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Avatar m tn BTW how often we need to check for ALT while undergoing simvastatin i'd check weekly first month, in italy alt are 4euros (about 2 cappuccinos), then monthly and after 6 months you can even skip frequent checks for those with kidneys disease also creatinine check is recommeneded as to the dosage change pharmacies there are hundereds of generic makers with all doses and pills that can be split to save even more money, chosse the cheapest maker
1616588 tn?1298642717 My doctor prescribed simvastatin. I told her what happened with the first statins I had taken and she said that this drug would work differently then them. She was right; this one almost crippled me! I got leg cramps so bad I thought they would never go away. I couldn't hardly walk the pain was so great in my legs. Forget sleeping... my legs cramped in places that I didn't know could cramp! The blood test (for the kinease thing) showed I had the muscle enzymes 5 times the normal level.
Avatar m tn all bood tests are normal since fibroguard has reservatrol which henances simvastatin potency i will lower to 40mg for a couple of days and see what happens to the back pain and then i will re-think if go to the 80mg, 60mg or 40mg dose
2132922 tn?1335732030 I have been taking 40mg of Simvastatin per day for several years but my cholestrol is good, I eat healthy, and other than a big stomach (which is suspect cysts on liver and fluid in cavity which is being treated soon). I have just read about the rare side effects of Simvastatin and seem to have all the symptoms. When I finish dialysis the pains are much worse, could it be that the Simvastatin is concentrated in my blood due to having no kidneys? I am at my wits end here, can anyone help?
Avatar f tn But again I cannot get Vit D3 , Alinea (nizonide 500) Now I take Simvastatin and Nutrimax Vitamins and Minerals.
Avatar f tn Her condition has been deteriorating recently. Kidneys GFR is at 20. Been in and out of hospital. Currently, her blood pressure is around 195 / 80. Neph doctor is telling us theyre trying different drug combinations to try to lower the BP. 1. Why cant they fix it this right away? 2. Should she go to the hospital? If not when? 3. What other options do we have?
Avatar f tn I am a 52 yo woman and I am experiencing severe edema, especially in my ankles and feet (the left much more than the right). I have been to the doctor and the ER and they have run many tests, but they are all normal. My kidneys are fine, my liver is fine, my electrolytes are normal, my EKG is normal, my chest x-ray is clear, I am pre-diabetic with a fasting sugar of 112.6. I have not been able to work for the last 3 years because of a cervical spine problem.
Avatar n tn was on lipitor for 5 months and switched two weeks ago to simvastatin in hopes of less side effects. just got some blood work done and the liver enzymes are elevated about one and a half times normal. does anyone know if its normal to see a spike in liver enzymes after switching statins or does this mean my body is rejecting the new statin?
Avatar m tn "Statins have so many contraindications they will probably never pass muster for liver patients. They happen to be needful for folks with high cholesterol, but most liver patients make too little not too much cholesterol, so they won't help most cases." It is scary to think that people may actually believe the stuff you come up with.
Avatar m tn i think it is the same bad info as for truvada which has just been used succesfully to stop hbv after liver trasplant and simvastatin which also has been used to lessen mildly uncompensated cirrhosis with success or when they wrote about kidneys damage on tenofovir.....after trials all these sides were on less than 1% patients.
446474 tn?1446351282 The agency singled out atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor), and simvastatin (Zocor) for the new warnings and restated a warning about mixing lovastatin (Mevacor) with HIV and HCV drugs. Today's FDA safety communication follows label changes announced Tuesday that added cautions about new onset diabetes and transient memory problems for users of any of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the statin class.
Avatar m tn 5 or 2g 2g can lower healthy bacteria in the stomach of some so probiotics are suggested on the 2g dose of alinia and on simvastatin it is better to check main blood tests, liver tests and creatinine for kidneys every 6 months
1464587 tn?1307495205 I had kidney failure (BP was 200/100 when I went into the emergency room and kidneys were about 25% functional) and through meds (prednisone, Cell Cept, Simvastatin and Lozartan) I have re-cooperated back (creatnine to proteine ration is about >1. I've been working out for about 2 years now with a constant intake of protein. My blood work results have all turned out great and I've mantained healthy.
Avatar m tn Geraniin inhibited hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) secretion by more than 85.8% and 63.7%, respectively, at the non-cytotoxic concentration of 200 microg/ml. The inhibitions of HBsAg and HBeAg secretion by geraniin were higher than the inhibition by the positive control Lamivudine, 33.5% and 32.2% respectively, at the same concentration." Is 85.8% less hbsag good? Can I get this stuff somewhere? I read up on BHT and monolaurin.
474189 tn?1211188060 Hello, Lisinopril will lower your blood pressure a little more and help protect your kidneys. The Simvastatin will help keep plaque from building up in your kidneys which can cause more damage.When It comes to your health, especially serious problems, a person needs to be pro-active. If you're not comfortable with a particular physician it may be time to change. Try to get references from friends, neighbors etc. Hope you can find some answers!
Avatar m tn 0r 190/90 after taking these morning dosages of medicine. Feel giddy, and have to just sit and take rest. Mostly in evenings feel very tired. Disturbed sleep in night- Kindly answer me -whether reducing any of my medicines will help me. I have osteoporosis-is this a side reaction of these medicines? Kindly reply me.
Avatar m tn yes the improvment usually starts after 4 weeks, most of us who tried it got improvment at the 3rd-4th week it will take more time for the liver to return to normal size since hbvdna is still detactable it is good that hbvdna is comeing down and also alt, be sure to have serum vitamin d more than 50ng/ml and cholesterol tot less than 150, ldl less than 70 and hdl more than 60 if possible i'd combo simvastatin, vitamin d3 and hep tech products and see if after 6-12months hbsag gets lower.
Avatar m tn stoppingntz doesn not change your situation but i think liv52 did because hbsag has increased frominactive carrier to cronic hbv anyway having alt 200 is not bad at all if hbvdna is extremely low or undetactable because it means your immune system see the virus and is fighting, if you find also hbvdna high that would be a big problem get back to ntz+vitd3 (37 is too low, get it to 80ng/ml) then check hbvdna too, if hbvdna is low i d go for ntz lead in for 12 weeks and then addon generic inte
369533 tn?1207592062 found a 3mm kidney stone in right kidney. also ivu exray on kidneys to see if stone is moving and causing me the pain waiting for resuls? the consultent doesnt think a 3mm kidney stone will cause me the pain i am describing.
Avatar m tn if the sides are on kidneys you must stop it immediately because although rare this side effect means kidneys were already damaged and this drug can make sevre damage creatinine monitoring is required weekly for the first month and then monthly
369533 tn?1207592062 found a 3mm kidney stone in right kidney. also ivu exray on kidneys to see if stone is moving and causing me the pain waiting for resuls? the consultent doesnt think a 3mm kidney stone will cause me the pain i am describing.
Avatar m tn although latter is not so good to kidneys and bone density with me being an older lady. However, as you suggested Vit D and calcium and fibroguard can help. Is fibroguard an over-the-counter meds or supplements?
512560 tn?1222563727 Chronic renal failure is a gradual and progressive loss of the ability of the kidneys to excrete wastes, concentrate urine, and conserve electrolytes.Alternative names are Kidney failure - chronic; Renal failure - chronic; Chronic renal insufficiency; CRF; Chronic kidney failure. It most often results from any disease that causes gradual loss of kidney function. It can range from mild dysfunction to severe kidney failure . Progression may continue to end-stage renal disease.
Avatar m tn etv remains a good choice on people with kidneys problems because it has no kidney sides, but personally i don't like it since the cancer problems at higher doses on animal models and hope i will be able to stop it after interferon or switch to tdf low hbsag baseline is important only on hbeag negative, while it is not predictive of hbsag loss on hbe positive at the end of presentation there is also data about simvastatin alone or plus tdf-adv and also data about phyllantus herbs which are kn
Avatar f tn I was on Lipitor, but went on Simvastatin 20mg (much less expensive, too) and the results have been very good. Recent blood test shows LDL 45 and HDL 58, trig 55 and chol 114. I was told there can be a reversal of CAD?! Your husband should change his medication and have a blood test for kidney functionality and no damage. The kidneys maintain the blood creatinine in a normal range, and Creatinine has been found to be a fairly reliable indicator of kidney function.
1738923 tn?1327330269 when it stops start interferon+alinia+simvastatin treatment simvastatin and vitamin d3 must be kept all the time unless vitamin d gets more than 100ng/ml or calcium rise above normal range or creatinine rise above normal range at start you need close checks of liver and kidneys function, first month every 2 weeks, if no abnormal changes after first month just check every month or bimonthly the goal of therapy is to decrease hbsag so hbsag quant is the main test to see if this is working, if n
Avatar n tn All good news! I also take Simvastatin and it is very effective at lowering LDL very quickly. It also has the fewest side effects and is very well tolerated and you are on a low dosage as well. Sounds like you're on the right track!
Avatar m tn I go with tenofovir + vitD3 20 000 ui in the morning and simvastatin 80mg at night before bed. after taking simvastatin I just feel tired and sleepy immediately and wake up with normal mood with no pain at all. Should I continue with the high dose or more test need to be done to assure the safety ?
Avatar f tn i also forgot to menthion simvastatin it has activity on all hbv mutants, boost antiviral response and prevents liver cancer and decompensation improving portal hypertension a good doctor is needed to monitor improvment and if sim can have toxicity, doses used are 20mg or 40mg, link to the study here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.