tn I've also noticed I get heart spasms throughout the day, sometimes every few minutes. It feels like my heart skips a beat and I have to take a deep breath. Right after the spasm, I get a pain that shoots up into my head and my head throbs, then sometimes I have a bad headache for a while. Do you have any idea what this is or what causes it? Is there anything I can do to make it stop? Thank you!
Avatar n tn My doctor checked it and everything was normal. He checked it because I was having heart palpitations. This past summer my doctor put me on Topamax for migraines. I was up to 100 mg a day for four months. I lost so much weight - got down to 105 vision was blurry and my hands were tingling all the time. Also, I could not find simple words during conversation. Needless to say, I slowly stopped taking Topamax. It was just after that when I started feeling so awful.
Avatar f tn I am taking 75mg. of topamax and also taking Zoloft and Verapamil for migraines. I am not loosing any weight. I am so frustrated because I feel that I'm the only one that's not losing. Does anyone think it's because of the other drugs I'm taking? Next week I go to 100mg.
Avatar n tn That amount curbs my appetite and has caused no palpitations. Now I know for sure that TOPAMAX is what caused my erratic EKG, sweating, dizziness, neasea and by unexplained exhaustion.
Avatar n tn I will die either from the chemical imbalance created in my brain or the withdrawal side effects (seizures, heart palpitations - etc) #2. I will survive the BRUTAL withdrawals and be left with permanent 'after effects' (muscle twitching, dulling of senses, possibly seizures - etc) I do not want ANY of that ^^ so, given the following list of medication that requires a titration plan... In what order... At what dosages... At what time intervals...
Avatar n tn I also had all the tests to be on the safe side as my father has severe heart disease and subsequently had a triple heart bypass and a defib/pace maker fitted, my cardio organized tests. After holter monitors, 2 day stress tests, Scans etc .....all came back showing a perfectly normal heart with normal function. He told me I was perfectly healthy and I wouldn't die from this.
11570509 tn?1422390766 I was prescribed 20mg Propranolol awhile back but my psychiatrist lowered the dose to 15mg. They gave it to be because my heart rate never seem to settle below 100 and was around 120 a lot of the time. But since I have dropped my dose a lot of stress has come into my life and I have clocked my heart at 135 a couple of times and 125 every other time. My "anxiety" is high but I feel like it may be my heart causing me to feel anxious or maybe the other way around?
Avatar m tn I bought some coq10 on my docs advice, but found that my stomach (I have irritable bowel as well) doesn't tolerate it very well so I discontinued. My main problem is lack of sleep and the heart palpitations as well as calf pain in my right leg. I found that I don't tolerate the over the counter sleep aids anymore and I've tried them all. With them I still cannot STAY asleep and I awaken feeling drugged and with headache. I am due to see the neuro doc again on Dec. 2.
Avatar n tn After a few moments when the dizziness (coming in waves) would not subside, I got a bit scared something was wrong and then my heart started to pound. However, I was able to call a friend in the medical profession who advised me to seek medical help. I walked back to class, notified my professor, and we walked together to a security booth where I called EMS and was taken via ambulance to the emergency room. Enroute I kept having waves of dizziness and nausea.
Avatar f tn She wants me to take 10 mg of Prozac but I have read it can cause heart palpitations (which I have and greatly fear) and weight gain. I would literally be suicidal if I even gained 5 lb. What should I do? Has anybody tried Prozac and how did it affect your weight? I am thinking of asking for Topamax as I hear it's a mood stabilizer - has anyone tried this? Did it make your depression better, anxiety better or worse?
1100598 tn?1413131026 Hi Dr. Santos. I saw my neurologist on Dec. 7th and she increased my Topamax and gave me a migraine diary and told me to eliminate certain foods. She also gave me a prescription for self-administered toradol shots. A few days later I had a severe migraine and ended up in the ER for IV pain medication(torodol, fenadol) (I didn't have my prescription yet) and had to go back the next day as well. I called my neurologist, who asked them to do a CT scan, which came up normal.
975514 tn?1325001538 I have had a bout with something that seemed like atrial fibrillation, which put me in the ER overnight. I have had heart palpitations on and off in my life. My father also has this problem with his heart and also has tested borderline Graves disease, but he too is normal. I am wondering if anyone out there thinks it might be possible that I am having some kind of endocrine related problem or thyroid issue even though my THS is normal? Should I have the test run right before my period begins?
329994 tn?1301666848 *With your heart condition though I would be a bit leary of Savella.* I have heart palpitations and take Potassium daily as well, so that is my main qualm with Savella. I also have had bouts of atrial fibrillation. I know that you have CFS. Anti- Seizure meds tend to work well with the FM and CFS diseases in my opinion because they target the nervous system, but Lyrica and Neurontin (Gabapentin) can make you drowsy. Most of the anti-seizure meds can.
Avatar n tn hi it nice to hear that there others getting the same symptoms as me,im a 42 year old male it all started 7months ago i stood up and went completly dizzy to the point where everything was blurred and couldnt focus at the same time i got real bad heart palpitations and the blood drained from me and i was shaking,after a while it passed but since then ive been left with the strangest symptoms which seem to change a lot i would get pressure in my neck and head and feel like something was crawling a
Avatar f tn I get headaches and also get heart palpitations and twtiching all over my body. It's almost like people like us have hyperactive electrical systems. But maybe they are all completely unrelated. I also take Propranolol, a beta blocker to prevent migraines, control pvcs and I found that it's even helped to control my anxiety to an extent. It's a good drug for me, but if it does not work as a preventative medication my headache specialist plans to put me on Topamax.
Avatar n tn Metformin short circuits to some degree insulin's negative role. Metformin also reduces lipids (cholesterol) and so has very positive effects to preventing heart disease and reducing blood pressure. Google any of these terms in relation to Metformin and you will see. If you are a person who has tried to lose weight though calorie control and exercise, but have failed, you should try Metformin.
Avatar n tn It also sounds as though you have tried multiple medications in the past including topirimate (Topamax), propranalol (Inderal), amitriptyline (Elavil), and verapamil. Based on your symptoms, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from two or more different headache types, and although I cannot diagnose you without having seen you, please allow me to offer the following information. Foremost, it would be important to understand more about your headaches- where are they located?
975514 tn?1325001538 In 2005 I went to the ER. My potassium was slightly low. I wore halter monitor for a couple of days, no doctor ever followed up with me about the results. As long as I take potassium and a multivitamin every day, my heart seems to beat normally, otherwise I have palpitations. *Irritable Bladder: I also used to get a lot of UTI’s and once I had a painful Bladder Spasms. I am not sure if this means anything. *Vitreous Floaters: I just presented in June this year ‘09 in my left eye.
Avatar n tn I am 33 and I also have been having problems with dizziness. My symptoms started late August with heart palpitations and quickly morphed into wheezing+congestion+dizziness on rainy days but only when I would go outside. I accidentally discovered that antihistamines made me feel better, so I started taking the maximum day in the morning which calmed things down for the rest of the day.
Avatar f tn Hi Sara, I hope I didn't give bad info, or encourage anyone to take any pain meds unless needed.. I developed a pre ulcerous condition years ago, haven't hardly ever touched an NSAID since, my personal situation, going several years w no pain meds for migraine at all EVER,just occasional rescue Triptan & topamax, and still having 20+ migraines a month has made me fan of fiorcet, bc my neuro doesn't give opiates for migraines.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
Avatar n tn at the age of 12 i was put on beta blockers to try to help control the frequency of my migraines, and have been on them ever since. i have also found topamax and depakote to be very helpful as maintenance drugs, but i've never found a painkiller that has worked for me. i know caffeine causes migraines, but when i am getting a migraine, i have found that taking a large dose of caffeine has helped stop a migraine in its tracks.
Avatar f tn I have had the tingling sensations, tightening of the chest and heart palpitations....very scary, but it was, in my case, all due to anxiety. The pain in the chest lasted weeks until I finally went on medication. I now have new sensations I believe are anxiety related as well. My jaw feels tight at times, but mostly I find myself very aware of my teeth....they feel numb and I am constantly running my tongue over them. I've been to the dentist and was told my teeth and gums are fine.