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Avatar m tn she was in a coma for approximately 36 hours and has since, woke up, but is suffering from short term memory loss...the doctors coined the term snycope which is as much as i know medically other than they say her memory could return in a day, a week, or up to a far she doesn't remember a good friend she has known for a year...i guess my question there anything she can do to speed up the recovery process?...
Avatar n tn For the last week and a half I have been experiencing what I consider to be a great deal of short term memory loss. Such as beginning a conversation and completely forgetting what my point was. The thought is totally gone as if I never had it to begin with. I can't seem to be able to verbally complete a thought. This happened to me yesterday while teaching at least 8 times. It is very frustrating and scary and I am concerned about what is causing these problems.
Avatar n tn Dear one, so good to hear from you! You know, I'm not sure what you're taking these days, but I've read that the benzos, be they Xanax or Ativan or Valium, etc. can cause temporary amnesia -- it clears up when you "clean up" much like pot's effect on short term memory. I also was on Prozac for a few months afer my back surgery in 1993, and it made me an absolute space case.
Avatar n tn wants to stay in bed all day doesn't want to talk or eat or clean up--very apathetic and shows severe short term memory loss that seems to get worse as day goes on. He seems very depressed (obviously, I guess) His liver enzymes are off but we haven't done a cat scan yet. metabolic workup is being done. He has copd, asthma and diabetes II so I'm thinking it's the onset of vascular dementia possibly..
Avatar f tn I am really thinking that my memory is going especially short term memory. It bothers me because I have worked all of my life, I am now 61 yrs old, the pain is getting worse and I know I need pain meds for the rest of my life......I have to be conservative so that I don't get too used to them and then I will be SOL. Anyone else have this problem with work I mean? If I lose my job, I don't know whether to file disability or unemployment.
Avatar n tn You're doing well. The short term memory loss was a big concern of mine, too. I talked to my Dr. about it and she said it was the fentanyl, and yes, opioids do cause it, but the memory comes back when you stop using them. I have a great long term memory, but ask me what I had for lunch two days ago and I have no idea. I am constantly looking at the calendar because I forget the date several times in one day. Welcome to the forum. There are some fantastic people here.
Avatar m tn Ritalin is known to cause memory loss, in high doses. Taken long term, it will cause long-term memory loss. It can cause brain damage. It increases your risk of stroke and heart disease. You have a serious substance abuse problem. Seek help.
Avatar m tn in comparisson to short termmemory loss and how to overcome short term memory loss without using a pill but with FAITH IN INDEPENDANCE and organizing the electrical synapses that our brains use most frequently/ rely on the most frequently.... you might need to forget some of your most valuable memories to be able to regain your short term memory... Thats how computers work... when my computer starts running out of memory it gets a case of short term memory loss on a monthly basis!
Avatar n tn Until two months ago when he totally lost his memory! He could remember his family, but his short-term memory and long-term-short memory were affected. He was very confused for the first two weeks. Then he started feeling more rational and not so confused, but he has never gotten his memory back. His brain is normal, the size, the blood flow to the brain, his heart, abdomen, and .... all results were normal.
1116556 tn?1345119506 Over the past few months I've been feeling less confident in my certainty for recall in short-term memory. It's extremely frustrating because I've always been known to have an excellent memory. Friends and family call to me for reference of past or facts. I feel as though I have alzheimer's! It's absolutely frightening. Now, it's to the point where I have to ask my husband if I did or said something because I do not remember.
5276415 tn?1365876703 Lastly, hopefully you can find a website with a forum, where amnesiacs, short-term memory loss people, blood sugar memory loss folk all talk over their problems, and there you will find perhaps some support. By the by, a CT scan of your brain may show where any damage might have been, if any.
765802 tn?1263304451 one thing I do know that I have experienced and many others also that some meds especially when you take a few, cause short term memory loss, especially the anti depressants like Xanax and Lexapro...This is one reason I only use supplements now and indeed I have even noticed it with some of those like 5HTP first I doubt if you have alzheimers however do get it checked out if you are concerned . Ask a Pharmacist about the mix of meds as you may find its as simple as that ....
Avatar m tn For some reason, I have never had good short term memory. If I don't make a conscious effort to memorize something, it will vaporize almost immediately. Recently, it seems to have gotten worse. It's at the point now where I can be in the middle of a conversation, hear a loud noise, and instantly have absolutely no idea what I was just talking about. As you can imagine, this is super frustrating.
Avatar n tn Oh, can I relate, but I suffered from short (and long at times) term memory loss when taking Norco's. I would be talking with my husband and just forget a word (English was my major!), then another and another. I felt as if I may just be developing Alzheimer's at the age of 35 :), but this never happened before taking the pain meds regularly, so I attribute it to that. The brain is an amazingly resilient organ, and I think that this short term problem is completley reversible.
6081006 tn?1379061150 It is a constant struggle of mine to maintain any form of awareness. Additionally, my short term and long-term memory function at nearly amnesiac levels and my ability to focus and (simply put) think are at an atrociously low level. Due to my cognitive impairments the best way I can describe my subjective experience is through exposition. So here goes. I apologize beforehand for its lack of brevity. The ADD mind, to the best of my understanding, is racing with thought.
Avatar n tn I swear to you--it works. I have always chosen between long term and short term memory--ever since I was a kid. I realized that the brain holds so much of both. Then later, as a teen, I read computers do the same thing by scanning information. Just tell yourself what will be long-term memory and what will not. I save short-term memory for around the house things and junk news--not the real hard stuff--and movies. I know this might sound insane, but it has worked for me.
645800 tn?1466864555 One of the first cognitive problems I developed was short term memory problems (almost 18 years ago). At times it is quite severe (IMO) as I will get up to go to the bathroom, and no sooner get up and not know why I got up. I mean how can you forget that you have to go to the bathroom? LOL As a result of this and my decision making problems I have had a terrible time with doing shopping. I could go to the store with only 3 items to get and return home with only 1 or 2 of the items.
Avatar n tn What is frustrating to me is not knowing whether the memory problems I'm having are normal age related memory problems or tx related. I've heard the Interferon has a short half life but the Ribaviron has a much longer one. I understood that to be about six months before it gets out of the system. About a month ago I finally started reducing my water intake to a closer to normal level. But I still have the "zombie" feeling from time to time.
Avatar m tn I'm a 30 year old male gas engineer, a non smoker, don't drink and don't do drugs, About 5 months ago I was making tea for my family when all of a sudden something hit me like a huge amount of fear or something to that effect and I didn't know where I was or what was happening, I started to panic and went to bed, I woke the next day feeling like my brain had shut down and I couldn't hardly function in terms of very short term awareness and memory, it felt like my brain just wouldn't let me t
Avatar n tn I am having problems with cognitive skills I am 43 and feel like I am 70 I find myself having problems forming sentences and reaching for words, basic math skills and my short term memory although always affected has become pretty bad I will forget anything. I could live with most of it but the pain is something else. my family talked me into going into the hospital lol what a joke. Doctor says sorry there is nothing we can do for you!
Avatar n tn My mother, who was always there for me to seek constant reassurance from during the worst times of my anxiety, says I'm a completely different person. I do have some problems with some short term memory loss, but that was present before I started the klonopin . I've been on many different meds starting at 19 for depression, and even more now due to the bipolar, so it's hard to say what (if it at all) may have caused the memory loss.
Avatar n tn Me too, ive got problems short term and long term, did the tx in 2004, 46 yrs old. I do suffer from stress, anxiety, depression which doesnt help, the symptoms of having hep c take a toll on the body and mind, Ive been told I have to try not live hep c 24/7, but how the heck do you do that? Having the symptoms is a constant reminder all the time you have hep c, switching off is hard.
Avatar n tn I would like to know what are the long term effects of Oxycontin abuse? I was put on Methadone for five days to wean me from the Oxycontin. I felt no symptoms of withdrawl during that whole time. I haven't used in 20 days however for the last four nights I have been sweating so bad that I actually soak the bed. Is this normal? I also experience stomach pain every morning and sometimes through out the day. Thank you very much for your service, Chad P.S.
Avatar n tn Over the past ten or so months, I've become increasingly confused by the most simplest of everyday activities, have shockingly bad short term memory, muscle twitching all over, blurred vision, feel quite wobbly on feet, etc. I've seen two neurologists to date now, both of whom were quite dismissive of my symptoms - saying I'm just depressed! I'm like, damn right I'm depressed, wouldn't you be if you had all these scary symptoms going on, and your life was at a total standstill?
Avatar f tn nausea, vomiting, passing out(fainting) several times, dizzy for no reason, right hand cramps up like frozen, pain in left arm moved to neck then pain in chest(lasted several months), chest wall inflamation(unknown reason), sudden diahria(quite often), headache(dont usually have them)lately more severe, feeling weird(just not right), short term memory loss(some time cant remember current conversation), itchy parts of body, scalp itches bad(no new meds or foods).
Avatar f tn There is a Guillian Barre survivors on Facebook with hundreds of followers. Just FYI. Also I wanted to send Magnesium Info your way as it could possibly be causing memory loss for most everyone esp. with age. . I am so glad to have found Magnesium L Threonate. This is what I use and my memory has improved. I could memorize credit card nos. telephone, car plates without even trying. What's interesting is that I could do that up until 10 years ago.
154927 tn?1205246451 What it tells me is that the short term memory is affected. The long term stays in tact. Seems as folks get older that the short memory goes and the long term stays. There has been many times that I have listened to older folks talk about the old days, what they did, complain about yesteryear. Me I am more interested in knowing their experiences and how it relates to the now. Maybe the treatment causes early short term memory loss. Hope this is not permanent.