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Avatar n tn Nothing has helped it so far. I began taking Serzone today. I am concerned about permanent side effects. Do you know if there are any? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Her medicines are Zolfran,Prevacid,Depakote,Phenegren,Adivan,Vicidin,Domparadome(from NewZeland),Serzone,and now birth control pills and still she is sick.Some days shes sicker than others, it goes on and off every day.When she gets sick she is Incohearent.She vommits so much and so often sometimes there are traces of blood.Her stomach cramps are so bad sometimes when she takes her pain medicine it doesn't help her at all. Her medicines sometimes wont stay down. Now her keytones are down?
Avatar n tn It is difficult to ascertain whether it could be the serzone or not. Serzone can cause liver damage but usually would see a elevation of the AST/ALT 3 times the normal levels. You said in your post that these levels are normal. The iron levels may be elevated for a number of reasons which include anemia, infection, inflammatory processes, hemochromatosis to name a few. The iron level also varies according to which test that they ran. Ferritin levels which for a female is 5-100 ug/L.
Avatar n tn Please help me the anxiety is too much, I have been taking Serzone and also Alprazolam and i am still full of stress. I can fee the toll that this is taking on my body, mind and spirit, in one sense I have already left my children. They have not seen their mother in months, not the happy mother that raised them. Now I just mope around praying that I won't die at home in front of the children. Help me, oh God, someone help me please. Posted by HFHS.MD -D.E.
Avatar n tn According to my doctor - this is a great substitute for Effexor as Meridia was originally developed as an anti-depressent.... but marketed for weight loss to increase profits - has anyone ever heard that? This doctor is a saint... she actually believes that she can get this weight off without a trip to Weight Watchers! She claims - normal diet and moderate exercise coupled with Meridia should do the trick. She has asked for a 6 month committment to work with her.
Avatar n tn I am always tired, my eyes always red, my neck and my upper body aches, can't swallow. I am on Serzone 150 mg. a day right now, also taking .5 mg of Lorazepam. I get headaches everyday and sometimes just wish they would find what is wrong at least if I knew I could find a way to live with this. HELP ME PLEASE, I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH MORE I CAN TAKE OF THIS WITHOUT BEING LOCKED UP! I DON'T EVEN SPEND TIME WITH MY CHILDREN BECAUSE I DON'T WANT THEM TO GET ATTACHED TO ME IN CASE I AM DYING.
Avatar n tn There is anecdotal evidence and some theoretical grounds to believe that another option is to substitute St John's Wort for the SSRI.
Avatar n tn So I go to my psyche two weeks ago( psyches only prescribe drugs and work with brain chems) They dont do talk therapy about what a shitty childhood you had which if you are a drug user it is likely there is something to that repeated cycle of mental illness of addiction,but when you use drugs you alter your brain chems drastically and deplete your feel good hormones.