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Avatar f tn bacterias, the kind of bacteria that does not staining when using gram stain method or are difficult to gram staining. My head is not in the mood for intensive online research. I could use little help. Anyone here a microbiologist? If not in this forum, where can I find one to ask for the list of non-gram stained bacterias online?
Avatar n tn A gram stain is a good indication of any infection/ bacteria but the most reliable test will be the NAAT. Yes, a gram stain can miss NGU. Did they treat you at all or are they waiting for your results before they administer abx?
Avatar m tn Could it be chancroid, since I am in a tropical country and the gram stain showed a moderate amount of gram negative baccili?
Avatar m tn Doctors informed me that they found nothing from my gram stain that would indicate any infection and that my urinalysis was clear. For the next 4-5 weeks, I had no symptoms, except for a tingling in my anus. Then, around 5 days ago, I am feeling the burning effect during urination. There is still no discharge, but it got me thinking. Any thoughts?
1798872 tn?1346164585 No, but check both scarlet fever and rheumatic fever on wiki. The immune response initiated by scarlet fever can lead to rheumatic fever. Said immune response destroyed my mother's heart valves because cartilage and the bacteria's cell wall are somewhat similar.
Avatar m tn Doctors urged me to go for some tests like VDRL, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV , Urine culture and Urine routine Test and Gram Stain Test. All the tests are negative but some bacteria were seen in Gram Stain. Then Doctors concluded saying some minor infection inside the tip of the penis so was prescribed some drugs. I took it for 1 week and i was called for followup check . The drug actually worked but i remained so busy that i could not go for followup check up .
Avatar m tn GRAM STAIN, Few Epithelial Cells, Moderate Pus Cells, Few Gram-Positive Bacilli, Few Gram Positive Cocci in Pairs ------------------ Culture and Sensitivity: Urethral Specimen Source: Urethral Swab Specimen Site: Urethra Report: Normal Urethral Flora Grown, No Pathogen isolated ------------------ STD PCR Panel - 13 STDs Ureaplasma Parvum - Detected Mycoplasma Genitalium - Detected
Avatar n tn Does anybody know if scarlet fever scars or causes loss of pigmentation? recently getting over, but skin has not healed while some parts look white and some are still red?? And would sunbathing help to dry out or just make scarring worse?
Avatar f tn Hi Mimililma I think that you may have guessed at the problem. You did not do a clean catch sample. This means that the urine sample contained all kinds of normal skin flora. Normal skin flora are bacteria that are normally and routinely found on the skin and cause no problems. When the urine was cultured (grown) in the Microbiology lab, all those organisms from your skin, grew as well.
Avatar m tn My urinalysis only reflected that I had 0.3+ protein but no puss while my gram stain resulted that I had gram positive cocci (I think it's in singles as far as I remember) and as for wbc, there's a note like this ---> wbc (?). The doctor told me that its an early gonorrhea and subsequently I had injected with ceftriaxone, doxycycline and norfloxacin and took 2 capsules everyday. After a week, I came back to recheck it, and everything is clear.
Avatar m tn about 2 months ago i had an encounter with a csw, portected oral and intercours, a week later and a huge amount of guilt later , i went to the gum clinic where they took a urine sample and done a gram stain test.
Avatar m tn After six months of sex I tested Anti HIV Elisa, Anti HIV rapid test (Capillus Method), VDRL , gram stain etc. Every test shows negative result. But i am still worried. I may have HIV infection. Should I do Western Blot testing??? Please Suggest me. Thx Udasin.
Avatar m tn Here is what her Gram Stain test says: Pus Cells - Many Epethelial Cells - Moderate Intra Cellular and Extra Cellular Gram (-) Diploccoci - Moderate I dont know what any of this means.. i did a Gram Stain test also, and this is what's stated in the result.. Predominant Organisms: Gram (-) Diploccoci Polymorphonuclears / Lpf - >25 Epithelial Cells / Lpf - <25 Can you please enlighten me on this? Is it possible to know who carried the STD or who got it first?
Avatar m tn hello vance, the doctor interpreted that Gram Stain results... what do you mean you dont see gonorrhea test... does it mean that the doctor might be wrong? thank you...
Avatar f tn The cryotheraphy is said to kill my abnormal tissue as i bleed last April everytime me and my bf intercourse, and my last gram stain was last April too and the result was absent of gram negative intracellular and extracelluar dipplocci epithetial cell=++, pus cells=+, and i never have sex during a month and that time i often mastusbate and then i went to the doctor for papsmear and after papsmear i had sex once and then I drink beer and hard stuff even i dont have food in my stomach and masturb
Avatar f tn I had a greenish discharge, before gram stain my friend prescribed me a cefixime 7 days before having gram stain test. After that there were no painful urination but there are still discharge found on the underwear every morning but no discharge when squeezing the penis. After that 7 days of azythromicin but there’s still minimal discharge in underwear. Now I’m taking doxicon. Is there a possibility that this is a trich not gono or chlamydia?
Avatar m tn Rare WBC Moderate Gram Positive Cocci Few Gram Negative Rods Rare Gram Positive Rods Culture Result: Moderate Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus Quarter-sized skin abscesses show, and build over 24-48 hours before rupturing.
Avatar f tn I went in for std testing a couple days ago and they did a gram stain and took my urine. The gram stain looked good from what the doctor said so no white blood cells which seems to me that means no ngu or ginorrhea. While im still waiting for the rest of the results i had a few questions. 1. Is it still this sites belief that chlamydia is not acquired from receiving oral? 2. Im trying to figure out the difference between discharge from chlamydia and say after urination dribbling.
Avatar n tn I would suggest you to consult your urologist and get microscopy and culture of a first void urine sample, Gram stain and culture of fluid or a swab from the urethra and nuclear acid amplification tests done to find out the infection. Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn s all right to apply an antiseptic solution like povidone iodine (betadine) on the wound before putting clean gauze. Consult with your doctor as soon as possible. A gram stain and culture of that discharge may need to be done to determine what micro-organism is responsible for the infection.