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Avatar n tn lately my overnight breathing is causing me problems. i asked my gp for singulair but she prescribed atrovent. it does get mucus up but i am waking to cough it up. i have excersize induced asthma. it was on this site that i heard about singulair.
Avatar f tn The Doctor gave me Albuterol, (which helped, but I was using it too frequently), they tried other inhalers which seemed to cause worse effects than the asthma. So my doc gave me Singulair which immediately helped me to breath. Since children were given this I felt it's probably ok to take. After only 3 days my feet started to tingle, my hands and then my legs.
1039742 tn?1261013997 It turned into a little bit of mucus that I would hack up, and then a full blown cold. All of the cold symptoms went away, but the mucus in the back of my throat is still there! I've been on every nasal steroid and antihistimine you can think of. I've been to an ENT and had a CT of my sinuses...clear....and X-ray of my lungs....clear. I notice the mucus is worse when I exerecise which makes me think it's lung related thing.
Avatar m tn sometimes caughing makes the mucus worse for me, or hot or cold air. I have mild asthma and when the excess mucus comes I use my rescue inhaler, which sometimes takes about 5 minutes to work. Its very scary when it happens and it sometimes seems to come out of nowhere, although I do think it is some sort of an allergic responce as it has happened to me while doing yard work in the heat. It also seems to be aggravated by fresh cut grass.
Avatar f tn I take allegra, advair, flonase and singulair daily. In recent months I have started getting dry chunks of weird stuff coming from the base of my sinuses, I think. It usually happens when I clear my throat or brush my teeth. It is semi soft, grainy when squished, yellow and about the size of a large pea or even larger. Should I be concerned? I work at an envelope manufacturing plant with lots of paper dust. I have for 17 yrs. Could it be paper dust? If so, why now? I am 35 yrs old and female.
Avatar f tn I'm sixteen years old, and I have had a lot of mucus back up and a stuffy nose for a VERY long time now. I have been to the doctor (my pediatrician, no specialists or anything) and they always relate it to allergy problems, even though i've never had any. I tried taking claritan for a while, that didn't do anything. Then lately I've been on singulair for the past few months, also no help whatsoever. It's hard for me to swallow saliva, usually I have no problem eating or drinking.
Avatar n tn As of 2005 I have been on prednisone on a daily or every other day basis along with Serevent, Pulmicort and Singulair to keep my asthma under control. Last fall I came down with a bad case of bronchitis and since then I have had to deal with coughing up mucus on a regular basis. If I'm active on a regular basis (walking/jogging) it isn't so bad, but when I have periods of time I don't exercise I tend to have a lot more build up.
Avatar n tn Recently however he has been getting severe attacks. This sometimes leads to mucus vomiting. This also more frequently for the last 2weeks, has lead to an inability to breath. This happens anytime for no reason that can be seen and even at night while sleeping. After a 20 seconds or so it clears without the apparent need for an inhaler. The prescribed Asthma medicine does not seem to hold off the problem as the problem seems to be worsening.
Avatar n tn Hello, Male age: 40 Doctor has me on Singulair 10mg Albuteral Benicar 20mg Nasacort AQ Sorry i could not get it all in the last post Please help these asthma attacks with mucus and tingling in my back really scare i have never had anything like this happen to me before.
Avatar n tn Because I have been to so many doctors and their treatments don't help me, they start looking for other alternative answers such as panic attacks. My question always is - explain the mucus then! Why does the mucus change when I get into these attacks? Why does the mucus change again and start to move again when the breathing attacks start to cease? There does't seem to be a pattern either. I get these attacks at any time of year.
Avatar f tn You are on either Advair, Smybicort, or Dulera (the only combo meds on the market) and most likely Singulair (leukotrient modifier). Acolate and Zyflo are other leukotrient modifiers, but Singulair is the go to for beginners. It is actually good to talk about the brands and how they work for you. One brand may work better for some people than it does for others. Knowing there are options and what they are is very helpful.
Avatar n tn Right now my doctor has me on an Advair inhaler and Singulair pills. While my breathing has been fine, lately it feels like my throat is too dry and it sometimes makes me want to gag because of the awful sensation. I usually feel fine at home, but lately every time I jump into my car or I'm outdoors, the dry throat sensation comes back. My doctor suggested that "sticky" or thick mucus from the advair may be to blame.
Avatar n tn 40 For about 2 years in the morning I noticed a drip down the back of my throat and I would almost have to gag to get it out, during the day I would have a small amount of clear mucus that I would spit up. every now and then i would have dizzy spells with my eyes. Wheezing This first began when I was moving into my new house dec 2004, I had has some wheezing at times during the winter months since 2001.
Avatar m tn For months at a time I get a little bit of morning mucus thats green or yellow in my morning cough. I have no fever, no major coughing, no serious shortness of breath. I feel bad...but I always feel bad due to fibromyalgia/disc/migraine problems. I do have allergies/asthma thats being treated - I take Singulair 10mg plus I have a rescue inhaler should the allergies get real bad. My last chest x ray was 2 yrs ago (at the hosp. for unrelated issues) and showed some scattered granulomas.
1450484 tn?1284907731 I am currenty on 40mg of prednisone a day, Dulera (200/5), Qvar (80mcg), Theophylline CR (just starting it again), singulair, albuterol PRN (2-3x a day), mucinex, zyrtec, rhinocorft, and achiphex. I also have gastroparesis and a possible mitochondrial disorder (confirmed mutation in mtDNA but not a typical locus need a muscle biopsy to check the electron transport chain) that has affected my muscles and nervous system.
Avatar m tn Feeling much better today with only a day so so to go on codral medication, yellow mucus is still there but at no stage has it taken hold. all looks good for recovery without antibiotics Asthma Medication taken today: 4 puffs vientolin ( reg doses ) 6 puffs atrovent, 2 blisters seretide 500/50 and 1 singulair.
Avatar m tn 2 ventolin, 2 seretide 500/50-s, 6 puffs atrovent, 1 singulair.
Avatar m tn Have woken today with sore throat , and coughing excess coloured mucus not feeling the best will look into starting cougth medicin tis afternoon and will grabv some throat spray and lozinges this afternoon. Asthma Medication today: 2 puffs ventolin, 9 atrovent, 2 blisters seretide 500/50, 1 singulair 10mg. tablet.
Avatar f tn I have this tightness in my chest i kno its mucus but i dont have a cough or cold it hurts when i try to take a deep breath ive never had chest congestion before im not coughing up blood or anything like that. ive been using my asthma pump because when i was younger i had trouble with asthma it helps clearing my airways so i can breath easier but it comes back after awhile. Help?
Avatar m tn pillows alone do not work. Look at the side effects of the singulair, and ask her dr about this. Singulair All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Singulair: Cough; dizziness; headache; indigestion; nausea; stomach upset or pain; stuffy nose; tiredness; trouble sleeping; weakness.
Avatar m tn somewhere in that time she starts to cough after every cough she grinds her teeth she continues to cough for 1-2 hrs. then she vomits mucus and food sometimes it smells like stomach acid. the doctor had her on singulair for about 1 month it worked sometimes now it doesnt work at all it is an every night occurance. Ive elevated her head, given her liquids, and use an airpurifier. It seems like you just have to wait for it to get bad enough. Then i pat her back and she finally vomits.
Avatar m tn Had excercise induced asthma this morning and got very difficuilt to breath on the way up to work from the bus took two ventolin and everything worked out ok have come off the cougth medicin which I have been on the last week trying to brake up mucus on my lungs all good now peakflow is slowly comming up to a better range. Asthma meds taken tody: ( ext as this was a few days ago it is now 22nd july ) 4 ventolin, 6 atrovent puffs, 2 blisters 500/50 seretide accuhailor, 1 singulair.
Avatar n tn I am positive that it is allergy induced. My primary problem is that my body is producing mucus constantly. I can't seem to get it out of my system. I am seeing a specialist who has me on advair 550, singulair, and xophonex nebulizer. We can't seem to get it out of control. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the mucus production under control? I can't help but think I should go to a allergist to see if they can treat the allergy side of my condition.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Ear pain, sore throat and headache are common in sinus infection. Along with antibiotics drink plenty of fluids to thin the mucus. Mucous thinning drugs and oral decongestants may also be used, as well as systemic steroids, topical nasal steroids and nasal saline irrigation. Steam inhalation should be continued. It is best to see your doctor and seek opinion for your symptoms. If the ear pain is severe you may need referral to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I've been wheezing after a respiratory infection for weeks now on exhalation and a month of prednisone, dulera, symbicort, singulair, albuterol, allergy meds doesn't fix the problem and was getting headaches. I also have discomfort/pain in my head and leg when I exhale- seems to be bad circulation. I don't have a cough and don't have much mucus. Are there any meds or a doctor I should go see? maybe xopenex, theophylline, or atrovent? thanks so much!
Avatar m tn Ativan, Singulair, Rhinocort, Zertec, Astelin, Albuterol, Numerous different courses of Antibiotics, Sinus irrigation with Neti Pot. Symptoms: Excessive thick saliva/mucus (clear in color) throughout sinus/throat/mouth, Choking/Gagging sensation, Thick post nasal drip (constantly clearing my throat), Panic/Anxiety attacks, Painful cysts/pimples all over body (seems to be worse on scalp, chest, back, and upper arms).
Avatar n tn For several months now, I have been dealing with excessive mucus/trouble breathing. The symptoms occur primarily after intense exercise, although they have, at times, occurred after a heavy meal or eating late at night. I am working with doctor, have had a pulmonary function test, and she has told me I have asthma, as well as GERD, and that the asthma may well be related to allergies. I am now taking Symbicort, Flonase, Singulair, and Albuterol as needed.
Avatar n tn However, I still cough up thick stringy yellow mucus. I always thought that if the mucus was yellow that indicated an infection. Is this really asthma or is it chronic bronchitis ?
Avatar m tn I'm suffocating from sleep apnea and have asthma which doesn't respond well to medication like symbicort, albuterol and singulair and prednisone could my breathing problems be due to tonsils blocking my airway? how safe is tonsilectomy?
Avatar f tn I was on symbicort but that made me to anxious. Singulair made me too anxious too. My daughter takes singulair every night and still has asthma and allergies flare ups. Veramyst nasal spray works best for me and nasonex is ok. I don't know which antihistamine medicine works best, I've tried them all too and they all have a side effect,.