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Avatar f tn Hello, Short term memory loss after brain surgery is more common than you might think. Let me break this into a two part answer, first the basic info about standard approaches, and second, what I have seen happen over the years working with patients that had brain trauma from different sources; First, Rehabilitation after brain tumor surgery that results in memory loss typically involves psychotherapy and cognitive therapy.
Avatar m tn What type of learnig disabilities will cause problems with short term memory - working memory and organization?
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment.
Avatar m tn I have been off these meds fro three weeks, severe mania anxiety, loss or disconnect of short term memory. Do not feel safe in public. WHAT TO DO ?
1763947 tn?1334058919 Hi, I was wondering if any one else has experienced problems with short term memory? Mine is getting worse by the day and I am really worried. My friend called me one night and the next day when we spoke, I didn't remember ever talking to her the night before. This type of thing is happening more and more. My move was delayed until the end of the month which means I am delayed in seeing my new LLMD. Would love to hear if this is something many people experience?
Avatar n tn I have problems with short term memory. I have been this way for at least ten years I no, but I just realized it was a real problem about 3 yrs ago and it has gotten worst. I can't remember from one minute to the next. I have a had time moving further with anything, because I don't remember things so I don't have anything to build on.
Avatar n tn Depending on what part of the brain she is getting the headache she could have a range of symptoms. When you get a headache or migraine (I am no expert) your blood vessles swell and so depending on the location this could put pressure on her short term memory sensors and be causing the disruption...but again, I am no expert. She does need a scan and/or MRI done! The first time I got a migraine my vision got blurry and the doctors thought I was having a stroke...
8323481 tn?1405709254 Absolutely! I did experience that. It gets better with time and healing. Protein packed foods and vit C will help, as will crosswords and puzzles. Yes there is damage. That's what these drugs do. I'm sorry I forget what I was talking about! What was your question??
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with ADD as a child, never took the meds though - Currently I experience a complete lacking of a sense of direction, short term memory loss, depression and anxiety. I'd like to know if these are all symptoms of ADD, or if I was just dropped on my head as a kid?
Avatar n tn Dear one, so good to hear from you! You know, I'm not sure what you're taking these days, but I've read that the benzos, be they Xanax or Ativan or Valium, etc. can cause temporary amnesia -- it clears up when you "clean up" much like pot's effect on short term memory. I also was on Prozac for a few months afer my back surgery in 1993, and it made me an absolute space case.
Avatar n tn Its like a brief lapse in my short term memory. Having to consciously try to remember the previous events and there significance in my life is very unsettling. The second symptom is that live events don't fully register with my brain. Life feels much more like a movie than reality, and I have almost zero sense of self. I will be in a place and every so often it will occur to me that the event is actually taking place.
Avatar n tn Perhaps future research will reveal markers that point to the strong possibility of long-term adverse effects for certain people. The medical use of interferon is still relatively new and the negative effects are probably only coming to light just now. I'm really sorry you're not enjoying the kind of great health that we all hope to have once we complete treatment. It must be such a disappointment...
Avatar n tn Is it possible to still have short term memory loss 5 years out of chemo treatment?
Avatar f tn My endo and PCP put me on Levothyroxine .25mg once a day. It has been two months, and my short term memory is still not better. I can't remember things or conversations that happened that day or just hours prior. It is actually really worrisome, when on Friday I forgot the names to the days of the week. I was able to get seen tomorrow. But I am wondering if anyone else had this and was told they had something more than just Hashi's.
Avatar m tn Hi, There are many causes of loss of brain volume. One of them is Alzheimer’s disease. Another common cause is Cushing’s syndrome. Cushing’s syndrome (CS) results from the chronic exposure to supraphysiological levels of glucocorticoids and other steroids, which often produce neuropsychological and emotional modifications in affected patients.
Avatar n tn e. anesthesia) can cause a short term reduction of memory function. Just having surgery and losing one ovary is causing me problems, so I am not in the least surprised that those of you who must further endure a treatment regimen are having real problems with memory! Of course, my father has you all beat; he uses notes to remind himself of notes, and has done for most of my life.
Avatar m tn When i am talking to someone it is like my mind is not racing and not forming any thoughts when i am speaking. I have severe long/short term memory problems. i am confused with days of the week and months and years. All tests and scans are neg... including EEG. Been to numerous mental health doctors. they dont know. Is it Anxiety,early Alzheimer's, depression or disaccotative disorder? 32 year old male. All of a sudden had screaming attack where my brain went crazy.
Avatar n tn I am a professional person and used to think my memory loss was from depression (taking this for anxiety but sometimes can be disguised) which can cause some short term memory loss. I thought this since memory loss was never even considered by the pharms. Now today after finding this site, I see it is true what I have always believed. This Med cause short term memory loss!
1830047 tn?1321671393 Hello to All! I too have had short term memory loss of things(brain fog)and then later it may come back and sometimes only with step by step of remembering what was said or done to bring it back to mind but a few things I couldn't get but I try not to stress or cry too much because I've always been known for being organized,spelling queen and remembering things and dates well not so much anymore! Sad.:( Wishing us all better days with our memories but! Wishing you all blessings and happy days!
Avatar m tn The long term effects depend on the part of brain that was involved during stroke. Cerebellum controls our balance and coordination, If cerebellum is affected the person will have a tendency to lose balance and fall. If the right hemisphere is involved the patient may present with short term memory loss, impulsive behavior etc. Since you have also mentioned about family history of Alzheimers disease which affects memory as well.
Avatar n tn Slowly over time I seem to be losing this. It seems to be something with my short term memory. I don't remember things I say or conversations I have. I can forget things as soon as they happen. I have trouble remembering birthdays and phone numbers. I know my "really good" memory is still in there and it works randomly. I can remember patients names and faces, why they came in, things they tell me. But randomly.
Avatar n tn Yes Fentanyl or any narcotic can effect our short term memories, regardless of our age. Physicians walk the fine line of memory impairment or pain management. It is my guess you would rather see your mother with some memory disturbances instead of dealing with chronic pain that would make her days and nights absolutely miserable.
Avatar m tn The cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder generally effect a person's ability to process and understand ideas. Direct memory loss can be a part of it but its usually more complex. Do you have trouble tracking conversations only or do you have memory loss in other areas? Dementia can be a symptom of schizophrenia but this is rare and generally a clinically seperate diagnosis. Some medications, however as a temporary side effect can cause memory loss.
Avatar n tn I dont know how much alcohol you take but long term alcohol use is associated with short term memory loss and the ability to form new memories (called Korsakoffs syndrome). This is more related to a vitamin deficiency in chronic alcoholics over many years. It is mainly irreversible - so avoid the evils of alcohol if you can.
1146276 tn?1261473787 Well, on the neurological side of things, I personally think you should visit a neurologist, because he can do some office tests to determine how your recall and short-term memory is doing from a series of questions, and then he can also order a scan of your head to see if the problem originates in in your brain. Now, from a psychological perspective, let me see if I've got this straight. You tell us two different kinds of memory troubles.
Avatar m tn Iceboy, The way I cope with short term memory loss is lots and lots of post it notes!!! They are covering my counters and art painting table where I work. The only problem is that I have to then try to remember what notes tell me what I'm supposed to be doing on what days and then I also have a nasty habit of loosing the note I'm trying to find. I now write notes to tell me where the next days notes are!!!.....I think?
Avatar f tn Black outs occur as alcohol cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain seriously disrupting the activity of several neurotransmitters in Your brain, These transmitters are responsible for storing short term memory and THEN responsible to transition short term into long term memory. When those receptors shutdown, short term memory fails to become (transition into) long term memory. This happens because of the level of alcohol in Your blood.
Avatar n tn it also talked about it can ruin your short term memory. it really messes with the part of your brain that functions when your learning something. (yeah, when your trying to learn something, anything, new.) it burns out certain receptors in ur brain and neurons dont fire like they used to. dxm basically puts your mind through a blender if you use it even moderately in higher doses than the label recommends. anyways i was relieved to find out the damage is mostly reversible.
1830047 tn?1321671393 It is a general slowing of the processing of information in the brain. In this process something in are short term memory doesn't making it to the long term memory due to distractions and other information going through are brain. As a result we completely forget things as the short term memory is very limited in the amount of information it can hold. I heard somewhere that it only holds about 10 seconds of information at any time.