Sonata vs lunesta

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Avatar n tn ) not only does it help sleep, but unlike many other sleep aides (ambien, lunesta, blah) it works on the anxiety that's going on, too. the others don't. i would not recommend that tho, if you've ever had a prob with these types of drugs (benzo's.) for me, i've always been able to take them or leave 'em. last nite i took a klonopin and a 2 sonata (like ambien) and girlfriend SLEPT. if you can get something like that, i'd give it a shot.
Avatar m tn 1 lunesta or sonata (whichever is available to me at the time), 2 ounces of Nyquil, 2 over the counter sleep aids (50 mg of whatever puts the 'PM' in 'Tylenol PM') and one mg xanax. Ninety percent of the time that combo puts me out in an hour or so. Subtract the 1 mg of xanax, which I often don't include in order to avoid developing a tolerance, and the success rate drops to perhaps sixty or seventy percent, and it takes a couple of hours to work.
Avatar n tn There ARE prescription sleep meds out there that will work for some people. You may just have to try a few (lunesta, ambien, ambienCR, sonata, etc) to figure out which works best for you. And remember, this is only if the sleep issue becomes a severe problem. Just please stay away from the ativan. That would be a poor choice and could very quickly lead you right down the path to another (worse) addiction. Stay strong! Keep the questions coming.... Good luck!