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Avatar f tn Librax does have a warning that says, This medication may cause withdrawal reactions, especially if it has been used regularly for a long time or in high doses. In such cases, withdrawal symptoms (such as shakiness, sweating, nausea, seizures) may occur if you suddenly stop using this medication." Did you stop it suddenly or slowly taper off?
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you have an opinion on Cogmed for improving memory in ADHD children. What age is optimal for a child to do the Cogmed program (my child is 9)? Summer is coming and I was told that usually it is better to have the child go through the program during the summer vacation. Thank you again for your input.
Avatar n tn The meds cause anger and can cause anxiety especially in children under a certain age. The adhd meds are not approved for children under the age of 5. So, really if he is smart and doing all these great things with learning and does not have issue with learning maybe it is something else entirely. One thing is that you will definitely need to keep an eye on is that Strattera cause suicidal thoughts in children that is why they have a warning on the bottle or box.
Avatar n tn 1st on adderall with explosive behavior - had to try before could take straterra, insurance. Strattera was fine for sev yrs - although only limited imp - just enough to tolerate her. Problems with social interaction and her mouth - she's constantly argumentative and I believe ODD. After menstruation began, strattera appeared worthless. She began nobody liked her, spells of crying uncontrollably, etc. I took her off Strattera and was on no meds temporarily...
Avatar f tn Or were you given advise on where to find support and services for children with this diagnosis? I would immediatlehy have him evaluated by a team including a developmental pediatrician or pediatric neurologist to confirm/rule-out diagnosis. I would also contact my school system for information on possible school supports; and I would see if I could get any help from my school system's guidance department.
Avatar n tn My son started on Strattera for awhile before concerta. But grew out of it, he is now 12. We have been on Concerta for a few years now and just switched up to the biggest dose. We though also give me child a night pill for bedtime as the 12hour concerta pill is plenty. But make sure you get your child's ekg checks every 4-months!
Avatar m tn My doctor has me on 120 mg strattera for ADHD and GAD. Has this worked for anyone else with GAD? If so how long did it take to work and is there any playing "guess the dose" for most effective ADHD treatment. In other words if 80 mg works great for ADHD can 120 mg start being counter productive?
Avatar n tn My 8 year old stepson has been on strattera for ADHD for 7 weeks now. 25mg a day. there have been no side affects except a little tired in the begining few weeks. obviously everyone can react different but my son has had no problems with it. I do watch him closely just in case any arise. I also like that it is a non-stimulant compared to everything else out there.
Avatar n tn My main concern now is that they (his doctor and mother) have elevated his drug regimine to include 3 drugs that have known interactions with each other, 1 (Concerta) that is known to potentially cause sudden death, and 2 (Clonidine and Zolpidem) that are not recommended for children. Although Strattera does have some potential side effects, I believe it is by far the safest.
687098 tn?1240893020 I have worked with children who present with more severe behavior problems who were prescribed risperdal or clonidine, so it may be useful to you to ask your physician why he/she has selected that drug in particular for your son. Psychological testing may be useful in determining to what extent your son has difficulty thinking clearly, and can inform medication choices. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment plan, you should discuss it with your prescribing physician.
Avatar n tn I have heard green tea is good for adhd. I have a 9 year old with adhd and would love to hear stories of others who have used green tea for adhd. How much a day and when is best. I heard later in the day is the best time but I am concerned about it might affect his sleep. He is going for an appointment with a Dr. tomorrow who wants to put him on meds but we are a bit uncomfortable with this.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with ADHD at 16 after years of schools telling my parents girls can't have ADHD.... I was on ritalin for a few years...a and now my dr has changed me to strattera... it is great :) love it.... good luck..
454366 tn?1211248901 Litium did give me a hyperactive thyroid condition. The med I was given for that has a side effect of osteoporosis in the lumbar in long term use (Synthroid). I ended up with litium toxicity a few years back because diuretics will cause that. As you know caffine is a diuretic (soft drinks) - which most kiddo's I know tend to drink. I would not allow litium to be given to my child; not going through what I have with it. I have a son who is ADHD.
Avatar n tn Strattera can be a good choice for children who do not respond well to a stimulant medication, or for children who cannot take Ritalin (e.g., if they have a history of seizures). It is usually wise to proceed with one of the stimulant medications (if Ritalin or another of the methylphenidate products is not useful, perhaps one of the dextroamphetamine prodicts, like Adderall, will be a better choice).
901608 tn?1242152747 Finally, there are other medications besides stimulants that can be used for the treatment of ADHD, although these are often reserved for either complicated cases of ADHD or for those who have failed stimluants. Your primary care provider can discuss which therapeutic agent he or she feels is best suited for the care of your child.
Avatar f tn Heart-related problems — ADD / ADHD stimulant medications have been found to cause sudden death in children and adults with heart conditions. The American Heart Association recommends that all individuals, including children, have a cardiac evaluation prior to starting a stimulant. An electrocardiogram is recommended if the person has a history of heart problems.
Avatar m tn Stick with stimulants for treating ADHD. They have been tried and proven for decades in treating the condition. Thank you for you time in reading this testimony.
Avatar f tn A combined analysis of 12 studies of Strattera showed that in children and teens this risk was 0.4% for those taking Strattera compared to none for those taking a sugar pill. A similar analysis in adults treated with Strattera did not reveal an increased risk of suicidal thoughts. Call your doctor right away if your child has thoughts of suicide or sudden changes in mood or behavior, especially at the beginning of treatment or after a change in dose.
Avatar f tn After you have worked with kids for a while, you get a feeling for their overall intelligence through conversation, etc. Then you realize that their test scores don't match the mental picture you have of them and you start trying to figure out why. I have found that older ADHD kids (probably starting about 5th grade) get very frustrated. They know they should be doing better than their friends on tests, yet they can't. Frustration has always been a great signal.
Avatar n tn While Clonidine is most often prescribed in children for the latter two reasons, it is employed to treat ADHD when the stimulants are not successful or produce side effects that are not tolerable.
Avatar n tn There is an alternative to drugs for ADD & ADHD, it's called "food". Actually what children eat, effect their behavior. Thus if you eat chemically altered food, the body can't always digest it. Check out for a alternative to meds.
Avatar m tn DMX is actually addictive when used in large doses and for the purpose that you've found for it. I would strongly suggest that you not use DMX to self medicate. It is similar to an anxious person using alcohol to numb themselves out. While they briefly feel better, they'll eventually feel worse and have other repercussions if they being to use alcohol regularly. It's just not a good idea.
Avatar f tn Both my boys,9 and 7, have been diganosed ADHD and are taking Strattera. My oldest was on Ritalin for 3 days before I took him off. He wouldn't move off the couch and refused to eat. When he would get up to move he ended up walking into walls and door frames. He was the classic "walking zombie" that everyone talks about and was very violent. I put him on Strattera at the age of 5 and the only side effect that he has had has been constipation.
1992327 tn?1326981383 s weight are low and he does not feel these other medicines are good for them. I have been searching for generic forms but there is none except for trying the Tenex. But, I was wondering if there are any other medicines that will be helpful to them and the maybe the insurance will cover them. I am not sure if the doctor will agree to change them but I need help. Is there another medicine that is similar to Strattera that could help them?
Avatar f tn Strattera is used to treat ADD/ADHD in both adults and children. However, Prozac is used to treat depression as well as to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder). It is not used to treat ADD/ADHD. Something is missing here .....
Avatar n tn My son has been on ritalin for 12 months he is now 6 and the last week he has just developed eye movements that i was concerned might be a tic. He is extremely anxious , especially when on his medication in strange unfamiliar settings but does quite well at school and has lots of friends. He has been out of routine of late with school holidays and 10 weeks ago had a increase in medication to 1 tab in the morning 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 at 3.30 pm.
Avatar n tn from the beginning, we have included weekly, sometimes daily therapy, and in the last three years intensive in home therapy. here we are and my son still gets suspended from school on a weekly basis for stealing, cursing, yelling and cursing at other students, and being as disruptive as he can be. at home he is very slowly coming around and i really think this is just growing up and slowing down a bit.
Avatar n tn Hello, I suffer from anxiety and OCD and likely have ADHD. I believe I have ADHD as years ago when I was in primary school the teaches told my parents that I should go on medication to focus due to my disruptions in class and I was placed in a "special" class for a number of years. My parents refused to put me on medication. I simply came accostomed to my way of thinking. Over the years I suffered from restless energy and did not focus very well.
Avatar n tn My daughter sees a child psychiatrist 2x/mth. She also takes Strattera for ADHD. The Strattera is definately better than Adderall for the weight issue but doesn't seem to control the behavior as well. My daughter tends to have mood outbursts frequently. She changes clothes 10x a day.(not kidding) and keeps her room in disarray most of the time. I can't get her behavior to settle down and she is bored a lot.