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Avatar n tn None of the existed before Spiriva!!!! I found out that if you are on Spiriva 2 years - 5 years your chances of getting prostate cancer is 50%. If you are over 60 (I am 62) the chances are 90%.
Avatar n tn My questions are, How serious is this side effect, Should I continue using the Spiriva, Continue the Spiriva but stop the Symbicort, or Drop both and just take Combivent which I currently use as my emergency inhaler? Are there other alternative that I and my doc should consider.
Avatar f tn COPD Fev 45-50% , have been on Flovent,/Spiriva/ Proair 10 years and am sensitive to medications. I dont smoke. Have had increasingly reactive airways for 3 years, had first Dxed exacerbation last fall triggered by woodsmoke. No congestion and did not take antibiotics. Pulmo said airways 'sounded just like asthma' but do not have that Dx. Airways felt raspy, swollen, inflamed. Have slowly recovered on a higher dose of Flovent.
Avatar f tn My physician has prescribed both Advair 50/250 and Spiriva, along with Pro Air p4-6h prn and nebulizer treatment (Albuterol) q4-6h prn. I am still having problems breathing. Is it okay to take these all at the same time? Will there be any side effects?
Avatar m tn I have been taking advair 500/50 and spiriva 18mg for over a year now in combination with each other. When I get a chest infection, guess what? can't breathe. When I do not have a cold I can breathe just fine. I recently had a full physical with my family doctor and just about died when I hit the scales. He is telling me that as long as I am taking steriods (prednisone included at times) I will have weight problems.
Avatar f tn My 56 yr old husband has prostate cancer (Gleason 8) and received cryosurgery in Aug 07. He now has other problems such a retention and has been self cathing since Dec 07 and looks like it will probably be a lifetime of cathing because he feels no bladder fullness and the urodynamic eval tests came back that the bladder does not work. But now he has been diagnosed with very bad osteoporosis, results of dexoscan were -3.
Avatar n tn Last April I started with respiratory problems. Wheezing, coughing and SOB. I saw primary and treated me with prednisone and antibiotic. Two weeks later, again same sx. He referred me to allergist. The allergist said I had no allergies. I was referred to pulmonologist. She did PFT and was 87, next visits 85, next 80. She did bronch with nothing significant and CT of lung with neg findings. She said I had sx that mimic asthma and COPD but do not have this.
Avatar n tn Now I feel great after gallbladder removal in 2007 but my breathing difficulties are severe and I am on meds, Advair, Spiriva, Nebulizers. My diaphragm is flat. I used to be very healthy, no drugs or alcohol. Healthy eating biking hiking gym My job was as a Labourer in the Public works Department.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am 30 years-old and for 15 years have had breathing problems which are growing worse. The difficulty is almost constant shortness of breath and an inability to take a deep breath when I want it, usually accompanied by chest discomfort of varying degrees. Lung x-rays in the past eight years have shown undiminished hyperinflation. Two PFTs in the past eight years have given normal results. A recent CT scan did not show any abnormalities, and a recent heart ultrasound was normal.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a moderate case of COPD two years ago and have been taking Spiriva ever since. Not long afterwards, I developed tinnitis which has become steadily worse and have had rapid hearing loss. On top of all that, my hair is falling out. My question is whether the Spiriva could be causing the hearing problems and the hair loss?
Avatar n tn I have taken Albuterol, Advair, and Spiriva to help with my asthma. I am no longer around these allergens and I rarely have asthma attacks but I still have a difficult time getting a deep breath (it has been over a year since I have quit taking Advair and Spiriva and I haven't been around any allergens) and Albuterol doesn't help at all in opening my lungs. I have been to many doctors and haven't had much help from any of them.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with COPD. Does the Spiriva Inhaler exacerbate the throat mucus. I have thick mucous in my throat, hard to get it out.
14318442 tn?1433939028 Desunin 800 IU, Betahistine Dihydrochloride 8 mg 3 times a day, Vascalpha 5 mg, Ramipril 10 mg, Ezetrol 10 mg, Arcoxia 60 mg Vesicare 5 mg, Furosemide 20 mg, Pregabalin 75 mg twice a day, Sertraline 50 mg, Lansoprazole 30 mg, Mucodyne 375 mg 2 twice a day, Singulair 10 mg, Spiriva 18 microgram inhaler, Symbicort Turbohaler, Fluticasone Propionate nasal inhaler, and a Ventolin inhaler. On 23rd February 2015, I developed acute bronchitis which caused frequent asthma attacks.
Avatar m tn coughing phlegm from lungs for the past six months, have taken antibiotics with no results, did take predrisone together with SPIRIVA 18 mcg and ADVAIR 500/50 for the past month. Still coughing up phlegm and have limited lung capacity. Any suggestions comments.
Avatar f tn Dr said my bladder wasn't emptying....after checking, this bladder problem is a side effect of Spiriva...I had used Spiriva for over a year and the infections/non-infections got more frequent until I had to go to the urologist...I was on Azo Standard most of the time. I alerted my pulmonologist as to my problem and he took me off the Spiriva. Since being off the Spiriva, my breathing has gotten worse....my Dr said there was no replacement for Spiriva...
Avatar m tn I use Albuterol, SPIRIVA and ADVAIR to control Asthma & COPD. I also take CRESTOR for cholesterol and ADVIL for arthritis. In the last month (after starting SPIRIVA), when I first wake up in the morning, my eyes "roll" from right to left in an arcing motion when I attempt to focus on something. After a few attempts to focus on an object (the clock on the clock radio), the movement stops and I'm fine. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I was told I have copd,,breathing problems for 14 years,diagnosed 5 years ago,,Im 47 smoked since I was 16 from 2 1/2 packs now i pack daily,,,I was on seravent/ adavair 250/50 for a short time,but caused trush in my mouth/ that was 2 years ago,for the past year Ive been on spiriva.
18663 tn?1198175415 I have severe COPD and it seems like everytime I get a cold, I end up in the hospital with severe problems. Is there anything I can do to minimize the chances of ending up in the hospital??
Avatar f tn Ultrasound and PET scan (from neck, included lungs) normal. But PTH still high. I take Advair HFA and Spiriva inhalers for copd, but doctors claim they would not affect the parathyroid. is 117 high to worry about? They have done other tests and find nothing. What else would cause a high PTH?
Avatar f tn My guess would be if it is day 5 without the inhalers, then they should be out of your system. I too had problems with Advair and Spiriva. I was diagnosed in Oct. 07 with moderate COPD. Was put on Advair, Spiriva and ProAir as my rescue inhaler. After being on the Advair and Spiriva for several months, I began to become ill. Spent the sickest winter of my life, while on these inhalers. Bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy that was so painful for 3 months. I was doing okay before the inhalers.
Avatar m tn thanks very much xolair does increase risk of infections and these can be pretty bad with asthma as asthmatics are slow to heal I have been unable to treat my sleep apnea for 2 years now and had a bad infection for over a month and am still wheezing even after large doses of prednisone I'm trying spiriva now. maybe the wheezing is from dulera, symbicort or singulair or a tonsil problem? I am going to have my tonsils removed. should I have the adenoids removed also?
Avatar f tn At least for me, my breathing problems are not relieved in 5 minutes. If you get spiriva you can use that too. I use daily albuteral 4x, advair 2x and spiriva 1x a day. and as I said oxygen 4 to 6 times a day. I can use more if I'm having a tuff day. I just get up and work through the shortness of breath, which at this stage is pretty much all the time. I'm just hoping to see springtime 2010.
Avatar n tn It is hard to describe. But, it makes me feel horrible. Anyone else have these problems. I am currently stuck using as little albuterol or maxair as possible due to the extreme jitteriness it causes. I am at my witts end.
518117 tn?1429279873 i have just read that spiriva side effects, one could be eye problems, are you prescribed spiriva, see yor doctor.
Avatar m tn I am taking Flovent, Spiriva and ProAir. Since I've been on the medication I've been Dxed with idiopathic neuropathy, cervical radiculopathy, carpel tunnel. I also have other entrapment symptoms, ulnar ,and I think in my legs as well. Sometimes I get a burst of nerve pain in my arms and legs a few minutes after using the Flovent and it also causes some tendon swelling. I've shown over and over that I have less pain on lower doses of meds.
Avatar f tn I take symbicort as well. I have not had any problems with my blood pressure on it. Everyone is different and meds work differently on different people. I would see if there have been any changes in stress levels, food, relationships etc. You need to contact your doctor about this. You may need to change the brand of blood pressure medicine you take. Sometimes that does make a difference. Symbicort is a steroid so that could be a problem for you.
Avatar f tn savella, tramadol, etoldac, lostrimin 24, spiriva, xopenex, actonel, 50,000 idu vitamin d My mother was also small, had similar eye and teeth issues. She passed away at 45 from malabsorption syndrome and periphial neuropothy My daughter age 9 also has the stigmatism and has had 9,000 of dental work done already with lots more to go What in the world is wrong with us!!!!! I am way too young to be this sick all the time!!!!
Avatar n tn My tongue has a coating of white on it, not sure what it is. Your mouth is dry and sticky probably from dehydration. I have also gotten white crystals around my mouth from too much salt in diet and dehydration.
312330 tn?1245180352 I was on it for over a year and then they switched my meds around to what they are currently because I was still having alot of problems with my symptoms...Flovent, serevent (essentially advair), singulair, zithromax and xopenex ( I am on several others but these are specifically for my asthmatic problems). Some people do very well on Theo...I hope that it works out for you.