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Avatar m tn I am sorry to hear about your Dad and I am afriad I dont know much about the MP3 player other than they are good, I am hopingothers here may know but we also have an expert /Doctor forum and the Doctor is very interested I think he may have some input for you, so go back to forums check out alzheimers forum on the right side wher it says epert Forum . Good Luck I hope he does well.
Avatar f tn It shouldn't affect the baby at all in the womb, and your doctor will talk about delivery options if you are still infected at birth. The biggest risk of chlamydia is that it can infect something in the baby's eyes and blind it. BUT most hospitals routinely treat newborn babies eyes just in case so it should be fine. You should still be able to deliver vaginally.
9250113 tn?1412108354 yeah i was looking at those, i also came across some that had mp3 speakers a while ago but can'r find them now wish i could that might make my life bit easier
444932 tn?1273980797 Ummmmmmmmmmmmm love it....been listening for like 40 minutes.....just love it. Can we really download it to mp3's? I gotta get mine from work, and I'm going to..... thanks!!!
Avatar m tn i used to always have a problem with one mobile(some lacking in one feautyre and some in other..example mp3,games,video).....now i want to control this..but i have no control on my thoughts.....i keep on going thinking about one mobile and other continously.....and yet i already have mp4 player and mobile with mp3.....but i still goes on thinking about mobiles comparing one and other.... Please tell me how to overcome this and if anyone has the same kind of thoughts please post here...
Avatar n tn I let my fiancées Mom take the baby for a bit so I can rest and my fiancee and I can go to dinner but now I'm really sad.. I tried to sleep but couldn't because I'd open my eyes and my son wouldn't be next to me :( I've cried this entire time.. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn They have a cople of site that have mp3 files of aa and na speakers and they are pretty good to listen to and it is free to download. If you don't have an mp3 player you can listen off of the computer, but today so many electronic have the mp3 players on them it is a small chance you don't have one.I actually did that I was listening to some files to remember some of my mother language.
Avatar f tn My eyes burn so bad, but I feel a lot better now. I hope your night gets better and tomorrow is better day.
645390 tn?1338555377 You choose music that they have some type of exact beats and they put it on a MP3 player. There are measurements on a GaitRite system that they check every visit. (I am not sure what this is exactly.) I have never been involved in anything like this. What do you all think? (you are compensated 20 every visit, and at the end, get to keep the MP3 player) Interesting huh?
979826 tn?1389036358 Hi Molly this is so sad, how did u get this info? Wasn't this Dr a true Chiari specialist? How could they not check for veins....I know my was as well as nerves were on what TCI calls Dopplar mapping this is done thru out surgery.... We need to stand up and scream Chiari Malformation is not insignificant !
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
1427271 tn?1282927046 I understand how you feel. I had crossed eyes also when I was younger but I had surgery and now my eyes are near perfect - nobody notices anything now. I dont know if that is an option for you but it helped me greatly. My surgery was done in Durham, NC at Duke Eye Center.
Avatar f tn My heart breaks for my friend. Her 5 year old leaned onto a screened window and the screen fell out and he fell out the 3rd story window. He passed away after a few hours of fighting. I can't stop bawling my eyes out for this poor momma. Please keep her in your prayers and mommies love your babies the best you can, you never know when you will be without them.
Avatar n tn We want to know what to do about our 6 year old daughters fear of the dark. She has been afraid of the dark for a long time but it has gotten worse lately. We just moved to a new home. She has her own room but it is a jack and jill meaning that there is a bathroom and closet between her room and her twin brothers room.
9658230 tn?1406070138 Try this free relaxation track. Https://hypnobabies.com/free-mp3 . It works so well.
Avatar f tn It's so sad to you ladies posting about babies and I feel like I wanna start crying. Lost my baby this last Sunday I was only 11weeks and 6 days. I've never been through anything like this and when I say it's heart broken and hard to coupe with. I went to the doctor yesterday and everyone there that is came for check up or finding out what they are having their face is all brighten up while am sitting there with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart.
Avatar f tn I know when I went for a checkup once they allowed me to have my MP3 player with me. Had music blasting in my ears as I was worked on. So if the dentist understands your situation I will say he will allow your husband in. Just explain about your anxiety condition. I am sure they get loads of people similar to you in. You won't be the first.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry. I am going through my first miscarrage now and its so sad and difficult. I'm so sorry for your loss have you been to the doctor? Are your hormon levels normal?
649848 tn?1534633700 I've been saying for a while that I have really slacked off on my exercise and I kept wondering why I can't stay committed to any type of exercise. I've finally discovered that the reason I don't stay with anything is because I get bored with it........... I've always liked to walk and have been considering a treadmill for sometime.................today, after several months of research, I made the leap and bought one...........
Avatar f tn Thank u i fill so sad and hurt =( ...do u think shes ok im 8 months ?
871671 tn?1241769709 This happens to me also. It makes me not even want to shop. I want to punch everyone's light's out. So I use my MP3 player. It blocks everyone out. It works wonders for me and shopping is actually quit enjoyable. Give it a try.
Avatar f tn Baby trend double jogger is nice the one I had, had an mp3 plug and speakers plus you can add a carseat I did find that is was a little small for my four year old length wise and she is average height for her age but if you lean the seat back a lottle its not so bad
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I had endoscopic Orbital decompression on Dec 17th (a bit less than 3 weeks ago)... the day and week after the surgery was performed everything looked great, my eyes were flat and normal, no swollen at all. However as day passed they are looking the same again: bulgy eyes, puffy eyelids... they started to get bigger and sore again... can someone tell me is this expected? I am very scared and sad...