Too much protein causes gout

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Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of aching and pain in my legs, mostly in the calf region, front and back. We did blood work and it showed my magnesium was low. He started me on 420 MG, but I still had the pain. So after a month we increased it to 840 a month, and its finally at a good level, and most of the time, the pain is gone. Every now and then I do have some pain still, but its usually after a day when I've been on my feet a lot. After the pain had stopped with the increased mag.
Avatar n tn It seems that since I have been taking the cholesterol and other medications (particularly the valium), the incidence of soreness in my toe joints (gouty arthritis) has become more frequent. While I've probably given you too much information, I should mention I am about 40 pounds overweight, 37 years old, and have some family history of high blood pressure and diabetes. Can high cholesterol, blood viscosity, or high uric acid levels cause dizziness?
692574 tn?1246479801 In order to control and prevent gout from occurring, you need to have a uric acid diet. If there is too much uric acid in the joint, it will cause acute inflammation of the joint. If you don’t treat it fast enough, the gout can become chronic and can cause severe and permanent damage to the surrounding tissues. The uric acid is a by-product of purine metabolism. That is, purines are formed due to the breakdown of particular type of foods in your body.
Avatar m tn Gout is a buildup of uric acid that causes inflammation in your joints. Drinking too much alcohol puts you at higher risk for cancer of the pancreas, mouth, tongue, and throat. This risk is even greater if you also use tobacco products. Alcohol may cause liver cancer, fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other liver disease. Drinking too much alcohol makes you lose protein, minerals, and vitamins. Alcohol affects thiamine (vitamin B-1) in particular.
Avatar m tn That last day I took it, I felt so ill all over, in retrospect I realized I probably had too low blood sugar. A year later I still am experiencing ketotic-like breath and proteinuria.
Avatar f tn The newest rage are these high protein diets which are rubbish. Raynaud's can affect knees too as knees have a vascular bed. Well, I wouldn't recommend playing doctor google too much. Have this further investigated by a Vascular Specialist.
Avatar f tn I mean, how is it that millions of people on PPIs are making too much HCl? Hyperchlorhydria or too much stomach acid is rather rare. If you're overeating, eating junk food or other food that is hard to digest, eating when stressed, living under stress, changes are much greater that you don't make enough hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes and your symptoms stem from that. Take a look at some of the symptoms caused by low stomach acid.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I wonder if I really have anything at all. I know excessive protein in the urine is not normal, but are there other diseases that cause proteinuria? I am 35 years old so I was diagnosed shortly after my 2nd child was born 10 years ago and have had other health problems that are only found through MRI scans. Wouldn't know I had anything wrong if it weren't for the scans. I currently have a cyst on my pancreas and I have gone through 5 surgeries for retinal detachments.
8976007 tn?1413334250 Too little calcium and the same things will happen. Too much Vitamin C causes too much acidity for some people. Too much calcium of the kind most people take, which is poorly absorbed, can lead to kidney and gall stones and other calcium deposits. These are things that don't happen to most people, but when it does happen it's not fun. Moderation in all things, as the cliche goes, and most nutrition should be from food.
Avatar n tn Medication - Drugs used to treat cancer, blood thinners, antidepressants and high blood pressure medications, as well as birth control pills and high doses of vitamin A, may cause hair loss. Diet - Too little protein and too little iron in your diet can lead to hair loss. Stress or illness - You may begin losing hair one to three months after a stressful situation, such as major surgery. High fevers, severe infections or chronic illnesses can result in hair loss.
Avatar n tn turn all night due to pain; 2 to 4 hours sleep. Of course sleeping on my sides causes pain in my shoulders.
Avatar f tn Therefore MSG is not considered on of the 12 major allergens....One of the lesser known side effects of too much glutamic acid in your body is tachycardia or arrythmia. In the last couple of years, as I am getting older, I am becoming more sensitive to glutamates, to the point where I can't boil meat in water, such as making chicken soup. I have learned that water + protein + heat = glutamates. I have learned that cooking meat with the bone creates glutamates.
Avatar f tn Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration. Being anaemic will not cause kidney stones. Anaemia is lack of red corpuscles in the blood that carry oxygen around the body. This will make you feel very tired.
Avatar f tn my pain is in my ankles my feet, fingers, writs, neck, back , shoulders just about everywhere imaginable that is accompanied by two fevers a week that hit before the bad pain. Last night I had so much pain that i could not walk or even lift a glass of water without pain. I am 33 years old very healthy, been active most of my life this is not like anything I have ever had, So my main symptoms are joint pain, some headaches, fevers, and some slight confusion from day to day.
Avatar m tn 1. Human body needs animal protein; 2. Animal meat contains much fat; 3. The way we eat meat makes a big difference: if we eat it as chunks, we absorb only 30%, the rest become feces waiting in the colon; if we slow-cook it for 12 hours, it is very easy to peel off the fatty oil on top and we absorb 85% of the nutrients; 4. Plant protein cannot replace animal protein; 5. Different meats service different purpose, for patients with HVB, we need potable fish and lean beef.
Avatar n tn But from mid August 06 I got it together and started trying to get better. I ate more (actually a little too much) and I gained weight pretty steadily from that point on. I am now 155lbs. From December 2005-about May 2008 I suffered from moderate depression but I have been fine ever since. In the very beginning of Sept. 2007 I had an early surgical abortion (I was 6 weeks along). During my recovery from my eating disorder there were times when I slipped up.
Avatar m tn Of course I didn't worry too much. Then the pain decreased but was still there. Then, in a week or so, it started to spread. Sometimes knee, sometimes my feet, wrist etc. Mild pain, but I started to worry a bit. I went to my GP who ordered a blood test and found ANA positive (I don't know which pattern) and referred me to a reumatologist. Unfortunately, for external causes, I've got the appoitment 3/4 months later, and in the meanwhile the symptoms evolved.
Avatar n tn search HEALTH DANGERs of HFCS HFCS induced diabetes HFCS induced heart disease HFCS induced Uric Acid (UA) UA causes GOUT to full blown arthritis HFCS causes attention dis-orders HFCS causes anger management problem in Kids 1 can of pop has 15 teaspoons of HFCS n causes 83% more chance of stroke or heart attack by 1 can of pop per day HFCS induced UA pools to the lowest place in ur body n as Ye sleep this UA eats/rots away ur lower back n this IS why Mlns of Americans have back PROBlems with NO
Avatar n tn Rubbing my scalp and neck with a cold wash cloth, while slowly moving my head from side to side, seems to work best. But it takes a while. Like gout, I think the popping may be caused by protein crystals forming in the head and neck. A dark cherry juice once a day, and restricting high protein foods (especially shell fish, lobster, crab, and shrimp) might help, but I can say for sure. While I'm no doctor, after all I've been through, I think my opinion may be at least as good as one.
Avatar f tn i know, there is a lot abuse in studys and that most of them are unaccurate...but there are some good ones too, not much but you can find some good stuff.
Avatar m tn It is not a good idea to be exposed to xrays too often unless it is absolutely necessary. But if one of your joints is much worse, the doctor may want a new xray taken to confirm their suspicion that the joint has deteriorated further. As you are still have high inflammation (I presume this is by blood test), I have seen on TV (America's Monsters Inside Me) and read about it too, that worms or parasitic infestations can cause the high inflammation.
Avatar f tn Many of them are too arrogant to open their eyes to the possibility that a person is really in that much pain and not making it up. I had a headache for 9 DAYS that just subsided yesterday although I still get a sharp shock like pain with jolting movement like getting up too quick or turning my head too quickly.
Avatar m tn It is also a source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) . Spirulina is a rich source of protein—dried spirulina contains up to 70% protein by weight—but you'd have to eat an awful lot of spirulina capsules to obtain a significant amount of protein this way. Spirulina also contains vitamin B12, a nutrient otherwise found almost exclusively in animal foods. However, there's a catch: the B 12 in spirulina is not absorbable.
476246 tn?1418874514 Actually all my toes feel a bit stiff and I have pain in my big toes, too. I had some gout in one of them 11 years ago. But now they are both hurting and they have been for a while. I have just gotten so used to it, that I didn't think about that there could be a connection. You know with all the heels and pointed shoes I have standing in my cupboard. I kind of stopped wearing them regularly about a year ago.
Avatar m tn ) It does take a few weeks to build up in your body so don't expect too much too soon! Stay in touch!
Avatar m tn (certainly not a complete list) rhematoid and osteo arthritis lupus Sjogrens celiac disease Bursitis Chondromalacia patellae Gout (especially found in the big toe) diseases, including ◦Epstein-Barr viral syndrome ◦Hepatitis ◦Influenza ◦Lyme disease ◦Measles (rubeola) ◦Mumps ◦Parvovirus ◦Rheumatic fever ◦Rubella (German measles) ◦Varicella (chickenpox) Injury, including fracture •Osteoarthritis •Osteomyelitis •Septic arthritis •Tendinitis A rhematologist will take an overview of symptoms al
Avatar m tn Proteinuria is when there is too much protein in the urine and most common with diabetics. If you were losing protein in your urine, it's likely that protein levels would be low; yours is not. Haematuria is blood in the urine. Both of these conditions would require urine tests. Once your thyroid levels are back to a good place and you get your vitamin D levels and B12 up where they need to be, you should do much better.
544292 tn?1268886268 In my case the antidepressant that they tacked on to the cocktail is the thing that causes all the rough psychological and mental symptoms. It's a Two Fer One! I've been feeling like I was going crazy for a long time. And in addition to that; the scary suicidal ideation. The suicidal ideation vanished and returns ONLY if I get a flare up of withdrawal symptoms. That happens if I get over stressed. So i need some coping mechanisms. At the moment; "I am STILL ALVE!?
Avatar m tn Other time like when I seat from inside e ankle to my whole foot will burn/tingle. It's almost like the pressure on the back of my leg causes this. Also, sometimes if you run your hand from the top of my leg to the ankle you can feel,it go from warm to very cld at the ankle. This has been gradually getting worse over the past 8 years and I have seen a ton of doctors. General doc, nuralagist, chiro, podiatrist, homeopathy, acupuncture, pulmutalagist,.