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Avatar n tn I am currently taking Ketotifen 1mg 4 times a day, plus four 10mg of Reactine, plus one 10mg Singulair and also four 25mg's of Hydroxyzine. And i still get severe hives everday. I have got allergy tests and it shows i am not allergic to anything. It is extremely frustrating, It seems to get worse when I eat. I have tried an elimation diet and nothing has worked. Please give me your advice on what you think it may be, thank you.
Avatar n tn The allergy attack usually leaves my face,head ,chest and arms full of hives,that severely Ich.It lasts for about 15-30 mins and leaves me completely drained and cold.I just can't figure out the cause.My doc says it could be a food allergy ,so i have started avoiding a lot of allergy causing food but it hasnt helped at all.sometimes i just break into rashes after exercising.what do i do? kindly help...
1517808 tn?1290817390 hello, i suffer from chronic hives and joint pains, i have been to my general doctor and dermatologist, my general doctor ran blood tests and found nothing out of the ordinary. my dermatologist just has me on anti histamine drugs singulair etc.. these drugs only aid in the itching part of this. my joints constantly ache feet,knees etc.. some days its hard to walk and makes my job very difficult.
198419 tn?1360245956 So, I've been on hydroxyzine and Singulair for the past few months and haven't had but one or two tiny hives since. The hydroxyzine in very mild and doesn't leave you feeling "hungover" the next morning, and the Singulair has no drowsy side effects. Just wanted to tell you this so that you wouldn't be afraid your doctor was going to take you off of the Rebif. He might, I don't know.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr, Two months ago I was having coffee in the morning and suddenly broke out with hives all over my body. I never had this happen before. I was being treated for a sinus infection and had taken Biaxin for Two weeks. I was given a shot of cortisone in case it was a reaction to the biaxin. A week after the shot wore off it was back. I am now seeing an allergist who took blood and did skin test.
97615 tn?1212682189 i do have seasonal allergies and asthma that are under control. this did happen after stopping singulair and becoming pregnant, miscarrying, pregnant again and delivering, and now it is getting bad again. i dont want to just control it, i want to know why it is happening. all drs tell me to live w/ it. i cannot. i believe it is 2ndary to something else, but what???? anyone else have this. could it be liver trouble?? mastocytosis?? sarcoidosis???
Avatar n tn One thing you can do right now is try different laundry detergents and/or soaps and see if the hives go away. If your Allergist/Immunologist can't find the source for your condition, then I would consider seeing an alternative medicine practitioner that does BioMeridan (EAV testing) or muscle testing.
Avatar n tn Currently taking zantac, zyrtec, clarinex, singulair and atarax every day and still getting hives. Due to see derm again 28th. If I find anything helps I will update. I think I'll try green tea.
Avatar f tn I have seen a Dermatologist who says I need to accept the fact that I will not know what is causing the hives and to treat the hives (allegra and zantac) I have seen the Allergist who wants to check for an autoimmune disease which I don't understand because Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease or problem I thought. My thyroid doctor says there is no link between the thyroid and the hives and has taken a leave of abscence from his practice.
Avatar n tn Then starting November 14th hives in many places and few days without hives and symptoms, and medications. Hives on arms, trunk including chest and neck, legs, hands, feet, and into my face sometimes. Included were, and are, scary symptoms of lips, eyes, and brow, and nose swelling, and what I call "fuzzy face" or the feeling of cobwebs or hair on my face, sometimes on other parts of my body, too.
Avatar n tn I gave birth to my son on March 17th 2007 and have had hives every single day since I had him. I usually get the hives once to twice a day and they are severly itchy. I have tried to seek help from dermetologists but they always say that they don't see any reason why and advise me to take an antihestimine such as benadryl. The benadryl helps to relieve the itching for a little while but the hives always return. It's been almost 3 years and there has been no relief, not even for a day.
Avatar n tn I used to take reactine 20 and singulair nightly to keep the hives under control and added benadryl liquid gels when they were really bad. We got married in august and I stopped taking the reactine and the benadryl because we were trying to get pregnant. The hives are back so bad I ended up in the ER with my throat almost swelling shut. I took benadryl for a couple of days to keep the swelling under control and now I am back to just singulair in the evening.
97615 tn?1212682189 It started out with running only, but now I notice that I have a terrible problem if I go to the beach and swim or body surf. The hives attack my eyes first and the swelling can last for days, though it usually diappears after just a couple hours when I work out. While I perfer natural remedies I won't say no to a pill. But for me it seems antihistamines make the hives worse--even the natural ones.
Avatar f tn He tested for a large variety of autoimmune disorders. The doctor is treating my symptoms with Zantac, Zyrtec, and Singulair. I still wake up to hives every morning. And do not get any new ones during the day. I want to solve the problem at the source. Can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn Two weeks later I ended up in the ER again with facial swelling, hives, and abdominal pain. Since I had the abdominal pain, they did a CT scan and found an ovarian cyst, gave me some pain meds, pumped me full of benadryl and steroids, prescribed me more anti-histamines, and let me go home. So at this point I was taking the following on a daily basis: Zyrtec, Singulair, Tagament, Allegra, Zantac, Prednisone, Zofran, and Vicodin.
Avatar f tn It is 4 a.m. and I am desperately trying to figure out why I continue to break out in hives and have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs. I too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne. After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative.
Avatar f tn What's weird is that he can eat the same three meals a day for a few days and not get any hives but then out of nowhere, hives show up. How can he be okay with food one day and then get hives from the same foods a couple of days later? Along with his mouth sores he's also getting really dry and cracked lips that sometimes bleed. I am constantly after him with a little jar of vaseline to apply on his lips. We really don't know what to do to help our son end his ordeal with these hives and sores.
Avatar f tn I have read article after article about hives and the more I read the more down I feel about it.. not being able to find a cause. I have had an allergy test and I have high allergy to dust mites. How can you totally free your home of dust mites! I have used Tea Tree oil in my washing machine for my towels, bed sheets and clothes. I have had a blood test, which was pointless. I'm not sure what else to do.. you forget what it was like to be itch-free! My hives started on my back..
Avatar n tn He was put on Albuterol and Pulmicort on a Wednesday, and on Thursday his doctor added Singulair as well. On the following Saturday, he had an episode of hives that came and went for 4 days. His doctors assume it was still part of the virus getting out of his system (virus started 10 days previously - fever ended Tuesday - rash on Saturday). Even thought the doctors thought the hives were from the virus, I discontinued the Singulair, Albuterol, and Pulmicort immediately.
Avatar n tn I have taken Singulair off and on, and every time I take it for a few days, I break out in hives.
Avatar n tn Then I went to an allergist, he ran some tests, and found out I was allergic to dust ad that was pretty much it. He prescribed me more allegra, and then on my second visit prescribed me singulair and then also gave me instructions to change my diet, soap, and detergent. None of this has worked. At some point I had thought that it was a fungus and read online that Head and Shoulders or Selsun Blue would help but none of these did.
Avatar f tn I had both knees replaced and I too suffer from hives – for over a year. I have been on 5 -6 courses of steroids and I continue to be on a double dose of Zyrtec, a double dose Xyzal, 1 doses of Doxepin and a dose of Singulair. These have worked for a while and then the hives come back even stronger. The Allergist now wants to add a dose of cyclosporine and if that does not work he wants to add a dose of Methotrexate – all of which have side effects that have to be monitored on a regular basis.
Avatar n tn Was on steroids on and off. My daily medications were Allegra, Zantac twice a day, Claritin, Singulair, and four doxepins at night which just managed the itching but didn't stop the hives. I got pregnant again and the hives stopped. But soon as I had my miscarriage they were back within that same week. Also during this time my iron was low so I had to go to the hospital weekly for iron infusions. The hives lasted for a year exactly and went away on its on.
Avatar n tn With previous rare flare-ups, the Prednisone patch worked to clear up the hives and bring me back to 'normal'. The hives currently are all over my body, exaggerated by stress, with pain at times from my hands / feet swelling as well as the hives themselves. At times my face / lips swell as well, but no issue with breathing. I've been tested for RA with no significant positives and skin tested for specific allergies and I'm wondering what the next step should be? Should I see a dermatologist?
Avatar f tn Then starting November 14th hives in many places and few days without hives and symptoms, and medications. Hives on arms, trunk including chest and neck, legs, hands, feet, and into my face sometimes. Included were, and are, scary symptoms of lips, eyes, and brow, and nose swelling, and what I call "fuzzy face" or the feeling of cobwebs or hair on my face, sometimes on other parts of my body, too.
Avatar n tn Okay, I started off, and still have, severe hives(cause is unknown, my allergist thinks it's an allergic reaction to something inside my body). A few days ago however, I developed another condition. The marks were darker, they burned instead of itching, and looked like burns also. After a day I could barely walk, my shoes supported me a little but not much. I went to my doctor and they told me they hadn't seen a case like mine before and would refer me to a specialist.
4528327 tn?1355945592 Is anybody experiencing Pressure Urticaria associated with Shortness of breath on exertion and hives? I feel like I can't breathe when my hives appear on my chest. I am on Allegra, Pepcid, Claritin, Benadryl (quick relief drug), prednisone 40 mg for 3 weeks so far, singulair, albuterol nebulizer, history of asthma. This CU stared after my anaphylactic reaction from walnuts in October 3rd...prior history-Perfect Health!!!! And Healthy!!! And an Athelete!!!
Avatar n tn I have never had anything like this in my life and I still believe the thyroidectomy caused my on going chronic hives and angioedema. I am so frustrated living like this 24/7; I have taken prednisone and other prescribed drugs to help me survive each day. I get this reaction so bad, that I have to go to ER and from swelling and unable to breath. I now have to carry an Epipen it is so bad.
1462810 tn?1327364049 He said poison ivy, based on a newly appearing poison-ivy-type rash on my arms and legs and prescribed fluocinonide and Benedryl. I couldn't think of any possible exposure to poison ivy. The thickness of the hives went down, but the inflammed skin all instantly died. It continued to spread and itch. (I washed everything I had touched and scrubbed my whole body with detergent three times to ward off any spreading of the supposed urishol exposure.