Taking prometrium in early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn My ob/gyn has put me on Prometrium to help regulate my menstrual cycle. My husband and I are trying to concieve our second child. With my first child I was put on prometrium for the first trimester due to low progesterone levels. This month I thought there was a chance I was pregnant and he told me instead of taking it days 16-25 I should remain on it until I know for sure if I am pregnant. I still have not gotten my period, and I am 3 days late.
Avatar n tn but taking prometrium is not unusual in a situation in which miscarriage might occur. In some miscarriages, low progesterone is seen. (Prometrium is a progesterone pill.) Doctors aren't sure if low progesterone causes miscarriages, or if, when a miscarriage is impending, it sends a message to the body to stop producing progesterone, but it is sometimes seen in association with miscarriage. Therefore, prometrium is commonly prescribed when someone has miscarried.
Avatar n tn I've been taking the Prometrium for 5 days now and no sign of my period.. How long does it usually take?? Also, I've taken an HPT that was negative but if for some reason I were to be pregnant it doesn't hurt the baby right? I believe I've read posts where pregnant women were actually taking it during their pregnancy. Thanks girls! Hope everyone has a great week!!
175665 tn?1306462624 I am taking Prometrium and took it my last pregnancy. If your Progesterone is low you will miscarry. Likewise if there is a genetic issue with the little embryo that would cause miscarry Prometrium won't "save" the pregnancy. But at least you'll be able to get far enough along using the Prometrium to see what is going to happen and possibly prevent a miscarriage in the event your little bean is healthy as can be! Prometrium makes me feel really dizzy.
Avatar n tn I am 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant and stopped taking Prometrium last night. I was taking 100mg twice a day. Anyway, I've had some AF like cramps, not the super strong ones I get right before AF comes, but constant, uncomfortable cramps that are that I always get a day before AF comes. There hasn't been any blood, and I hope it stays that way. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn I was put on Prometrium myself in the past and I was also concerned about the caution on the bottle. I've done research on it and the research seems to be unsure whether progesterone supplements really help or not. Although some say that low progesterone is indicative of a miscarriage and not the cause, I did not read anything negative on being on progesterone supplements when you're pregnant. In my case, unfortunately, I had a miscarriage anyway.
Avatar f tn prometrium most likely didn't cause the problem doctors put ppl on it for numerous reasons i am taking it now and was told to help keep the pregnancy but it can only help with a healthy pregnancy if it's in danger of a mc or a mc has already started the prometrium is isn't going to work.
Avatar f tn Prometrium is to help raise the progesterone to aid in implantation of the baby. It is taken the day after Ovulation and till the period occurs. Now as it raises the progesterone it can delay your period if you are not pregnant as during the luteal phase (after ovulation) your progesterone will decrease and estrogen levels will rise talling your body to shed the uterine lining causeing yoru period to occur. When you take suppliments the progesterone stays up and may not fall till stopped.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor this passed Thursday, 5/1 and she told me according to my LMP I am 5 weeks. Because of my last pregnancy in Sept. 2007, which was my only miscarriage ever, she prescribed PROMETRIUM 200 MG a day. I have read all your comments regarding the medication and they have made me feel a little better about taking the horomone.
Avatar n tn I still have prometrium from my pregnancy in June/july. I do know in both my lost pregnancies, my progestrone was low and I was prescibed progestrone. I just took a prometrium feeling like I just want to take it and wait till thursday to go to the doctor. I know i am a high risk preg. since i've lost 2, possibly 3, but I just don't want bad news, i can't take that pain again.
Avatar n tn I want to keep it that way. I m/c in Sept. and don't want to lose this one. So far, so good. Try taking the prometrium before you go to bed and see if that helps. Stay on the prometrium unless you get a blood test stating it is okay to go off Prometrium. I want your little bean to stick. Also, when you sleep, lay on left side. That helps alleviate some nausea and relieves some of the gas, also you get more circulation to your uterus & baby when you lay on your left side.
Avatar n tn I am currently 5 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy) and my OBGYN suggested I start taking prometrium because I miscarried my first pregnancy. I too, have read it can cause blood clots and produce some other less than desirable side effects. So, I called my reproductive endo to get a second opinion on taking prometrium and he said it is absolutely safe.
Avatar n tn Many, many women on these forums have taken prometrium in early pregnancy to increase progesterone levels. I read the warnings too and was concerned with the pregnancy warning but my doctor assured me that it can be taken if prescribed to sustain a pregnancy. It turns out that I didn't need it but my fears were the same as yours.
760797 tn?1303268140 Yeah Natalie, Heather's right don't worry. & 13 is totally fine in early pregnancy! But it's always nice to get that number even higher w/supplements. Hope you get your BFP!!!!
Avatar f tn So I stopped taking prometrium and by night I was bleeding. I am concerned that I am not taking prometrium soon enough and wonder when I should start. Is it the day I ovulate or the day after? At this point my family doctor is treating me and will not refer me to a specialist. I feel like I am in the dark. Please help- Thanks. Syd.
Avatar f tn Many Drs prescribe it to help support early pregnancy. I don't think that the Dr. would give you anything to jeopardize your pregnancy. If you're very worried, i would just put in a call to the Dr. just to discuss the reasoning behind it. It should at leat put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn The next day after taking prometrium for the first time I stopped spotting, but the day after that I started again, and now os a little darker than what it was before. I think we should ask babyscience about how long it takes for the spotting to stop. Thanks to prometrium she has a beautiful 10 month old miracle baby!
377493 tn?1356505749 When I was taking them orally, it was 100mg X 3. I was told I could take 1 in the morning, and 2 at night. Can you do that with the vaginal suppositories? I'd sort of like to avoid going into the women's bathroom at work and doing this..yikes. Thanks for all your help ladies. Your the best as always!!
440684 tn?1204745963 I took in early pregnany to help get my progestrone levels up but I quit at 11 weeks, I had no side effect but it does make a mess so I'd wear a panty liner with it....
Avatar n tn I won't get the results for a couple of days (have to send it out of state because of insurance). In the mean time my dr gave me a perscription of prometrium, 100mg per day oral form. I have done some reading and I guess my concerns are that she didn't perscribe me enough and that I may be starting it too late to save this baby. Does anyone know if my perscription is too low.
971074 tn?1362763366 they clearly say preg...no second guessing...you may just be very early in your preg and all the water you drank water downed your HCG levels...ive also heard that docs tests are not as sensitive as ones we buy over the counter...im sure your blood test will come back positive when do you get your results?
Avatar f tn Has anyone (especially anyone who has other kids) looked soooo pregnant so early on (I should be about 6w3d)? Or, has anyone looked sooo pregnant in early pregnancy from digestive/constipation problems? I go to my doctor for my first prenatal and first US next week. I'm not really telling anyone I'm pregnant for a while, mostly b/c of my mc last time, but it's getting hard to hide. I'd love to hear any and all experiences with this! Thanks for all your help!!!
Avatar f tn To me it seems way to soon to have any signs of PG this early in the game. Are these symptoms that others have gone through while taking the prometrium during the 2ww??
Avatar n tn does taking prometrium early in pregnancy will cause a false positive on a pregnancy test? i took one test and it said positive and then started the prometrium and got a negative result on another test. Started prometrium do too several miscarriages.
Avatar n tn my question is how long after you stop the prometrium should you start, and can you get pregnant while taking the prometrium? in other words, could i be pregnant???
223372 tn?1240924276 I had two miscarriages and progesterone was never done b/c I had the m/c so early. I think for me the prometrium is more as a back up - just in case. Whatever the reason - I'm okay with it b/c at 10 weeks - things are going well!!