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Avatar n tn you were given by GWithHepC is keep in mind the grades and stages are not solid lines, you can have a portion of your liver more scarred than another, and it CAN heal.So it is possible to have areas of your liver that are past the tipping point, and likely won't regenerate in those areas but also possible to have other areas, even right next to severely scarred areas that are able to heal. The more scarring there is, the less chance you have of it regenerating in that area.
Avatar f tn Now he is not eating, vomiting mostly, drinks lots of water, stool is in black colour and today while he vomitted there was blood flow through his anus. What to do now? is he really in his last stages... ? should i euthanize him??? i am lost. kindly help me.
Avatar n tn A very wise Chaplin, told a class of young nurses one time, when asked about how to deal with death of their patients. He said God gave some people a warning that they were facing death, others he said had no warning, like in an accident. He asked us which we would prefer, This idea of that choice has followed me since then, as a young nurse I decided I would want to go with no warning.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your comments. Actually, no, I'm not doing very well with this to be honest. Lucy was long ago by a trainer determined to be a "prodigy dog", meaning, one that leans certain things almost instantly by observation. The slang many use would be a "Lassie dog" type of dog.
Avatar n tn I have been told by my Dr. that I am in the begining stages of cirrousis of the liver do to haveing Active Hep B sence 1997. I have been on Epivir for two years plus had kemo and rads for Hodgkins cancer during the last 3 years. I am starting to feel very sick and in pain. I got a list of my CBC's and what sticks out is that my white cells are at 2.2 and dropping. The Dr. is doing nothing for me and now I am getting very ill.
Avatar f tn It has been known that anti-phsycotic drugs especially risperidone have been known to lengthen the q t interval and cause sudden death also with people with a family history of sudden death( which our sister died of unexplained death(cot death) age 4 months) can heighten the risks of qt prolongation. If this is the wrong forum could someone please tell me where go to next or who can help me with my query.... i'm not looking for an answer but to a possibility.
Avatar n tn He has not has any of the major danger signs of decompensation -- we keep reminding ourselves that yes, he will die, but because he's human, not necessarily because he has cirrhosis -- the battle is not yet lost. I am aware of a number of people who have lived for years with cirrhosis without progressing to liver failure, and those who do still have a chance through liver transplant -- there are a number of members here who are post-transplant as well, as you can see.
6246858 tn?1382272876 It WAS a heart attack, inspite of the tech finding nothing significant on all of the tests! She was heart broken over Spike and maybe that level of stress would not show in an eco cardiogram. I don't know. She was so smart and that morning she knew that Spike was struggling, she came to me as if to ask me something. I stopped what I was doing and sat with her, I said, "what sweetheart, what's wrong, you look nervous and upset? Are you worried about brother?
Avatar n tn 24-7 my thaughts are death,death,death..
Avatar f tn Friday- August 7th- could not talk after a week of weak voice, no eating and almost not drinking except little water. No medication; In the evening ambulance came and given low blood pressure and difficulty in breething got mediacation. Saturday,, mostly the same, could not swallow or drink .
1063386 tn?1287882169 as a Hospice nurse I have always talked my patients and their familys through the stages of death and dying. Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance I realized this past weekend as I helped my 7 year old with the worst flu I have ever seen a child suffer from. That my own pain and discomfort was nothing to keep me from caring for her. I realized I was suffering but i didn't care.
Avatar n tn I do the same thing, after I eat and while I'm eating I still feel that tinge of hunger not to mention I always burp right after everthing I eat and am only allowed to drink water which I burp after drinking water too. my Dr. did a blood test for Tyroid and ulcer but came back ok, then I went to an natural path she said by what I was telling her its sounds like an ulcer, yet this all seems to fit the GERD or Acid reflux too!
Avatar n tn The recommended 4 week course of doxycycline 100mg bd per day does not work in later stages of the disease eg (after 4 weeks of infection). Start on amoxyl 500mg, 3 times per day for at least six weeks, you will notice an adverse reaction such as muscle twitching and strange sensations through the body either in the first couple of hours or first couple of days, depending on the severity of the disease. Then trial 4 weeks of bi-cillin LA intramuscular shots twice per week.
Avatar n tn She had an undiagnosed dizziness/rocking problem when she was 8 or 9. She also has a history of bulimia (to what extent I do not know), trouble at school including loss of friends, and her father's death. She was admitted to the hospital 4-5 weeks ago for severe abdominal pain, at which time they believed she had a twisted fat pad (?) but they did not find it upon surgery. They removed her appendix because they were in there, and looked at her other organs.
Avatar n tn I was told that there is such thing as exercising too much and not eating enough. Is 1000-1200 calories enough when doing 90 minutes of cardio 6 days a week? I am such a health and exercise nut so this "not losing weight" issue has been such a struggle.
Avatar n tn once again, something i read was in the later stages of the infection not 5 months, could these be due to my anxiety? my lymphnodes under my armpits have seem to have been swollen for months, not really a certain point just really kinda itchy all up and down underside of arms, maybe not swollen? i had a horrible flu about 9 weeks after exposure, once again too late for ars i read., so i am taking that as irrelevant?
Avatar f tn I volunteer only in the capacity of visiting and giving companionship to patients that are terminal. As of today, I am not sure how I feel about this whole hospice thing and am not sure that I want to continue to witness people dying by the hands of a hospice organization. Just wanted to vent.
Avatar f tn Not treating for many is not a death sentence, and if I'm not SVR after this I will be one of those people and I hope it's not a death sentence.
Avatar n tn I totally agree with lindapalm! I am absolutely HORRIFIED to hear that a vet would say about your 12year old dog "that she is old and may have heart problems or cancer" That is not good enough. He might have been rght. But still, without testing no-one could say what was wrong with her, and the "age-ist" views of some vets I look on as stupid and a form of laziness. In my opinion most dogs are NOT "old" at age 12...not old enough to be written off anyway.
Avatar m tn because there was a website which claimed that you can, indeed, get PTSD from the death of a pet. There was a news agency that kind of made fun of the website's claim, saying that there is this "trauma gold rush" in which everyone claims that anything can cause PTSD. This is just my opinion, and I posted this thread to see how far from the truth my opinion is, but I believe that you can get PTSD from the death of a pet.
Avatar n tn Not eating, drinking, no bathroom, and constantly sleeping made me SCARED. I remember waking her and saying, "Your scaring me". She replied, "Oh, I'm just tired. I'll be all right. I'm going to get better, don't worry." Unbelievable I think back now. .
Avatar n tn i also had bloods, ct scans, colonoscopy, pap smear and all came back negative and quite often do for my type of oavrian cancer- borderline tumors. not sure what doctors you are seeing but i would forget about gps and go straight to specialists. If you honestly believe something more is wrong then demand more tests! just like i did and still do now! best of luck let me know how you go!
700594 tn?1259250604 You need to see a doc and take up therapy as suggested above. By the way the not wanting to wake up is a key sign of a major problem, it indicates a state of mind.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from pretty much the same thing for the past couple of years. I choke up the clear stuff, eating seems to make it worse, etc. I've been to dozens of doctors and have what seems like very few answers. I have, however been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and esophageal dysmotility (my esophagus doesn't work very well) They tested me for acid, but that was minimal acid coming up, so no reflux.
919881 tn?1243660771 Many of us have found that we had to be our own advocates with this disease and have gotten incredible results from doing so and have succeeded - even when we were in the olden days percentage of being the ones who would not. Things HAVE changed and it's just sad that they are not up to date enough to know it. Don't give up. Ask around in here.......
724734 tn?1230944872 both the moove from the nowhere in africa to Berlin and the death of my father beamed me out of this world(in feelings). This is some of the mental part of it. This always being unsecure with noone to run to thinking in existential ways like: Will we be able to live in Germany without my father. s.o. Now the "physical" part. After researching a lot a doctop had an idea: Due to antibiotics over a long time my intestine got messed up. so the theory.
Avatar f tn 5- i am 38 years old have NOT EVEN HAD THE FLU or cold since i was around 22,which this could've been the transmission date of my hcv-i was so sick for 2 weeks in the bed,should i take a chance with the standard treatment and wreck my great immune system ?i already feel a ton better by eating alot of organic foods and not taking any acetaminophen products at all.i am drinking my standard amount of water that the liver foundation suggested.(half my body weight which is 67.6 ounces daily ).
Avatar n tn It can also increase the risk of infection. Because of all these issues, for someone who is at the end of their life, the risks and side effects of TPN outweigh the benefits. The benefits would be increased nutrition. One needs to be on TPN for more than 2 weeks to really receive benefit. Having said that, it is horrifying to think that someone whom you love is suffering from not eating. There are some oral supplements such as Resource that can be absorbed in the stomach.
498656 tn?1213450519 Dear Gauf, Can you tell me what you think of an alt that goes from 175 to 218 to 272 in 2 mos? I'm not drinking but I take 1 half of klonopin @night and 150 well butrin in the am. Is this a process of destruction I have entered? Just got my labs today and besides the 272, the ast is 156 and cholesterol is 239. Bun (from lithium maybe?) is 1 point above normal. I may not be drinking enough water. I know your not a Doc (I think), but you know alot.
Avatar f tn I am on an anti-depressant and a sleep aid, and have some valium for emergencies, but my hubby strictly controls those so I don't end up having to come off benzos on top of everything else. Otherwise, I'm not eating much but I do eat regularly and mindfully, am taking supplements, drinking tons of water, and working toward small goals every day while trying to stay positive. But today, I'm feeling really down. I'm still in withdrawal and will be for a while. I'm exhausted.