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Avatar m tn Also, go online and read the reports of people who have gone off Paxil. Many of them have also had long term problems. Drugs can and do cause problems that are not related to who we are or were. Do you realize how many people die each year just from aspirin? Drugs are a risk; I took it, but without knowing what the consequences could be because the manufacturer hid that information until they lost in court.
Avatar n tn As for me, I had speech problems for a few years, but I have pretty much worked through them. My biggest problem is my short term MEMORY! I can't remember anything anymore. I have to make lists constantly to remember anything. When I leave the house I have to say, "Baby, pacifier, time card, wallet, keys, etc" so that I don't forget anything. This is just ONE of my lists I have to use to get through my day. Not to mention the conversations I don't even know I've had.
Avatar n tn I have adhd, which many people do not relize that people with adhd also have delayed reaction time and/or short term memory. This affects everyday things, not just when you are trying to be productive. Taking adderall makes me able drive alot better,( i am more alert to the other cars, signs, and my thoughts are on the road.), keeping up with my things, before adderall i would loose everything!!! and when i do not take my adderall i will notice a difference even when i just go to the mall.
534854 tn?1234079708 Usually it stoppes working long before then for most people. As for it being toxic and dangerous over the long term. Hard to say, bet Effexor has been around for about 8 years (maybe longer) and there are no wide spread reports of adverse health problems associated with it's prolonged usage. I have no doub't that for us people that take any Antidepressants for life, that they may slightly shorten our lifespan.
Avatar n tn I come here to read everyday just to get insight, strength and support. I want to say I am the voice of experience...I am not experienced in being sober and giving advice, but I am experienced in dealing with withdrawals and the realization that I am an addict. I never wanted to know ANYTHING about drugs, had a some wine if at a party, I am ashamed to say I looked "down" at addicts and couldn't get it.
Avatar m tn I would say I have above average observation and association skills, and my long term memory is even pretty good. For some reason, I have never had good short term memory. If I don't make a conscious effort to memorize something, it will vaporize almost immediately. Recently, it seems to have gotten worse. It's at the point now where I can be in the middle of a conversation, hear a loud noise, and instantly have absolutely no idea what I was just talking about.
Avatar f tn Hello there, and thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you've been through a lot. I used to work at a sub clinic, and I can say that there definitely were a small portion of our patient populace who had basically chosen to stay on subs long term. There ARE scenarios where it makes sense, mostly in situations where a person has been a chronic relapser, among other factors. That being said, I agree with the above posters that your dose was (and IS) way too high.
Avatar f tn My only issue is that though I do have good benefits, being off work for more than short term or long term disability is not financially feasible. Fortunately we're almost debt free (aside from student loans) and don't even have a car payment so we'll see what happens. I know I'm better off in that respect than most people but like everyone else, it would only take a few missed paychecks to lose it all. My apt is in a couple hours. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
Avatar n tn It's gotten so bad that I find myself counting days until my next trip to the doc when I can get another script for them and then count the days they will last and I always fall short because I take more than I should and I run out. I want to stop totally. It's been so many years since I haven't taken them I don't know if I even still have pain from the orginal thing I started with them in the first place. I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning.
685321 tn?1230954752 But focus on the long term instead of the short term. While you need short term goals as stepping stones for your long term success, the fact that you said that you were anxiety free for two weeks is great! Don't sell yourself short; give yourself the credit when it is due. Also, in my opinion, as with life, anxiety will come and go. But everytime you go through with an experience you learn from it and gain a little more knowledge about the process....
Avatar m tn sneezing, RLS a lot, vision problems (would see double), Chilled (2 months), NO ENERGY, didn't want to talk to anyone, experienced depression, which I've never had it was horrible, (thought I was going to lose my mind), and had no short term memory whatsoever (I'm in sales and can chat all day, my mind was so out of wack that when I would talk to anyone I would say words wrong, and every other minute forget what I was going to say, I felt so stupid, (thought the pills had seriously fried my bra
3119293 tn?1342054132 I still have stomach aces and want to pop them so ******* bad it's unreal I keep telling myself why do you want to quit. Do you really want to feel normal and not to be high. I set short term goals like a week is my goal right now. So 68hrs to go before I reach my short term goal the nights are the worst especially the weekend fri sat and Sunday. Those were the days I pop 15-18 ten yellow or blue viks or dones whatever u want to call em. Does anyone still get on here.
Avatar n tn however can't get xanax then try valerian root and melatonin combined. i just finished a detox myself and made sure i took a short walk at night and then ate some chicken soup to get something in my stomach. having something in your stomach will help produce sleep. see if you can get access to a hot steam room and a massage. it might cost you a $100, but this will really soothe your nerves and help produce sleep.
1741471 tn?1407162630 “AEROBIC CONDITIONS SEEMES TO ASSIST IN MEMORY 5.EXERCISE IMPROVES MEMORY AND CREATIVITY Dustnam research (Michund and Wild 1991 tested three groups: those who engaged in vigorous activity improved in short term, creativity and reaction time 6.MORE EXERCISE BETTER GRADES, STUDY SAYS CANADIAN STUDY showed how academic scores went up went physical education was increased to one third of the school day (Vanes and Blanchard) 7.
Avatar f tn its just as bad as vics, but i also did it because i felt like i was loosing my mind i thought about suicicd a lot cuz i didnt wanna live that way, i was jelous of people that lived there lives without pills, i couldnt understand how they did it, and i was having a lot of memory loss and doing things i wouldnt have done if i wasnt high!! Goodluck to everyone and you can do it!!
333672 tn?1273796389 Thank you for the reminder. BTW, can I borrow or lease your memory on a short term basis?
1531526 tn?1330739676 As you can tell and will soon learn reading my posts I'm long winded and tend to ramble on and on. But I'm here for you if you just need an ear to listen. I want more than anything for you to get better.
486038 tn?1300066967 and i'm eating alot) and my short term memory (which is not good) is catching me and they are really don't know what to say when I keep screwing up names, words and numbers really bad. Also, they are telling me I need to move faster, and I can't, which is becoming a problem. I do think that I will need to explain my health problems tomorrow and possibly quit the job.
Avatar f tn I think out of everything, one of the things that has really not improved a whole he!! of a lot is my short-term memory loss. Great, new diagnosis, C.R.S. Hang in there Kimmie, it SO gets better...I can't even begin to tell's freakin' WONDERFUL!
Avatar n tn Now if I try to do 13*13 - I have trouble, so I must write it out on paper because I cannot put anything in my short term memory. It's like I have no access to it.
Avatar f tn I don't know if you are aware of this, but long term use of opiates can actually increase our pain. It's a condition called "opiate-induced hyperalgesia". You can look it up....Wikipedia has a great article about it. I found myself in that condition before I quit but didn't know what it was called or that I even had it until I found this forum. And INITIALLY, as we taper and then totally get off the opiates, we usually have what is called "rebound pain".
Avatar n tn Please, has anyone had this? Do you think its going off the pill, and if so how long til I am back to normal again? Or does it sound more like cysts? The pain seems mostly to be in the center, below my navel, best described as rubber bands snapping or twisting. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have always had anxiety, but since then it has heightened greatly. I have short-term memory problems, mostly names and placing stories in the correct time order from my past. I have occasional insomnia, for up to months, and a hard time focusing and making long-term goals. I was diagnosed and prescribed medication for generalized anxiety disorder and ADD, which I gratefully accept. However, I am curious, is it possible to develop ADD after a head injury?
Avatar m tn What if procrit was was administered prior to tox? Can we get proactive on this regimen? And what are the long term effects of severe anemia?
1323357 tn?1274826939 an increase of adrenaline and decrease of dopamine - and this feeling of depersonalistion and derealisation is a result. You are not going insane and this will rebalance itself. What makes it persist is that usually a person does not know what it is and so worries/creates more stress this creates a self-perpetuating cycle.
579258 tn?1250652943 The other 5%, I feel, were either not well informed or perhaps were mean-spirited. Long and short of it ... I highly encourage you to go out there and to this for you!!! Thank you for offering to share exercises with the group!!! Personally, I would LOVE the opportunity to obtain this information and look forward to your active participation and sharing the exercises with us. Would you possibly consider posting this within the community on a regular basis?
544292 tn?1268886268 not dead. And who don't have freaky withdrawal symptoms anymore. I wanna know how long they were on it and how they got better. I don't have my energy back. The room in which I mainly hung out during detox looks like a bomb went off in there. No energy to clean. All energy has to be conserved to do basic get to work, get home, get groceries and supplies kinda stuff. I think all of these ideas about going to a detox facility are ... not designed for me. Cause I have no insurance.
Avatar n tn Most days I could barely make it to work, and I even went on short term disability for awhile. I thought it was depression and saw a couple of pyschiatrists. The antidepressants didn't help much. I had trouble concentrating. After work I went home and straight home to bed. I quit having a social life. I didn't care that I didn't have a social life. Some weekends I didn't even leave my bedroom. I quit taking care of my yard and my home and my kids (17 and 23) had to take care of me.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Physical dependency can begin after as little as two weeks, and many people experiencing pain are prescribed medication for at least that long. o We speak with many patients who felt their doctors overprescribed opiate painkillers to them, and that they weren’t warned properly of the risks. Focused on eliminating pain, physicians can overlook the long-term consequences of dependency.
503727 tn?1210442710 However, I will tell you that you shouldn't continue to take xanax every day for a long period of time (more than a month) because it will become addicting and it is very hard to come off of it... so if I were you I would stop taking the xanax soon and only take it if you are having a panic attack. If you have any more questions or just need to talk please don't hesitate... I will always be here for advice or whatever... we all need all the help we can get!