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Avatar n tn I started itching about 2 years ago, it started on the bottom of my feet, I thought I had a bad case of athleets foot, then it spread to the top of my head, the itching was driving me crazy. I went to the doctor and she gave me Lamicil pills, ( very high in price) and my ins co did not cover it, so I went to mexico to get it, It did the trick for a wile, however the itching did not go away, I take script alergy pills to mask the itching.
Avatar n tn I just know that my hair is terribly thin and in extremely bad condition. This is a very small price to pay for my treatment and clearing the virus. I've also heard that after the treatment meds leave your system, then the hair comes back nicely. I'll just have to wait and see. I have about 11 more weeks to go and then I may have to do an extension after my 48 weeks. Hang in there.!! When you think that your hair can't fall or thin out anymore, it does.
Avatar f tn I want to give you a little credit. It sounds like a healthy thing to do. Embrace your emotions. Me, I have a tendency to do the "la de da," everythings ok...denial deal. There's a big price tag for this kind of attitude. Better to feel it , share it, and get through it. Your grief is real... jus' want you to know I respect your strength to deal with it now while it's happnin.' All the best...all the way to your Health and Good living.
Avatar n tn It is very promising for HBV patients, but the current response SVR rate is only 50% and its currently complicated mode of application and high price for the substance will still pose substantial hurdles for its future development.