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Avatar f tn Since we've narrowed it down to allergy, and not infestation or stress/depression, we're now in the process of trying to figure out if the cat has a food allergy via an elimination diet. We have him on natural Balance Green Pea and duck, which he hates, and because he won't eat it, we are supposed to be starting him on Hills hydrolyzed protein diet tomorrow. if we can't ID the allergen as a food substance, we have to test him for air allergens, which happens to be an $800 ($800!!!!!) test.
Avatar n tn My cat had a cold a few weeks ago. All signs of cold are gone,but now he has a dry scaley,fungus growing on the outside of his ear.He is still eating very well.He has also become very lovey now.I have 5 cats and need some help.
389974 tn?1331018842 Swampy sometimes feels guilty about feeding his fierce attack kitty Friskies. Swampy recently bought his attack cat a few cans of Pet's Promise salmon cat food. PP has a higher protein count (11.5%) than the Friskies wet food (8.5%)*. It also, strangely enough, smells something like the food it is supposed to be. The cat positively hated it. She started eating her dry food instead and begging Swampy for some of his peanut butter toast. So its back to Friskies.
Avatar f tn As mentioned more details are needed to maybe off more advice. In my years of practice I have seen allergies just about anything you can name (mainly fleas, environment and foods).
203342 tn?1328740807 She gets this a couple of times a year. I don't know if it's allergies or what. They're not entirely sure what it is either but gave me a cream. Well, while there they weighed her and she's 8.5 pounds. She's lost a pound and a half within the last year. I knew she'd lost some weight but she acts fine and seems to be eating fine. She usually meows at me in the evenings to be fed.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I'm 40 years old and was diagnosed with a food allergies about 5 years ago after a lot of stress happened in my life (death in family). It has now gotten so bad that I can't have any egg, dairy, hazelnut, walnut, ALL FRUIT most veges (some veges if I cook them to mush I can eat) and just recently I cannot eat any corn byproducts at all. I can't even find a toothpaste that does not contain corn product. I'm thinking I can't eat anything with canola or vegetable oil either now.
Avatar n tn Maybe you guys can work it out. Please don't get rid of your cat cause of a guy you love your cat had for a years....
5817271 tn?1374796199 than I'm 905 certain its food allergies....particularly to GRAINS...most cat foods are full of grains because they are cheap..much cheaper than meat...and most cats are intolerant to grains.. even if her diet hasn't changed, like us humans allergies take a while to develop and some will be more affected than others.. also dry kibble has tons of preservatives and other chemicals that canned food doesn't, even has mites due to long storage after bagging.
Avatar n tn Everyone in the house works full time and we know that during the day Bungle is beating the hell out of Spunky, evident by the tufts of black fur scattered around our living room. I know that Spunky is not yet in any kind of pain for me to feel justified in putting him to sleep, and I know that if we found a new home for Bungle he would attack an animal or child and probably be put down. (He's done a number on me.
Avatar m tn what you are describing is very common symptoms of can be environmental, diet or inhaled first of all are you feeding a dry diet? please stop if you are, dry kibble is loaded with preservatives and other nasty ingredients that give many kitties problems switch over to canned, but do so gradually so not to cause GI upset also d/c salmon or any other fish....the article I am linking you too will explain why.
Avatar f tn He was 8 years of age, approximately 80lbs, and showed no signs of being sick before he passed. The night before he played like he always had and ate his dog food as usual. On the morning of his passing he was with me in my room most of the morning. He slept most of the time (which was normal for him) and I gave him crust from a sandwich I was eating.
1786778 tn?1314991418 dry food is also a huge problem, b/c of the many preservatives along with the grains of course. can you do a trial of changing her food to a non chicken GRAIN FREE canned food and see if that makes a difference. also try to eliminate as many scents as possible around your home. with people allergies to a food or product we tend to sneeze and get runny eyes with cats they feel it on their skin...therefore they itch or breakout in tiny sore scabs or both. post again if we can help, good luck.
Avatar n tn I have an indentation on top of my head that I am getting checked out in a couple of weeks.It's been here for years but is getting sensitive and seems to be growing larger.Jen3000:So glad that tumors were ruled out for you.Bet you are relieved.I am also wondering if the indentation could have anything to do with why my heart goes dangerously out of rythym everytime I take practicly all meds.This has been a mystery to doctors.
Avatar m tn Take them outside to eat some grass (chloryphil fights URI and asthma; also allergies). Never give a cat aspirin, Tylenol or anything of the sort. It is fatal to cats. Rescue Remedy from a local health food store calms them best and only cost about 8 bux for a bottle which should last well over a year. You drop 4 drops on your fingers alternating rubbing it on the inside of each ear. This works for humans too (job interview, arguing with s/o, kids driving ya nuts...). It's a good investment.
Avatar n tn I have yet to find a definite answer, though I have had my hormones tested and discovered all of my hormones are out of balance. I'm in the process of trying bioidentical hormone replacement to see if that helps. Hope you find some answers.
Avatar m tn The modern version of wheat is a far cry from the ancient plant. In fact, the newer, high-yield wheat we've been eating since the 1980s is full of genetic changes that seem to inflame our bodies, cause our guts to leak, and trigger autoimmune diseases. Some of the strange health problems associated with wheat.
Avatar f tn So every member in your household should adhere to these rules, and they should be treated with medication as well, because if you don't, something called ping-pong infection happens and the family members keep infecting each other.
Avatar n tn You'll probably notice signs of impending menopause, such as menstrual irregularity, sometime in your 40s. But some women notice changes as early as their mid-30s.") ...just thought I would post this because someone mentioned that everyone posting here is female...and just wondered if it could be related to perimenopause...
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year old female with a 2 year old, in good health other than being about 10 pounds overweight. Two months ago I began experiencing shortness of breath. I yawn constantly in an attempt to get air. The doctor thought asthma, especially given my family history of lung problems, so though my lungs sounded clear I tried advair/albuterol. No change in condition. I had a ct scan to check for a pulmonary embolism and everything looked good.
429155 tn?1205676864 30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
Avatar f tn Benadryl is also something of an anti-emetic, and can be given at 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight, but I doubt it will be very effective in the face of this kind of vomiting. Worth a try though. Another thing that helps is calcium - lots of it. I was giving Chica 2 Tums a day during her last couple of months. The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure.
Avatar n tn I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.
Avatar dr m tn Upper airway resistance syndrome was first described by researchers at Stanford University in 1993. They described a group of young women and men who complained of chronic fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness. They all also underwent a formal sleep study and all were found not to meet the official criteria for obstructive sleep apnea. However, by treating them as if they had obstructive sleep apnea, most improved significantly.
Avatar m tn Have his ACTH level checked. Other signs of cushings are weight gain, hair loss, lots of drinking/urinating, panting...So it could be Cushings but it could be a multitude of other things, depending on the rest of his bloodwork, symptoms he presents, etc. An xray and maybe an ultrasound might be a good idea as well, to get a better view and rule out masses, enlargement...
Avatar n tn For the last week or so now I have had a very slight, high-frequency vibrating sensation in my penis (it feels like it is in my urethra, from about the base of the glans to the base of the penis). It feels like varying degrees of the following sensations: - a cellphone vibrating in my pocket - a stream of fluid flowing through the urethra (without the sensation of exiting the glans) It is not usually constant, but is rhythmic, that is, will come and go in intervals...
Avatar n tn And so you go to sleep and roar this dreaming engine that will not stop because you are not getting QUALITY, DEEP sleep. In that state of deprivation, your system then kicks in and puts you in overdrive dreaming which itself does not solve but aggravates your sleep deficit. I have a few suggestions: A) try as best as you can to stick, 7 days a week to a schedule of say 7 hours of sleep and maintain a bed a wake time that is close every day.
Avatar n tn I've researched the hangover bit myself and the only thing I found that was medical related was gut fermentation caused by overgrowth of yeast in the gut.ALL of his symptoms match. I was wondering what other people thought or if anyone had any other suggestions. He has yet another Dr Appt in a few days and this time I want him to be armed with some info, because the GP's around here try to fob you off as much as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers!
Avatar f tn OMG!!! This is the story of my life...i will try the suggested options but am in need of answeres fast!! My face has a new scar every week...ive been battling theese " plugs" for the last four years along with tinea versacolor...i am 38 yrs old female...tried all the derms treatments with no success! I will try the antifungal cream....any new info or answers please respond asap!!!!
685623 tn?1283485207 In fact, when reviewing confirmed food allergies among dogs, corn and rice have the same number of cases (about 2.4% of all allergies). Beef, wheat, and dairy continue to be the leading reasons for food allergies. Could corn eventually rise up higher? Certainly…given it’s prevalence in many diets, it has that potential, but until your pet is proven allergic to corn through elimination diets, I wouldn’t worry about it.
960887 tn?1283485836 It is probably questionable whether products like Rescue Remedy have any beneficial effect at all with dogs, but that is my own skepticism getting in the way of an open mind. Izzie’s blood work showed that her blood was way more concentrated than it should be (PCV=66% if you like lab numbers), and much of the fluid had leaked out into her intestines.