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Avatar f tn Not all babies have lasting effects from the mother smoking, but no matter if they have a permanent problem or not when smoking while pregnant it constricts your blood vessels and YOUR UMBILICAL cord not allowing the proper amount of oxygen and nutrients to your baby. That is a fact, its not like that happens to only some babies, its every baby every pregnancy with anyone who smokes.
Avatar f tn Vape instead of smoking. Inhaling the SMOKE constricts blood vessels, THC itself isn't the super harmful part.
Avatar n tn Like all of you, I have this condition, too. For probably 10+ years. It comes on for no apparent reason. I am a very healthy and active 60-year-old woman (feel like 40). I am thin and athletic, take vitamins daily (a good multivitamin with minerals, Super B, Vit C w/rosehips, 1200 mg of calcium + D. I'm also on thyroid medicine (Levoxyl, .075) for hypothyroidism and my TSH is in range and I'm feeling great. I exercise: power walking, push ups, yoga stretches, an occasional run.
Avatar n tn Can a HX of small blood vessles ,smoking,and a high platlet count be helped by plavix treatment$
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
Avatar f tn Smoking also reduces your bodies capacity to carry oxygen and blocks the small blood vessels, a condition called Bergers Disease in which sufferers may lose limbs. Today, no one can really claim to be ignorant of the effects of smoking so it is good that you have decided to quit. I hope your last cigarette really was your last and I would go to my GP for a full health check if I were you.
Avatar f tn The beneficial effects of quitting smoking start immediately. But all the side effects of nicotine take about a month to go. Smoking causes vasoconstriction and can delay wound healing, cause necrosis and increase risk of infection. So, you must not smoke until surgery. Also, inform your doctor regarding the lapse. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Effects of smoking while pregnant Smoking in pregnancy can affect your baby, not just before birth, but also in the future. Here are some of the effects of smoking while pregnant. Smoking raises the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream. This reduces the amount of oxygen available to your baby. When you smoke, harmful chemicals reach your baby. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels on your side of the placenta, which means oxygen is passed over less effectively to the baby.
Avatar f tn Resources Smoking Addiction Dangers of Smoking Diseases Caused by Smoking Effect of Smoking during Pregnancy Effects of Smoking - Nicotine Effect of Smoking on Facial Charm Effect of Smoking On Your Teeth Effect of Smoking on Stress Once your baby is born, still there is need to protect the child from smoking. Smoking leads to reduction in milk supply, and can hinder breastfeeding. Moreover, the baby gets a fair dose of nicotine through breast milk.
225275 tn?1276961493 direct or indirect toxic effects, immunological effects and oncogenic effects. Smoking yields chemical substances with cytotoxic potential which increase necroinflammation and fibrosis. In addition, smoking increases the production of pro-infl ammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-a) that would be involved in liver cell injury.
Avatar n tn That means the lungs are exposed to more chemicals. Marijuana also can harm the heart and blood vessels. It increases heart rate by as much as 50 percent. It also reduces the supply of oxygen, causing chest pain in people who have heart problems. THERE YA GO!
Avatar n tn I don't know about the effects of marijuana, but cigarettes cause blood vessels to constrict. When on birth control, you have a risk for strokes and blood clots. Well having constricted blood vessels puts you at even higher risk for these. Most of the time these things don't happen. Also I cigaretts can cause abnormal paps. That is the only explanation for mine for the past 1 1/2 yrs. 2 colposcopies w/biopsy came back negative. Before my first negative I moved into a house with 3 chain smokers.
Avatar n tn This causes inflammation or swelling that leads to scarring of the lungs in the area between the air sacs and the blood vessels. Cigarette smoking does not cause this lung disease. It may be due to toxic fume exposure, lung infection, or connective tissue disease such as arthritis. Most of the time it is not possible to determine exactly what has damaged the lungs. The most common symptoms are an ongoing dry cough and shortness of breath, especially with exercise.
Avatar f tn Marijuana may have vasodilating effects, and this might have an effect in the blood vessels of the brain which may cause problems (like another bleed from one injured blood vessel). Again, there are not enough studies to recommend or disprove anything. It would be best to abstain until your injury or trauma has fully healed and you can get a clearance from your neurosurgeon. Regards.
Avatar n tn and neuropathy is sometimes the first clue floks have. Interferon can push blood sugars into diebetic range, so must be monitored. Blood glucose should be drawn at each CBC. Also note, we live in a computer age..problems in the wrists and thumbs are common to all repetitive motion jobs, and keyboards are no exception. As a writer, I made the mistake of getting a deluxe office chair, to aide my in long hours abridging classic literatures...
Avatar n tn SMOKING AND ALCOHOL You should not smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes or marijuana!!!! Smoking narrows your blood vessels which can be harmful to your liver and kidneys. Smoking also makes you predisposed to lung infections. Marijuana causes your levels for your anti-rejection medications, i.e. Neoral and Prograf to be very low, which could lead to rejection. Marijuana also grows a fungus, known as Aspergillus, which can cause death in the transplanted patient!!!!!
Avatar n tn Each time, I went through a days-long adjustment period of elevated blood pressure, a fairly rapid heart rate, and a general feeling of being "over-revved." Your jittery/crazy experience, followed by fatigue, might mean that your system is like mine in needing to make an initial adjustment. There are standard questions that any forum member who hopes to help you should ask, so let me ask them. Are you taking a brand name of levothyroxine, not a generic?
Avatar n tn I just wanted you to know that this can happen it happened to me my skin became red and dry and I developed crystal like stuff that was in my ears, around my eye sockets and I believe it was the poison coming out of my system. I also started coughing up blood from hemorrhage in the blood vessels of my lungs. When I was admitted to treatment the blood stopped but the skin condition kept up for years, approximately 6 that's how long I've been clean.
Avatar n tn I was released. I was told I should have no side effects. But now I have bad head aches on my left temple and I get a stabbing pain on my temple and neck, that last that last just several seconds. Also my speach has been effected slightly. Often I will be talking and a word will pop in a sentence where it doesnt belong, and I forget just what I want to say. Could you tell me how long these symptons last?
2044839 tn?1331259441 Artheroschelotic deposits and resistance in the vascular system can be a contributing factor. Sometimes the blood vessels do not relax completely, and this is may be due to vitamin D3 deficiency. You can get a D3 level test quite inexpensively. The problem may be with the lungs, specifically the availability of surface area for oxygen exchange.
Avatar f tn As long as you're not smoking more than ten per day (one an hour or more) and have never had negative effects from smoking (coughing, weezing, high blood pressure) then you and your baby should be fine. Its the constant exposure to the side effects of smoking (primarily the constricting of blood vessels) that can potentially cause harm.
Avatar m tn I am sorry. I didnt mean to scare him. I was being sarcastic because I do worry about the fact smoking and strokes and heart disease goes together. I really wasnt trying to be mean. Sorry. I hope you get things figured out and are feeling better soon.
Avatar n tn Currently I'm using a toothpaste to strengthen the gums, occasionally feel stomach pain in the morning after breakfast like something is burning, and a heavy feeling. Should I be concerned about it? or the blood is due to smoking and the stomach pain is due to a large breakfast?
Avatar n tn Your body will usually be able to gradually break them down with no long-term effects. Less serious are blood clots that form in the superficial veins, which lie just under the skin, are known as superficial phlebitis. "The most serious complication of DVT. A pulmonary embolism happens when a piece of the blood clot from a DVT breaks off and travels through the bloodstream to the lungs. In the lungs it can block a pulmonary artery.
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446896 tn?1237806342 Hi Autumn! I see you are still having issues with your BP. I know we discussed ways for you to get over this fear, but either they didn't work, or you didn't try them. Working on a surgical unit in a hospital, I assume most of you can imagine the number of BPs and HRs I take in the course of my shift. Literally hundreds! And I take them on many people who have the same fear as you.
Avatar n tn the insides of your blood vessels, cleaning up all the greasy mess LOL) (AND reducing your saturated fats and transfats should help with this problem....eating good fats, such as tuna, A LITTLE BIT of nuts, and avacodos and other "good fats" will also raise your GOOD cholesterol levels, resulting in improved circulatory status) Also , from what I know of b12 ...
Avatar n tn That and/or blood vessels rupturing because of high blood pressure during an erection. This would explain why the bleeding stops after the ejaculation: IMO, the blood in the urine is only residual blood (mixed with semen) that got pushed into the bladder during ejaculation. The erection goes down, the skin goes loose and blood pressure goes down. The cut or blood vessel sort of semi-heals itself until the next erection/ejaculation which opens the cut again.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
1224086 tn?1313661152 Smoking not only causes lung and bladder cancer it also has cardiovascular effects. Smoking in the long term can damage the vessels permanently. It causes damage to the lining of the blood vessel leading to deposition of fat and formation of plague. So the vessel lumen diameter is decreased. This cannot be undone, but quitting smoking will not further damage the vessels. The damage which has already been done will be there, only it will prevent further damage.