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Avatar n tn she survived the lung cancer but it was too late for the COPD. She lived 9 years cancer free without smoking but the emphysema killed her. I was wondering if this asthma that I have is also considered COPD........what is the difference. I can hardly breath well enough to speak. thanks for any info available.
Avatar n tn With your family history, you could have COPD, especially if you smoked cigarettes for years. The best way to find out if you have COPD is with pulmonary function tests (PFTs), not a methacholine challenge test.
Avatar f tn Hi i was diagnosed nearly 4months ago and have been sent to hospital a few times because my sats are low. They have told me i am classed as severe copd emphysema I have the resprotory team who have told me i need oxygen for walking especially up stairs and hills i. 46 am currently trying to stop smoking , down from about 20 to 3 or 4 a day. Does anyone no life exspectancty.
Avatar n tn My mom who is 86 was diagnosed with COPD years and years ago. She took singulair and flovent inhaler and walked 3 miles a day. Two years ago she needed to use Duoneb via nebulizer. She was not short of breath at any time but had a few bouts with chronic bronchitis. Since moving to Florida a year ago, her husband died in Dec of 2007 and she is now short of breath. Her pulmonologist in FL took her off all of lung medications and within 3 days she was wheezing like a maniac.
Avatar f tn Could this be COPD? I know that with asthma, the damage and symptoms can be reversable but with COPD, it is not. Could COPD be the culprit of my constant worsening of symptoms? I'm about to completely give up!! I'm only 30. I know that I have made some poor life choices and that is what has landed me here but is this as good as it's going to get with only death to look forward to? I'm so discouraged. I lost my job due to all of my many hospitalizations.
Avatar n tn ) until about 9 months ago - no further smoking. My breathing has become a little more difficult, is so for most of the time, and is worst in the morning. My inhalers help but most weeks I have a slight breathing difficulty most of the time. Some weeks, my chest feels completely clear. I can't pin down any differences in circumstance/lifestyle about these weeks except vacations. No wheezing, no heavy sputum - occasional coughs. I've had some tests.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with chronic asthma in July11 i have had difficulty breathing since April I have had 3 chest xrays all saying prominence of bronchovascular markings and spirometry test result unconfirmed and sputum test clear and have been put on Foxair accuhaler and Singulair 10mg for asthma treatment yet I still gasp for air and am short of breath??????
Avatar f tn I get IVIG for the CVID, am on Advair 100/50, Singulair and Mucinex, along with other meds for other problems. I then go for a physical with my GP, he listens to me for a long time, insists that I take my Mucinex TWICE a day(had only been taking it once, twice sometimes), and writes the diagnosis of COPD, along with my other problems on blood work orders.
Avatar f tn I had a CXR 5 months later that (for first time to my knowledge) showed hyperinflated lungs 'consistent with COPD'. When I questioned my PCP I was told no worries, could be number of factors. Breathing still not improved and CXR repeated without change. 3 months later I returned to PCP as breathing still not recovered. Looking back on my CXR's she said 'well you have COPD'? Then I was sent for PFTs.
Avatar n tn Is the fact my symptoms are made worse by inhalers, daily cough and phlegm a sign of early stage COPD or an intolerance to inhalers 3. Is there a case for a broncoscopy 4. Why do different inhalers relieve for one week and then stop 5. Do you think I should go it alone without inhalers Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn There are several different kinds of yoga breathing and once you use it, it can make a huge difference in your breathing. Just google Yoga breathing for COPD and practice the exercises all the time until they become second nature to you. Please let us know how your doing then. Good luck to you and I hope the yoga helps!
Avatar n tn He recommended Celebrex for the Arthritis and placed her on a low dose of medication for the hypertension. No tests were involved in the diagnosis. After a week, the medication failed to control the hypertension, so he doubled the dose. This still did not control the symptoms, so a renal MRI was ordered to rule out kidney involvement. Results were normal. MRI also revealed that there were no signs of arthritis. A new medication was ordered for hypertension.
Avatar n tn I am at a loss for answers at the moment. I went to a new allergist to gain further insight on my asthma issues that I have struggled with lately. I am 36, and was dx'd with asthma at 30. I did allergy shots for three years, and I can't say I noticed any improvement.
Avatar n tn My husband has been ill for 14 months. To make a long story short, he had a CT scan of sinuses and they were completed blocked. He had sinus surgery and enjoyed feeling better for a few weeks once he had recovered from the surgery. He continues to be ill and the symptoms all point to LPR, the interesting sub-set of GERD.
620048 tn?1358021835 I talked with them and my copd shouldn't be causing this and it may be my heart or allergies. I had stopped blaming things on allergies, that I have had all my life. My primary Doc did not believe I had allergies and wouldnt send me to an allergist. So I just literally stopped thinking about it.... But guess what, I believe it is allergies so now I am not sure what is next, its a holiday weekend !! Is there anyone else who has had allergies that caused such severe reactions ??
Avatar n tn Hi Doc I posted a couple of weeks ago about a deep breathing difficulty I have been having. Well the problem is still here, but I have a few more concerns I wanted to address. To recap on my problem, for the last month I have had this difficulty with deep breathng. This issue is on and off for the most part, but more times than not, I cannot take a deep breath, and sometimes I find myself very hungry for air and I force myself to do an "extra" deep chest breath.
242588 tn?1224275300 Standard treatment for allergies should help when they complicate COPD. The standard treatment for nasal allergies includes nasal washes, antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays. Question: I have a mother-in-law who lives in Napa, CA. She has bad asthma and wants to move out of California. Is there a list that shows the "best places to live for asthma suffers"? If so, can you direct me to it? Dr. Rosenwasser's Answer: There are no lists of good or bad places to live with asthma.
Avatar n tn Atrovent is not recommended for routine use for the treatment of asthma, especially in children, because of the absence of evidence on safety and efficacy. It is probably safe and effective, but we just don't have the evidence for children under the age of twelve. Other drugs, in addition to albuterol, have been approved at this age and they include Singulair and inhaled steroids. His current albuterol/atrovent does not contain a steroid. Please read our asthma information to learn more.
Avatar n tn I was recently put on a generic (flonase) nasal spray (two spays in each nostril daily) as well as Singulair. I had to stop taking the Singulair as I was having heart palpitations and extreme dizzyness. I have also been taking OTC Prilosec. This all started about 3 years ago after spending the Winter in Vegas. I recently had a 2 month bout with broncitis which caused a trip to ER and then the pulmonologist who prescribed the above.
Avatar m tn the thing is my FEV1 is stuck at 73 for over a year on symbicort/singulair and I thought that 80% at least is the goal do I have COPD or asthma? isn't there a metacholine test or should I get a bronchoscopy?
Avatar n tn She is on 125/25 Seretide and Singulair but not controlling her asthma very well. I am concerned as she has Prednisone monthly for the last 3 yrs. and starting to retain fluids and other complications. We have done broncoscopies, allergy testing Cf testing, diets and immune testing and can not find a trigger. Will her lungs have any permanant damage done to them from these attacks and collapses and is she a candidate to develope COPD later in life?
Avatar n tn My daughters Allergy dr, is treating her for allergies, meds and shots, and for asthma, but she also has copd. with copd, it has come to my attention, mimmics asthma attacks, you get nervous, or upset or anything like that your airways close. Have thay ran a pulminary function test, did x-rays anything like that? Do you see an allergy specialist? My daughter had asthma as an infant and outgrew it, but now it is back and the copd is now with it.
Avatar n tn What I do know is that asthma meds help me. Singulair and ICS or Intal in particular. From what I read, it is possible that early CoPD could respond to these drugs, but since I have been afflicted for almost 10 years I would have thought if I were going to move to the next phase, I would have done it by now. I have now added Chronic Sinusitis to my list and recently had surgery to correct that.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a 6 year old son with autism and asthma who has currently started on the Xopenex for the asthma control. He has become extremely hyperactive and somewhat aggressive with the Xopenex, and I am wondering if there are any other meds that wouldn't have this side effect.
Avatar m tn the HCV. People had HCV lay dormant for 20-30 years then after a bout of steroids for something not related to HCV they started to have the HCV symptoms shortly thereafter.
Avatar m tn I do smoke and have been for about four years (please don't rip me a new one I know it is bad and I am basiclly adding fuel to the fire). I am about 150 pounds and stand 5'9" and lift weights occasionly. I also don't eat very healthy... So basically I am reaching out to you is because my breathing has become bad out of no where. It all started with this chest cold I got where I felt extremly short of breath.
Avatar n tn I've been on one along with Combivent for about 5yrs for COPD. I noticed your probs with mucusy/bloody noses. I had that problem for about 2 years, my nose was always sore and quite 'raw' inside. I realised one day that when I inhale (no spacer) and hold for 5 seconds as instructed the very next thing I do is to release my breath and then swill the mouth out. When you first exhale again could some particles of the inhalers ingredient travel back up the nasal passage?? BINGO!!!!!!!
107366 tn?1305683975 He was faxed a copy of my CT scans which showed I am stable, so he didn't even do a CA125 this time. I explained to him I would be on Aromasin for the next few months, and then return to MDA to have all my tests done again. I never got any kind of argument out of him, which I thought I might get. The only thing of concern is that my platelet counts are still lower than normal. They aren't in the danger range by any means, but it is something I will have to watch.
Avatar n tn She is now on singulair, Flonase, Advair 250/50, Foradil, Patanol (eye drops) and albuterol as needed. But she still is not cough free. She has shown allergies to dust mites and cats in the allergy test. She complains of itchy eyes, and is almost always having a runny nose and sometimes stuffy nose. Her cough is usually productive and she is always clearing her throat. Her symptoms seem to get worse when she gets excited or is physical.