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Avatar n tn It's a good idea to have your D checked, and supplement it if it is low. Vitamin D is important for proper thyroid hormone production and synthesis. It also helps stabilize your moods and does other important things, I am sure. But if you are low on vitamin D, it will affect how well your medication works.
Avatar f tn It has been the experience of many of our members, myself included, that when you get your biologically active thyroid hormones to an adequate level for YOU, then you have a good chance that you will lose some weight just because of your higher metabolism. Plus it gives you the opportunity to further reduce with good diet and exercise habits, and also gives you the conditions to enable you to maintain that progress.
Avatar n tn Yes I meant the Free T3 and Free T4 and the reference numbers, Is your MD an Endocrinologist or GP? It makes it hard to give you much info on your thyroid without the Free T3&T4 and ranges for each. these are the actual thyroid hormone levels. The TSH is a Thyroid Stimulating Hoemone, and is a Pituitary hormone that signals your thyroid when your thyroid hormones are low, in turn, when the thyroid hormones decrease your TSH increases.
Avatar f tn The TSH is low - suggesting you may need less synthroid - depends on cancer risk and TSH goal. Low TSH may be reflecting that synthroid excess causing weight loss.
9595194 tn?1404752716 Have you been tested for any thyroid antibodies? You should be tested for Hashimoto's and Graves Disease. Both are autoimmune thyroid diseases. Neither can be cured, but both can be managed. For Hashimoto's you need to be tested for Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb). While Hashimoto's is most often associated with hypothyroidism, periods of hyperthyroidism are common in the early stages.
Avatar m tn My 10 year old daughter has been on synthroid (100 mcg currently) for almost two years. She is 4"8" and around 100 lbs. Originally at the age of 8 she had started her period and I had taken her to her GP at this time we found out her TSH was 75. In the time that has passed we have reduced it to as low as 5.8 (Jan 2010) by increasing her dosage but it is starting to climb again, her latest test is 15.75 (Dec 2010).
Avatar n tn I am to start taking 0.25 mg of synthroid for hypothyroid. Are there any symptoms I should be aware of so I'll know it is the meds and not something else. Also, will I see a decrease in my weight as I have been dieting like crazy and exercising and still gaining weight. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I was put on 150 mcg of Synthroid for over a year and recently received a call from my doctor saying my levels were low and prescribed me 125 mcg of Synthroid. I don't understand why he did that. Isn't 150 mcg a higher dosage than 125 mcg?
Avatar n tn Synthroid is for hypothyroidism. Dose adjustments are common in order to optimize replacement - TSH levels are followed in order to help determine the best replacement.
89559 tn?1234883865 Fatigue is the most common concern from all patients -- thyroid and non-thyroid -- the tsh of 0.26 suggests adequate levels, work with your doctor to find out the cause of the fatigue. In many/most cases, it is not thyroid related.
Avatar n tn Did the swelling start before or after taking Synthroid? Many people have a reaction to the fillers in their thyroid medication. If it started before, have you changed anything in your environment or diet? Do you have trouble breathing with it? It could be a reaction (not an allergy, an allergy is a life threatening situation) to something you have come in contact with or are using. There are medical conditions which cause the face to swell too, Cushing's being one of them.
Avatar n tn It takes 4-6 weeks for the T4 in synthroid to take full effect, so unfortunately you will have to be patient. I agree with flyingfool that the dose your doctor started you on is very, very high and it is generally advisable to work up your dose slowly, from a starter dose of say, 50mcg, re-testing every 4-6 weeks and upping the dose by 25mcg at a time as necessary.
Avatar n tn 30pm) As I have never suffered from headaches, I thought the synthroid might be causing my them. Therefore, I tried not taking it for several days at a time. I have done this about 4 times now. As soon as I stopped taking the synthroid, my headaches stopped. However, around the fourth day of not taking the medication, my headaches would return (perhaps because my numbers were off). Do you think it is possible that I am experiencing an adverse reaction from the synthroid? Is this common?
Avatar m tn I saw my doctor yesterday & told him I stopped the Synthroid. I told him how I had been feeling for the last year (achy, headaches, always hungry, etc.) He said it's opposite of what I should have felt. He said those are symptoms of someone before they started on Synthroid. I told him I had been so achy that I didn't want to do anything. He told me he had never heard anyone say that after being on Synthroid which surprised me.
1139187 tn?1355710247 I did have symptoms when taking the synthroid, and can only raise it by about half a tab per week, for a couple of weeks, before raising again. My body has needed it, but, for me, any faster, and I get quite a jolt. So, some days, and some periods of some days, I feel normal, and know the accumulation rate -v- the dying off rate is getting some balance - compared to feeling hypo all of the time, or jolted into sudden 'hyper' if I go too quick.
Avatar f tn Hey there, I am a 20 year old female and Have just been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. This is very scary for me. I have been prescribed Synthroid wich I have been taking regularly now for 4-5 days. Once I take my pill I find it very hard to sit still. I am very figity and warm. I dont know if this is because my dose is to high or if my body is still adjusting to the new medication. Can someone tell me if this is normal and will the effects fade ?
Avatar n tn I had a complete thyroidectomy May 1 of this year for thyorid ca. My doctor had me on Synthroid 112 mcg and I did not feel -tired all the time. Then she put me on 125 mcg and two weeks on this dose I had terrible heart palpitations and extreme hair loss, no appetite. So, she change me back to the 112 and I started feeling better--at least I did not have the heart plpitations anymore.
Avatar n tn So I finally got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and just picked up my prescription of Synthroid, the problem is, it's 100mcg and the doctor said she would start me out on a low dose. I was under the impression it would be in the 25-50 mcg range. My question is, is it too high of a dose? If it is how do I know? Do I break it in half? Agh, the confusion!
Avatar f tn Life was not so good, wt gain, very fatigue, thyroid nodule, growing thyroid, no energy at all. low cortisol, low vit d. My GP put me on a low dose synthroid 50mg or mcg??? I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and I have to say I feel pretty good. I have not lost any wt but right now just living life is pretty good. BUT, shouldn't I be on a t4 and t3 meds? my ft3 was lower then my ft4. I am just scared after the 6 weeks of feel good life will disappear again!!! what do you think?
Avatar n tn If the one lobe was a follicular cancer you should have the rest of the thyroid removed and then have radioactive iodine. Follicular Cancers are more aggressive than papillary and I would not be comfortable "watching." The cancer does complicate things quite a bit. The current standard of care in this situation is 1) completion thyroidectomy and ? lymph node dissection 2) Start cytomel 12.
Avatar n tn My synthroid was increased to 112 mcg. I was taking 100 mcg for 20 years. I asked my doctors office what my tsh level was and the nurse said 5.5 . I know that the lab range went by .05 to 5.5. Now I am reading endos say it should be .03 to 3.0.
Avatar f tn My Dr said I had low thyroid and put on me on pills synthroid for's ok while your prego I have a friend who has had 2 healthy girls and has low thyroid.
Avatar f tn Remember that you are the customer. The doctor is providing a service for you. You might also ask for tests for Vitamins D and B12, along with ferritin. When the lab report is available, I suggest that you post results and reference ranges so that members can help interpret and advise further.
Avatar n tn 44 and the severe drop to 0.01 with a low/medium dose, would favor watching for now but test in 3 months rather than 6.
Avatar f tn Which leads me to these quetions. Have you even been tested for the possibility of low cortisol? The best test for that is a 24 hour saliva (or urine) cortisol test. Also, have you been tested for ferritin, and a full iron test panel?
566103 tn?1228389367 Synthroid is a brand name (one of several) drug that uses levothyroxine salts as the active ingredient. Levothyroxine is the generic form of the drug. It is a synthetic form of thyroxine, or T4 for short. Your body takes the T4 and converts it to T3 as it is needed. Armour is made by desicating and grinding up thyroids from swine, which is biologically similar to humans. It contains T4, and it also contains T3 (triiodo-something).
Avatar f tn Most physicians will, however, want you on a suppression dose of Synthroid after treatment for thyroid cancer (so, you would be considered ever-so-slightly hyperthyroid, based on TSH level). The problem with symptoms for thyroid problems is that they are non-specific. A lot of emotional and physical problems can cause anxiety and fatigue and difficulty focusing (just to mention a few).
Avatar f tn Is it true that TSH is irrelevant if in treatment for thyroid disorder? Can my low T3 be preventing pregnancy? Will increasing my Synthroid help me achieve pregnancy? If I stop taking the Synthroid, will my thyroid return to normal level of function or is it permanently stalled?
Avatar n tn And do you also think that a pill a day can compensate for your thyroid. I have been hoping for many years that someone will come up with a pump to administer the drug ~ "Synthroid" (to act more like a natural thyroid) do you think that this will ever happen? :) I appreciate any info you may have...