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Avatar m tn Because the opiates impact our respiratory system, I found that I had all sorts of extra phlegm (along with that sneezing and runny nose) which caused me to throw up randomly. Actually, when I have a bit of a cold, I still do that.:) My gag reflex has never gone back to "normal". This is my new normal and it is WWWAAAYYY better then being addicted to vicodin. Don't know if this made you feel any better, but keep up the great work and moving forward!
Avatar m tn Hello - my five year old daughter has been throwing up phlegm for the past month. This has been happening on average about 3 times a week (always on preschool days) just as she is about to have lunch. She will start to eat, throw up the phlegm and then she continues eating. We have seen a TCM doctor who said she has excessive heat in her body and suggested we add additional fruits to her diet (which we have done). Has anyone else experienced something like this?
Avatar f tn I also get a slight earache and my left ear feels blocked. Nausea also keeps coming and going and i have been throwing up phlegm which was clear to start with and then started going a slight yellow colour and the last time i threw up it was a very pale orange/ peach colour, all ive wanted to do today is sleep, what is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn I seem to be throwing up alot of the time, at least 3 times a week. I get dizzyness and tiredness but iam not pregnant. I go to the doctors and they tell me its just a common cold but i have had this for months now and i seem to be very prone to water infections, what is up with me?
Avatar n tn sounds similar to what my 9 yr old daughter does,she has excessive coughing and phlegm,for about 4 mnths now ,in dec,got so bad she dehydrated from throwing up mucuc so much she was hospitalized for the dehydration,the white of her eyes were red from broken vessels from coughing so hard and so much,shes suppose to have some asthma and no allergies,dont make much sense,but she has even seen an ent,ct scan showed a polyop/cist on left sinus but he said nothing to worry about,shes been on so many a
Avatar n tn If I dont hack up the phlegm I get ill to my stomach. I can feel the phlegm just sitting there, becoming a larger amount to spit out. I've never sought out any doctor over this matter. Thought it would help me to go online and find out if others have this problem. Many foods and drinks can irritate the problem. Sometimes I chew gum - it only cures the situation for a short time. And some gums don't work at all.
192055 tn?1263559137 Every morning for the past year since I recovered from the Pertussis, I wake up and I'm full of phlegm which makes it hard to breath. I cough/ choke on it and my gag reflex (which has increased since I was sick) kicks in and I throw up phlegm. Throughout the day I have phlegm at the back of my throat and all the way down my airways (which is very uncomfortable btw) and it occasionally comes up on its on or I have to cough it up or I will choke/gag/ and throw it up.
Avatar f tn I have an almost 4 yr old daughter, who at night wakes up coughing, gagging on to much phlegm, and follows with throwing up. Last night she threw up 6 times. No this is no the flu, or something she ate. This happens once a week. She generally wakes up with alot of phlegm and has a hard time coughing it out. Any words on this??
Avatar n tn Mornings are the worst, I wake up with my throat full of phlegm. I constantly get the urge to cough to get rid of it and sometimes the coughing sets off the chain reaction so I have to throw up. This continues until about lunchtime so usually I dont get to have my first meal of the day until after then. I also start coughing a lot during meals, and this continues for a while afterwards. It makes it hard to hold down a meal when I am sometimes pushed to almost bring it up again!
Avatar n tn If i do anything slightly energetic , even carrying a bag of shopping after 200 yrds the coughing starts and im throwing up phlegm again, not nice if in public. My doctors now seem to admit they have no idea. It all started 10 years ago with a cold that lasted a month, the phlegm came, when i coughed it up it was so thick it was still in my stomach, as i strggled to pull it from my mouth i could feel it coming up my throat, then i was getting a mug full + of phlegm a night.
Avatar f tn Many times when I am eating with my mother-in -law, towards the end of the meal, she starts coughing, to the point of vomiting, but it is only phlegm-- clear, and with some traces of food. She will sit there for about 10 minutes waiting for the phlegm to come up because she cannot swallow it as she has tried. It almost only happens while eating chicken, pork, and sometimes fish(if she doesn't fork or break it up to the point of being flakey in her dish).
Avatar f tn Its like Its stuck in my throat and I try to cough it out but I end up throwing everything up including my food. Very Not pleasant. But it wasn't as bad as it is now. Now Its happening twice every other week, to every week. The last time I was on medication for Sinusitis that my doctor gave me, and I threw up more mucus then food. I was looking up Sinusitis and Its supposed to have nasal inflammation and I do not have that, but I cough up mucus every day always after I eat.
Avatar n tn that i cant swallow it neither i can spit it out ...and that makes me feel like throwing up if i see any thing dirty or if i smell some thing bad ... the problem now has become worse ..i have around 102 - 103F temp all the time because of this problem ... i just have to take a pill for fever and for the next 6 hours i have no fever but i know its coming back as the phlegm in my chest is increasing and i will throw up huge quantity of it .. i dont know why ...
1129232 tn?1360803958 it's typically when he eats and drinks but at one point he was throwing up a lot in the car (although he hasn't done that in a while). He has asthma as well so that could be part of the issue as he's constantly coughing when he eats. The past couple of weeks it's gotten bad to the point where i think he has a phobia of food because whatever he eats, comes ups. although he can eat crackers and ice cream and is fine. I'm at a loss. I have been to the dr and we did tests of his esophogas (sp?
Avatar m tn And It would be extreme thick clear sticky mucus, to the point of throwing up. The sore throat is on and off, but I think the slight pain in throat is from hacking up, so its inflamed, and so forth. But what really scared me is 2 days ago, I don't know how to explain this process, but when I hack up my phlegm its not by coughing, its by breathing in and clearing my throat (It sounds nasty and ugly) and bringing out of my nose sort of. It was strings of blood.
Avatar f tn My surgeon insisted it was due to trama from the breathing tube and not from the surgical site. However if you are throwing up blood versus coughing it up, an ER visit or call to your doctor would be warranted.
372606 tn?1198899228 I cough/ choke on it and my gag reflex (which has increased since I was sick) kicks in and I throw up phlegm. Throughout the day I have phlegm at the back of my throat and all the way down my airways (which is very uncomfortable btw) and it occasionally comes up on its on or I have to cough it up or I will choke/gag/ and throw it up.
Avatar n tn Make sure also that she drinks a lot of water and that she gets a lot of rest. Do not worry about her throwing up. Sometimes it is children's way of expelling the phlegm.
Avatar f tn Share! For me I didn't know you could have soo much phlegm!! I heard about being nauseous & vomiting. But omg this phlegm gets me so nauseous & end up throwing up. Its disgusting to feel it stuck between my nose & mouth, eww!
Avatar n tn I have Gerd, and it is being treated, but for about 6-7 months now Ive had coughing attacks at night while I sleep, wake up coughing then i feel like I have lots of phlegm and I end up throwing up.. go back to sleep and like 30-40 minutes later happens again.. In the morning I wake up sleepy but the cough is gone.. What is it?
Avatar n tn Today i woke up with a bad sore throat all of a sudden.. Ive been throwing up phlegm all throughout the day sorry tmi... i feel miserable i think im catching a cold :( and to top it off my body hurts and ive been having some dull pain in my lower back what can i take to feel better?
Avatar f tn I'm coughing so bad that I'm throwing up...any ideas on what can help it? I've done it twice now, and I think I pulled a muscle in my tummy from coughing and throwing up at the same time.
Avatar n tn I am coughing up green phlegm. I am a 38 year old female smoker, 1-2 packs aday. I know I need to quit. I was diagnosed with mild COPD about a year ago, but have no problems breathing normally. The cough has only been bothering me for the last 2 days, but it is almost bright flourescent green. I have PND, but not too bad. I did have a positive TB skin test, and took a pill for 3 months about 12 years ago. My question is: 1. Is the phlegm consistant with bronchitis, and 2.
Avatar n tn Direct air or wind Exertion Laughing Tests performed: Allergy Tests (none found) Sinus X-Ray Cookie Swallow Barium X-Ray Scope to look in my lungs (found some bacteria and was put on antibiotics) Meds taken: Singulair Stayhist (worked for 2 months then stopped working) Ahist Zertec Inhalers – (various) Prolosec Kapidex Prednisone Cough Meds Specialists: Allergist (2) Pulmonologist (2) Gastroenterologist (She diagnosed with me gerd (no tests done) (1) ENT (1) Misera
Avatar f tn I spit through all my pregnancy, its normal, its called excessive spitting.
10219953 tn?1426175439 I wake up at 4 am to get SO stuff ready for work and at that time my sinuses are si stuffed up It feels like I'm suffocating from all the phlegm. I just used color septic spray cause Dr advised no to sudafed. I had this with my other pregnancies at land it went away once baby was out. It just gross!!
Avatar n tn Hello there, I am a 21 yr old male college student and everytime I wake up, I have a ton of drainage in my nose and throat. I blow my nose about 30 times in the first 15 minutes that I wake up... the excessive snot/phlegm gets caught in my throat causing me to "hawk up loogies" ( I am sorry for the slang, I am not sure how else to say it ).
Avatar n tn Now, for the past 5 days i've woken up feeling really sik, and keep gagging, (although i'm not actually being sik) only now the horrible phlegm and sik feeling is lasting all day. I have to sleep sitting up (otherwise my throat get really clogged with thick phlegm), which is very uncomfortable and I am hardly sleeping now because i feel so sick and keep having panic attacks.