Risperdal snorting

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Avatar n tn She got pregnant(clean during pregnancy) and lost her daughter inutero at 6 months. Autopsy showed that just a freak thing...Well after that she started snorting cocaine, ritilan and percosets. She now has 2 more children 1 and 2, both fine and healthy. Her doctor has had her on the following Risperdal, buspar, lorazepam and as of late lithium(bipolar) 20mg of valium 3xday and she still is snorting Percosets and has begun to drink.
Avatar n tn Last time I was in a dude got our tv privlages taken away for snorting sugar off the table, little things like that I have a hard time with. I've gotten much worse since my so-called "rehabilitation" through the system, just wish they'd get off my back about alcohol. To this day I've never hurt anyone but myself drinking and everything thats going on right now is cause they say no more legal drinking.
Avatar m tn I know that you know, I do not know much about Bipolar but what or how you explained it compared to when I was snorting my Dones with the Adderral..I do not have ADHD so the Buzz was off the charts. I just have a deep gut feeling that if you keep helping others you will do better..I love you Man and you will always be one of my Heroes..
Avatar n tn My brother is 22 (still living at home), former alcoholic, gambling addiction, used cocaine even after his girlfriend broke up with him because of it, used Oxycotton for almost a year until he OD'd with about 320mg in him, has been on Methadone for a year and is now at 100mg, and recently started on Lithium, clonazepam, Risperdal, and Adderall (not allowed to take Ritalin anymore, got caught snorting it on multiple occasions).