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Avatar n tn I took Singulair for a couple of months and just got off from it with no type of withdrawal symptoms so I would think that Pulmicort would be about the same. The side effects from the Singulair were too much for me to handle. I guess I'll keep searching for other alternatives.
581210 tn?1220838380 Soooo, since you've taken way too many drugs that haven't helped, and since steroids can have some wild side effects, then whatever medication you're on now, you need to SLOWLY wean yourself off ALL of it, including the seemingly harmless ibuprophen. Some drugs are hard to get off, like the more powerful stuff you've taken like Wellbutrin and Prozac, so you gotta go slow on anything like that, reducing by 1/4 for several days until you feel normal again, then reduce again, and so forth.
Avatar f tn I think this is one of those situations where the possible benefits outways the risk, especially if you keep in mind the option to discontinue if side effects are undesireable. About the behavior - prednesone can contribute to that kind of behaviot, as can generally not feeling well. It also goes with his age. The terrible twos are one thing, but the horrible threes are quite another. However, you are the parent and he needs to be taught to obey.
503893 tn?1292103433 The cymbalta withdrawal side effects were absolutely horrible but even knowing that I have started taking it again because without the cymbalta my spine feels like it is on fire (I Know - a whole different issue). I take percocet (5/325) as needed for pain - before the vertigo the Percocet used to put me to sleep - now it wakes me up).
1574314 tn?1296204882 To help you along you might consider taking some natural anti-inflammatories that have no side effects. I am thinking mullein, marshmallow and large doses of vitamin B5. Prednisone and inhaled steroids can cause osteoporosis, but I guess you know that. It can also cause adrenal fatigue, which it did in my case. Here's hoping you are just having a flareup that will soon subside. Sometimes heartburn is caused by a deficiency in stomach acid. (I would have thought it was due to too much acid.
Avatar m tn Told me to see him in a month or call if the medication produced any weird side effects, and in the meantime see a counselor (in which I have seen every other week until first week of October in which we agreed once every two or three months was good). Great! I had an anxiety pill, and on the right track to recovery. So I thought...
Avatar m tn Is it possible to experience these side effects\withdrawal symptoms after taking only one Effexor XR 37.5 MG. I can't seem to control these attacks anymore and am nervous about leaving the house. Will an increase in dose of Xanax help with the above? Keep in mind I don't want to be on anything long term and don't know why the NP prescribed the Effexor since I’m not depressed nor have had long term anxiety.
Avatar m tn Dosage - you say you were recommended 50mg HC for 5 days and then 25. Please understand that withdrawal symptoms (ie from lowering the dose) are VERY common. Even slight symptoms are evident when dosage is tapered off slowly. I assume/hope your doctor said you should move from say 50 mg on the 5th day to 40 mg on the 6th day. AND not go from 50 to 25 in one go. In my experience tapering off from say: 50 to 40 to 35 to 30 to 25 mg will minimise or eliminate any withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn 1) Can allergies or sinus cause the daily head pressure and tinnitus? No pain, just a heavy and tight feeling from my eyebrows, temples to the back of my head. Wake up with it. Only goes away when outside exercising. Constant dust inside and outside this place with pollution. Extreme heat going from AC into 120 degree. Has cooled off now, but symptoms remain.
97615 tn?1212682189 Anti-histaminic and/or Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist (may be added if not controlled by antihistamines) will help to relieve the symptoms. You can go for the long term therapy; side effects will not be matter of concern except for mild sedation and sometimes headache. Other causes can be contact or irritant dermatitis. Find out if you are allergic to some new garments which you wear in night times, or bed sheets etc. If such is the case, you need to avoid further exposure to it.
Avatar f tn I have the exact same thing! I also get shoulder pain on the left side if I work out during this time. I have had this happen every month just after ovulation for the past 10 years. Very frustrating because, like all of you, my dr. thinks I am crazy. It lasts for about 3-4 days and then I feel much better.
Avatar n tn I do sympathise as I have been through all this and have Hives, you are taking a lot of powerful drugs and you really need to be off them all, there are side effects with each one, I am going for Natural cures now,to get off these drugs you will have to go slow but you will still get withdrawal, put up with that, it will be worth it and dont let them put you on more put each drug into your Search Engine for side effects and withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am on Lexapro, which is an anti-depressant, and I know that taking such medications have side effects and one of them is excessive yawning. I just want answers and to get my life back on track and my energy level where it used to be. Good luck to all and hope to find the answer to our unusual yawning problem.
Avatar m tn I immediately was referred to a psychiatrist, who put me on Zoloft. I had some side effects from the Zoloft (insomnia, sweating, RLS), which caused me great concern, but I gradually began to feel better. It has now been 6 months, and I am still on Zoloft 200MG a day, and seeing a psychologist 1-2 times a month for CBT. I am back to a normal quality of life, and even training again for running 5K and 10K's. Please don't make the same mistake I did and think this will go away on it's own.
Avatar n tn I hope you feel better--Have you ever looked up any side effects for Effexor?? I used to take SO MUCH medicine for my asthma and allergies for so long, and one day out of the blue developed a ton of weird symptoms--About a year later I stopped taking everything and all of my symptoms subsided. It's worth looking into. Have you ever had any problems w/ anxiety/nervousness? I have issues w/ the stiff jaw thing also. It really got bad when I was pregnant, but it's gotten better since then.
Avatar n tn I slowly tapered down and also took zoloft (I found this to have few side effects). This helped immensely along with the thought that it was just a withdrawal and it wouldn't last. The depression decreased rapidly and completely within 3-4 weeks. However, without the slow taper and the zoloft, I honestly don't think I could have made it. Also I find that keeping extremely busy keeps my mind from going into depressed mode. I hope I have helped somewhat.
Avatar n tn i had to take benadryl, zyrtec and singulair everyday for about a that doesnt happen to me everyday, but the thing with the bath/shower does. i dont know if thats related...
Avatar n tn I did not take it for 3 days thinking that I was having side effects and the ache, pressure returned worse than before and the smoke smell returned as well. I returned to the doc and I am now back on Topamax. The symptoms I was having could be related to my back problem. We will see what happens. I hope this helps someone out there.