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Avatar n tn Does anyone know if there is a link between aspergers syndrome and sleep paralysis?
Avatar n tn Yep it does sound like sleep paralysis. I thought I was crazy but my brother and I have a similar problem. What happens to us, just a few times during a year, usually laying on our stomachs when it happens, and when were waking up we cant move, or breathe and lasts it seems like forever but Im guessing 15 or 20 seconds. You try to move but cant and finally give up, and then we jerk real hard and are awake.
Avatar m tn and there experiances, also what I can do to stop if from happening? and what the hell is actually going on? I'm starting to fear going to sleep, again. Also- I've noticed this only happens in my own house. If i sleep anywhere else I don't get this.
Avatar n tn Here's a little more info. Having read into this a little more I think this does happen to me also, I've had the hallucinations and thought I was wide awake....but now I think I must have these experiences also. "Sleep paralysis occurs in 30% of the general population. In it you wake up in bed, feel paralyzed, and tend to sense a terrifying presence in your room. Sometimes you see something; sometimes you hear noises or even feel electrical shocks throughout your body.
568812 tn?1379169394 All I knew is that it seemed so real and I would keep the lights on. I had the sleep paralysis also where I was trying to move but could not and trying to say, "Help" but the words would not come out. It was frightening. I would often recite the Lord's prayer. My daughter though has also had the paralysis in her sleep, so not sure if it is PSTD associated alone as she did not have the abusive childhood I did.
Avatar m tn Hi, suffered sleep paralysis for decades now. No voices etc, just paralysis. WHY doesn't the medical world take an interest in this phenomena, which is more common than I think is believed? It is left to the realm of cultural myths, alien abduction theories, generalized medical mumbling about anxiety - the definition of anything they do not understand or think will get them into trouble by not investigating.
Avatar f tn Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to REM atonia, the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis.
1927124 tn?1323006838 now the funny thing is i was studying demons the night before and the first time i had sleep paralysis i had used the Ouija board, as i write this something just made a noise in my room and the night i was studying the demons the same thing happened there was a noise if this all coincidence wtf is going on here, and if this is a demon could you **** off please that would be great, your not even scaring me you are just annoying me to the point of me making it my mission in the after life
3143728 tn?1343012161 This sleep disorder is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, cataplexy where the person has episodes of loss of muscle function while awake, and automatic behavior. You will need to consult your primary care physician, who may schedule you for a polysomnogram (sleep test) to rule out sleep disorders and initiate appropriate therapy. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn What you describe might be sleep paralysis. I would recommend that he see a sleep expert. There are sleep disorders that may accompany sleep paralysis. This would be especially true if he has daytime sleepiness or trouble sleeping at night.
Avatar m tn I waited 18 years before talking to a doctor about my paralysis and one month later, I learned I have sleep apnea. Who know what 18 years of severe sleep apnea did to my heart, brain and organs. It would be worth your time to speak with an MD. The longer that apnea goes untreated, the more damage occurs to the body. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn I also started to find it really hard to get out of bed due to me having absolutley no effort and my mind was just sorta brain dead. I have then had the occasional sleep paralysis problem in which i have been unable to move whilst being awake. I have also been having problems where i start shaking immitating a panic attack whenever i am under stress or lifting weights and it feels that my whole boddy is totaly light, shaky, and twitchy.
503651 tn?1223178201 Hello does anyone know how to snap out of sleep paralysis? I am having it weekly now and sometimes it gets very. scary. I always know that i am having a sleep paralysis episode but i never realize that the hallucinations are not real. If any one has had this or has any idea on how to snap out of it please let me know. Thanks!
865406 tn?1240131630 I wonder with you, and those who get the 'electrical' feeling, and with your tiredness, if there is a night time epilepsy connection? Have you ever had a sleep study done? My sleep paralysis is sometimes preceded by an overwhelming sleepiness, which comes over me suddenly. Or it can just happen during a normal night's sleep. I don't get particular hallucinations or feelings of evil presence in the room as some do.
Avatar f tn I think this section gives some good examples of clues you may have sleep paralysis and/or some type of sleep disorder whether it's caused by Chiari or not: * Onset immediately upon awakening or just prior to falling asleep. * Inability to speak or utter a sound until your whole body “wakes up”. * In spite of being conscious, you cannot move your arms or legs for a brief period upon awakening or just prior to falling asleep. * Unexplained fear.
Avatar f tn I want -need- to know whats going on with me. I wish it to stop. seizures (god forbid), Sleep paralysis (whatever that may be), or even if you believe it's some sort of demonic or spiritual thing, I NEED TO KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME:( please could anyone help? What do you believe is my condition, if I have one? Please comment, and help?
Avatar f tn It was the most scared I've ever seen him, and he said he'd never been so terrified in his life. Was this episode perhaps of really extreme sleep paralysis? Or could it be a sign of some type of seizure? Or something else entirely? He also twitches very hard in his sleep - if that bit of information means anything. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I also have sleep paralysis - this sometimes happens in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. I wake up and I cannot move and I am filled with the most intense fear - not sure of what - almost like if someone were in the room with me. The only thing I can move is my eyes. It lasts for about 1 - 2 minutes. Afterwards, I go right back to sleep - but it scares the **** out of me - I have spent several nights not wanting to go to sleep because of this.
Avatar n tn I've had insomnia and sleep paralysis off and on for years. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, a long history of severe depression and anxiety. I am currently recovering from those mental health issues and have been off all psychotropic medications for over a year. About a month ago I began to experience a different sort of insomnia along with the usual ''feeling anxious and can't fall asleep at night'' variety.
Avatar f tn n the past, I have had many different episodes of sleep paralysis, so I am fully aware of what happens during most episodes. However, a couple of nights ago, I went to bed late and after about an hour and a half of sleeping, I had sleep paralysis but with a very scary symptom. When I found myself in that "in between" being awake and asleep condition, as usual, I couldn't move or speak.
Avatar m tn when this all started i had 2 bad ear infections and was on penacillan type antobiotics, then when the twithing started i got an ear infection same ear again and was put on a sulfer smelling type antibiotic. i also take seroquel and remeron at night for sleep.
Avatar f tn What happens is the muscles of your body become paralyzed while you are entering or leaving REM sleep. The paralysis is normal and happens to everyone, but in sleep paralysis it occurs when you're only half asleep. This can causes some really scary hallucinations and/or paranoia. People with anxiety disorders, PTSD, social anxiety or multiple sleep disruptions are prone to it and there is a genetic component.
Avatar n tn Some people find it helpful to move their eyes rapidly to come out of the paralysis. You can try that. Sleep paralysis usually goes away as you grow older. You should find out if you have some stress or worries which are bothering you. Reducing those can help reduce the condition. Also, maintain sleep hygiene, eat healthy and relax. You do not need any medication for this, although clonazepam is a good one.
Avatar n tn Sleep paralysis is a feature of narcolepsy, a relatively common condition characterized by excessive sleepiness in situations where you would not normally sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs in about 25% of these patients and is an inability to move shortly after waking, despite being awake, and can last up to 30 minutes. It is due to persistence of an inhibition of movement that is normally present in a stage of normal sleep called REM sleep.
1752124 tn?1312105405 Sleep paralysis is the medical term. However, this is not always the case. You do have the cases of earth bound spirits that are angry and not wanting to leave. Ones that attach themselves to the living for the energy they feed them as well as many people travel astral in their sleep and it makes it easy for lower astral beings such as demons and other sinister malevolent beings to try to oppress the victim and finally possess -I know it sounds funny but its not.
Avatar n tn Its Sleep Paralysis...not being able to move or scream?! Feeling as if someone or something is beside you? My hubby has this often and was so scared....until he was reassured that is (lol) so dont worry...its nothing serious....
Avatar f tn I then became afraid of dying. I went a whole week with out sleeping for fear that I would die in my sleep. I had many of the same symptoms you and the others have had. I literally thought I was going crazy. My boyfriend took me to the emergency because I was so slepep deprived. That is when I got my first shot of Ativan. I came home slept for 8 hours or so and then was back feeling the same way after the Ativan wore off.
Avatar f tn they were loud grunts and groans. I could not speak. My mind was racing with the fear of paralysis, the crushing pain in my lower arms and hands from total contraction, and finally the words were in my head only, not really coming from my mouth. I don’t know actually how long this lasted, it seemed like an eternity. I eventually could push some movement into my fingers. They slowly began to unfurl. I still could not get up from the floor, but I could communicate somewhat.
Avatar m tn (cut from wiki) ****When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis.**** So your actually awake while you are falling asleep in one sense. . . . That should be scare and might likely send a rush of fear through your body.
790669 tn?1465192699 She passed at home thankfully and was in no pain. Boogie was hurting very bad the day I called the vet out to put him to sleep. I think this decision haunts me to this day. What if he was just having a bad day and I reacted to fast? I hate everything about it. I do know that his pain wasn't something to be taken easily though. He would be walking, wince and yell out in pain and it'd be so bad he would stumble from it. I could not let my sweet boy live in that pain another day.