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Avatar f tn is there another medicine similar to singulair that doesn't have the bad side effects
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Singulair to relieve severe June grass allergies. Although the medication worked to calm my hay faver, I suffered servious side effects as a result. After taking the medication for 3 weeks, I started experiencing a "pins and needles" sensation in my left arm and hand. After stopping the medication for over a week, I am still experiencing numbness and itching on my left hand.
Avatar f tn My daughter is on Singulair and just finished a short course of Prednisone about 4 days ago. On her 4th day [last day] of Prednisone, her legs and arms started to feel very weak and heavy [she said they felt "thick"]. They almost felt like she had been working out and needed to stretch them. After being off the Prednisone for about 5 days, she now has a feeling of pins and needles and numbness in her hands and feet and they feel cold.
Avatar n tn and another thing i forgot to ask. ive just been doing some research on singulair also and it seems like people are having alot of serious side effects including suicide. are there any drugs to help asthma that dont have these crazy side effects. i mean other than albuteral. it seems like advair is making alot of peoples asthma worse and singulair has a whole list of crazy side effects like people acting aggresive, suicide, cant sleep, nightmares, depression.
Avatar n tn Hi! No, Singulair (montelukast sodium) and zyrtec do not contain cortisone. If your son is prescribed 5 mg of Singulair then try to get that instead of a 10 mg preparation (you can get 4 mg and 5mg chewable tablets—ask the pharmacist or the doctor about these). Usually a medication which can be broken into half and used this way to half the dose has a line break on the tablet. Usually Singulair does not have such line breaks.
Avatar m tn 4- cirrus for nose allergy also. 5- seretide 500 as a prevent remedy. 6- singulair for prevent also. 7- ventolin for attacks. now I have been very well, but still use numbers: 3,4,5,6. My asthma is controlled, but I always feel dizziness and want to sleep, especially when I walk in the neighborhood with my friends (for 30 minutes) and they always asking me: why do you walk slow? what is your problem? Really I'm very sad because I feel unnatural boy! can these drugs cause dizziness?
Avatar m tn They seem to move, but never go anywhere and last for about 20 minutes. Been going on for 1-2 years. I take the following meds. Bystolic, Diovan,Simvastatin,and Singulair. Seems to happen when I`m watching TV or on the computer Is this normal????????? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Neurology/Seeing-Things/show/895854">Seeing Things?</a>.
Avatar f tn He prescribed me atrovent but from what I understand it is usually a substitute for ventolin not steroids. He directed me to take both atrovent and ventolin 2 times a day for a month but I don't really have a long term treatment plan. The doctor seemed a bit stumped as to what else to do. I am suffering from some symptoms almost all the time and regularly have fairly bad attacts. I am very glad to have the ventolin but I'm hoping to find long term treatment for the underlying problem.
Avatar n tn Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar f tn I am a 30 year old female, relatively healthy (aside from some autoimmune problems). I am taking coumadin (for an autoimmune blood clotting disorder), glucophage, and singulair. I recently had a physical and had some "blips" in my blood work. here are the blips with normal ranges in (). I am concerned about these numbers, especially the liver function tests. I have a call in to my dr, but she can't see me this week. The nurse who did the blood work suggested that it is mono.
Avatar f tn He takes singulair 10mg, carinex 5mg, Nicomide, and Hydroxyzine 10-30mg at night. I stopped doing the cortisone shots last year when he had flare ups now we just deal with it with creams. He is on sublingual airborn allergy drops. I think the Xolair would be an expensive bandaid and he may have a food that is the root cause. Since he reacted to most foods in the skin tests it will be a long process of elimination.
771496 tn?1290241745 Norvasc 5mg, lithium 900mg, risperdal 1mg, topamax 75mg, singulair 10mg, Arava 20mg, Humira (every two weeks) 40mg injection, vitamin D 50,000IU/month, Prilosec (up to 2 daily) As needed I take: Ventolin HFA, Tramadol 50-100mg, klonopin 0.5mg, Midrin Diagnoses that I have are : GERD, Asthma, Bipolar, Arthritis, Hypertension, migraines Thanks.
Avatar n tn Mostly negative and he put me on Zantac 150 (Problems with Nexium in the past), Singulair and MaxAir. But, it continues to get worse. Began dieting (small meals), sleep on a slant and take the meds, but my mouth/tongue burn almost continuously along with there being a constant presence of extremely bitter mucus in the back of my throat that leads to "barking" so much that my fellow workers have expressed their annoyance quite often.
242588 tn?1224275300 My ENT physician has suggested that I use Singulair to inhibit the growth of polyps. (I regularly take either Allegra or Claritin, and I also have asthma which is fully controlled by four inhalations of Vanceril and four inhalations of Intal each day.) Do you think that Singulair or other medications might reduce the recurrence of Polyps? Dr. Rosenwasser's Answer: Yes, it is not published yet but Singulair and Accolate can help sinusitis and polyps.
Avatar n tn He said i have a slight pressure imbalance in the ears and gave me singulair. It didnt do anything and neither did allegra or any of the nasal sprays. I dont know if this is just muscle tension or sinus or both. Now my doctor wants me to see the ENT again (a different one) to check swallowing mechanisms more, and if he doesnt come up with anything he wants me to then see a gastro doctor to check for esophageal problems.
Avatar n tn In addition to the Diovan I was on Singulair until about 2 weeks ago. I also take 2 300 mg St. John's Wort, 2 650 mgEPA/500 mg DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil and 1 200 mg CQ10 daily. Could any of these be the issue? Especially the Omega 3?
Avatar m tn Have since been treated for sleep apnea (APAP) and allergies (Nasacort, Allegra-D, Singulair). Then the breast cancer. I find it frustrating to have survived cancer, surgery, radiation and followup Arimidex so well, only to have these seemingly unrelated, and at times disabling, other issues which are difficult to address with Doctors. Please note that symptoms have occurred long after prescription treatments, so do not believe these to be the cause. Not sure how to proceed.
Avatar f tn A second geberation antihistamine, like Allegra, helps control one part of the allergic skin reaction. A prescription medicine, Singulair acts on another part of the allergic reaction. You may want to ask your doctor about it. This forum is not a substitute for a medical examination, but you may have asthma. Asthma causes your airways to spasm causing breathing problems and could be triggered by cold weather.
Avatar n tn Try to maintain an allergen-free environment. Substitute all synthetic and cool materials with cotton ones. Remove all dust-collecting household articles like carpets, bedspreads etc. Alternatively an allergy specialist may try to identify the offending allergen and try to desensitize you. Using low dose steroidal nasal sprays are very effective. The steroid in the spray is very low and acts only locally. Two puffs in each nostril two times a days for about a month.
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried Singulair for post nasal drainage problem? I have a doctor friend who gave me a month supply as samples and presbribed me with this medication. I have taken it for over a week. It seems like it works, but I will wait a longer before I jump into conclusion. It apperantly opened up my airway, but not sure whether it will cure all symptons or not.
Avatar n tn Zoloft 200 mg/day (depression), Lisinopril 20 mg/day (hypertension), Singulair 20 Mg/day (extrinsic asthma), Clonazepam 0.5 mg BID (anxiety), Valtrex 1 gm PRN (oral herpes), Ambien 10 mg HS (insomnia), Tylenol #4 PRN for headache pain (taken infrequently). During my flu and herpes outbreak, I took 400 mg Ibuprofen QID for achiness and fever, which I have now been able to discontinue. I also take Claritin-D as needed for seasonal rhinitis.
Avatar n tn The shortness of breath is common this time of year as I have asthma and allergies and take daily inhalers (Serevent, Pulmicort and Singulair). I recently had a blood test for iron and it turned out that I'm iron deficient. Doctor has prescribed Slow-FE for 6 weeks. Here are my questions: Could the iron defiency have been caused simply by the use of laxatives, or by the diarrhea caused by the laxatives?
Avatar n tn I have had bad allergies (cat, molds, dust) in the past (and suspected post nasal drip as the culprit) but through immunotherapy from my allergist and daily Singulair and Sudafed I am breathing A-OK. The drip is no longer visible on my throat. STOMACH: My family doctor hears my story and says "GERD": That stomach contents are refluxing into my esophagus and causing the smell. I go on Prilosec, Nexium, then Protonix with no apparent change.
Avatar n tn Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar m tn then add all your food back and if still gone u pretty much have your answer and it would be environmental and if seasonal u can ask dr for a kenalog shot which takes a wk to be effective and lasts 4 months (seasonal) OR u can do allergy shots and they will help with any allergies even if u only go for a short time and quit another med u could ask dr about is Singulair (often helpful or Claritan for non Rx) good luck
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor I've had low O2 in my sleep of 75 for a while- my sleep is harmful and dangerous. My Fev1 is stuck at 72% even on dulera, singulair, combivent, xopenex, spiriva. I wheeze when I exhale- I exhale for less than a second and then the breath stops and I wheeze. Even prednisone/medrol/solumedrol doesn't really help this obstruction/wheezing. My peak flow was about 400 last month but now past 600. I have these headaches and I can't think when I run into smoke/pollution.
Avatar m tn peak flow meter Tuesday, July 8 (during a period of extreme fatigue) reads 490 (normal is 570-600) I take singulair once per day discontinued advair about 8 months ago have albuterol inhaler but doesn’t seem to help (my allergy physician says I should begin shot treatment, but I’m not convinced it works, is safe, or is the solution) Supplements: take vitamin B complex, and multivitamin take after meals (for blood sugar control): fenugreek, cinnamon, or prickly pear
Avatar n tn I have had asthma since I was 12 and now I'm 25. I am currently on Nexium, Advair and Singulair. I think Singulair is great, but I'm not so sure about Advair. So my symtoms before Nexium were extreme chest tightness, hoarse throat, asthma all the time, red chest and cheeks and this irritating trickling feeling in my chest. Now on the Nexium I have less chest pain and shortness of breath most of the time, but I get stomach pain instead.
362874 tn?1200847156 She sometimes also complains of a humming or ringing or a prickly sound in her ear. she has been on singulair 5mg for 4 years now because of her allergies. Can you PLEASE help? i've been to 5 ENT specialists so far ,my daughter has been on loads of meds. and i'm very concerned. Please please help .