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Avatar n tn I've used 20 mg Prilosec on a daily basis for 4 or 5 years. If I forget to take a pill I may feel the affects the next day. If I take a pill as soon as I sense the acid then it subsides with in an hour or two. I just found out today that generic omeprazole is available so I am happy.
Avatar n tn Moving from New Jersey to this particular region of the South (known for it's very high levels of allergens) has certainly exacerbated the condition - to the point where I have now been receiving injections for a little over a year. But the current problem I have is a chronic sinus drip/discharge that began while I was on interferon/tx and has remained unabated, in spite of the injections.
Avatar m tn None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.
Avatar m tn The dropping head forward that the doctor suspected to be salaam seizures are not happening and have not been for weeks. Also what would be the name of some of the problems that could be with her spine causing a head tilt occasionally? Thanks very much for the information.
Avatar f tn This forum is definitely just the bad stories of Nissen Fundoplication. I had two of them. One in 1988 and the other in 1991. The first worked great for 2 years.The second worked for 9 years. I may have to have a third. If anyone is considering having the surgery, do not do the Laparascopic procedure. That is why everyone is having problems. It can't be done as well that way. Have it done the conventional way. It is much more effective.
Avatar n tn com You will find much information about it there. It's not just for depression. It has it's side effects, the worst being some interference with sexual function. I have no intention to sound crude here so please don't be offended. I think most folks are probably the most concerned with the sexual side effects of Paxil. I call it the depression of the emotion of orgasm. My personal experience has been that it prolongs the coming of orgasm but I think my wife probably appreciates that.
544341 tn?1234992477 Unfortunately, there are no studies regarding the effects of the long term use of these drugs. One has to question whether the prolonged use of PPI drugs is really safe. We do know that by reducing the production of stomach acid, the proper digestion and assimilation of food is restricted. Are chronic users of these drugs suffering from a form of malnutrition. It is important to keep in mind that stomach acid also keeps potentially dangerous intestinal bacteria in check.
Avatar n tn Increased intragastric( stomach) pressure, allows the pressure gradient on either side of the sphincter to be imbalanced , causing reflux. 3. The presence of a hiatal hernia , which is a herniation of the the upper part of the stomach into the thorax( above the diaphragm : the muscle between the abdomen and chest) impairing the function of the shincter. 4.
Avatar n tn Im wondering if this is post nasal drip because ive been (sorry for the layman's term) hawking a lot of loogies. they are white, no green or yellow color. please help im sick of coughinggggg.....
Avatar n tn However, I do on occassion take a pill for pain called Tramadol, and one of it's side effects is to make me very thirsty hours after taking it. This drying out also effects my PND as it seems to really thin out the secretions so that even though I still seem to have to swallow more than I think is normal, it doesn't make me feel as if my throat is clogged so I cut back on the throat clearing considerably!
Avatar n tn To everyone experiencing pain on the right side of stomach. You should ask for a Hepatitis panel test.
Avatar f tn Although I VERY RARELY feel it on the right side, it DOES happen once in awhile. But for the most part it's been my left side. I've had all the heart tests, including stress echo, I've had an MRI of my brain and neck, I've had a breast exam. I've even seen a chiropractor. Every test they've done comes back normal. And nothing seems to help. I've tried aspri - doesn't work. I try massaging my breast and shoulders and that seems to help a tiny bit. Usually the pain is very dull...
Avatar n tn I suggest that you talk with your doctors about an evaluation for the symptoms. Workup should include a search for structural abnormalities of the GI tract, infection, and abnormalities in absorption. There is no reason to have this fear of eating. Sometimes, a cause is not found but symptomatic treatments are used.
1222635 tn?1366399886 This must be so stressfull for you, Well its normal for babies to sick so much back up i had this with my son ( hes nearly 3 now ) infact he used to throw it back up like something out of a horror movie....i would suggest you feed her more often whenevr shes asking to be fed just feed her,let her feed as much as she wants whenever she wnts, trust her instincs this way you know she wont be going hungry at any time....
Avatar m tn reason for switching meds was due to finanical. Valtrex out of pocket was $700 for a 90 day supply and the Zovirax is paid through a government funded program b/c I have no insurance) My concern: 10 weeks ago I went out with friends and met up with a long lost friend (girl) from over 20 years ago, we had way to many drinks and I got really to intoxicated.
Avatar n tn I have had my gall bladder out and have a fatty liver....also on synthyroid for my thyroid and my tummy pill of prilosec...that is all I take...have read recently that taking potassium is dangerous .....I am low on this so eating is the best way....I will try the calcium and B vitamens to see if this helps. My spasms go up and down and around the rib cage causing me to lose my breath.
Avatar n tn They found nothing and prescribed a different inhaler which didn't show any sign of helping even while I was taking the tests. For some reason they gave it to me anyway and I went away frustrated. Next I was sent to the cardiologist and he ran me through an EKG, stress test on the treadmill, echocardiogram before and after exertion. All results came back as negative with an excellent ejection fraction. They did find some PVCs but said they were nothing to worry about.
162948 tn?1205256292 I HATE Mirena! I must be the "rare" side effects group expect now I'm finding tons of people like me. After insertion, I bled for the first THREE months straight, which after a month I called the doctor and he said it sometimes happens. From then on it's been an on going mess. I will have a period then not again for a month or two, then twice in one month! I have to carry supplies with me all the time.