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Avatar n tn The medications are like Zyprexa, Clozaril, and most recently Risperdal. But i have really been thinking about withdrawling from it. Because i am really worried about the side effects of antipsychotics, and i have to just keep taking them. I know that withdrawling from antipsychotics can cause withdrawal symptoms. And how long would the withdrawal symptom insomnia usually last?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had been on Risperdal for about 15 months and I recently stopped taking Risperdal. First of all, my periods which had stopped shortly after starting Risperdal returned and my breasts which were producing milk dried up but now I suffer from insomnia. I sometimes get only 1 1/2 hours of sleep a night. Will this go away on its own?
Avatar f tn I just weaned myself off risperdal and lamictal and I have terrible insomnia. Maybe it's just coincidental because I'm 51 and probably perimenopausal but it is impossible for me to get a good night's sleep without Ambien. It takes 1 1/2 hours to fall asleep and I toss and turn all night. I was diagnosed last summer with bipolar type II and I began to doubt the diagnosis and I realized that my psych had me overmedicated...
Avatar f tn I was recently placed on Risperdal, just taking it for 6 days so far. I've had a headache for the last 4 days off and on. I'll take medicine for the headache and it'll get better but always comes back. I've even taken my medicine for migraines which I have a history of, but the headache still comes back and I hate to use my migraine medicine when the headache is not really a migraine. Do I need to call my doctor now or should I give the Risperal a while longer? Thank you so much.
337492 tn?1212462436 I have read horror stories all over the net about Risperdal. I asked my pdoc to give a low dose so I can get sleep. My biggest mixed state symptom is insomnia which equals mania. Yuck! So, I am doing awsome on Wellbutrin and Lithium and have not gone manic, but I am not sleeping at all! So, I thought adding a low dose of Risperdal is a good move?
17218185 tn?1454681273 Well, at 0,5mg he had NO improvement, he just got insomnia and nitely rages/crying. Doc increased dose to 1mg and the tics exploded!, insomnia worsened. This was after 3 months treatment, so we weaned him off slowly this past month. He nows sleeps normally, but tics are still bad. We were very disappointed to discover that Guanfacine is still not available in FR and BEL, so I refuse to try any other neuroleptics because of their bad side effects.
477940 tn?1212967769 The mood swings have gotten a lot better but my anxiety and insomnia have not. I am 29wks pregnant and I know the medications I can safely use are limited. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I should do. I am tired of this anxiety!!!
Avatar m tn My question is that whether it is normal to encounter Insomnia and sleep disturbances while tapering Risperidone and if yes how many share my problem?.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed trazodone 100mg (I think it said mg) for my insomnia that I have suffered with for the last 15 years due to a thyroid problem I had years ago. I took it for the first time last night, but I did not fall asleep or even come close to falling asleep. I took it at 8:30pm and went to bed at 9pm, but ended up getting out of bed at 10pm because I could not sleep. The only difference I feel is a huge headache this morning.
Avatar n tn i have been on haldol which was crippling, got off it, then onto risperdal, geodon, and seroquel. the most tolerable is risperdal however i tend to need something to help me get to sleep very badly. i dont fall asleep easily. thats when my psychiatric nurse moved me on to geodon then seroquel along with risperal. both of these i find not very tolerable at all. with seroquel i will sleep very sound though i might suffer some bad hallucinations getting there. and i will oversleep with it.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed as schizophrenic in my mid-twenties but no longer have this condition. I am however still plagued by insomnia, and a form of OCD called trichtotillomania (hair pulling). I am otherwise sane and productive. I am a freelance artist which is a very stressful lifestyle. I am taking small doses of risperdal (0.5mg) and elavil (50mg) and will sometimes have a few drinks and a few extra pills to sleep and night.
Avatar n tn currently on 100mg Luvox, .5mg risperdal in morning, .5mg risperdal at night - anxiety/depression/mood swings/insomnia symptoms , havent held a job in years. problems with decision making and follow thru/concentration. short temper. i think risperdal is killing my physical ability - im very physically active until i started taking it. i've also gained some weight although it's a small amount.
Avatar n tn Any psychiatropic medications such as Risperdal should be tapered and weaned off slowly and I would never undergo this without a directive from your doctor. Symptoms of withdrawel from risperdal can be uncomfortable--- insomnia, hallucinations, irritability, etc. The key is to wean slowly to either make these symptoms less or to not experience them at all. Cold turkey is not the way to go.
Avatar n tn Risperdal is generally sedating rather than activating and Lamictal as well though in higher doses Lamictal can sometimes worsen mania as an occasional side effect though each person responds differently to each medication. Best to discuss these concerns with his psychiatrist so they can adjust and/or change his medication as needed.
Avatar m tn My son just recently started taking risperdal. I am discovering that good help is very difficult to find. He is currently taking 1.5 mg a day. Last night he could not sleep at all and was afraid because he said the medication made him feel tired but his thoughts are still racing and he can't sleep. Is this something I should inform his doctor about or should I wait for his next week appointment.
Avatar n tn Yesterday my physician added Risperdal (15 mg.) and suggested that I try aderal. Have read on the web that these drugs are very addicting and there may be difficulty in withdrawal. But I really need a good night's sleep. I can handle the depression if I can get 7 hours sleep. What are the longer acting benzodiazepenes? Will there be difficulty in withdrawing? What antidepressant would you suggest adding to Effexor? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I was swithced to Rozerem for sleep after developing severe akathisia from one of my other medications- I was taking risperdal and seroquel. I got off of the risperdal and seroquel and my neurologist put me on xanax to control the akathisia symptoms. I was beginning to feel better for a little while and now i am feeling worse and worse. The only thing new into the mix is the initiation of Rozerem for sleep.
Avatar n tn Adderall was very successful in controlling a majority of symptoms but had the unfortunate side effect of insomnia. Luvox was prescribed to assist with sleep and minor anxiety symptoms. He had a horrible reaction to the Luvox. It caused further insomnia. Benadryl (over-the-counter) was suggested. Another horrible reaction. Caused violent mood swings and rage. Now, we are trying Risperdal. Nick is taking 1/4 of a 1mg pill 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn I had gone through 16 months of feeling dazed and confused before finally being put on Zoloft. The Zoloft helped lift this feeling but I thought I could feel even better and switched to Prozac. The Prozac worked about the same- it helped for some of the symptoms but not all. Finally I switched to Effexor last May (150mg) and it seemed to help up until a month ago.
1255530 tn?1269871219 anyhow any suggestions on what worked for anyone else after having bad side effects. I need something for mania, insomnia panic and anxiety attacks. Side effects of amilify where as follows Hard time breathing,hyperventilating, feeling sick in respiratory, slight swelling of tongue, fast heartbeat, restless, dizzy, speech changes, tremors and shacking, eyes feel like there rolling in back of head,seeing spots when closing eyes for bed,insomnia, Mania returned in two days, agitation.
Avatar f tn I started experiencing insomnia which I have never ever dealt with. I started feeling very irritated and inpatient. I would get angry very easily. Anxiety thru the roof. I felt like I drank too much coffee too. I went to a psych around 6 months postpartum and was changed to Lexapro which I did ok on till I tried to go up from 10 to 20 mg. it made me jittery and worse sleep problems etc...
Avatar f tn When I was transferred from Seroquel to Risperdal with my psychiatrist's exact titration schedule (the only way it should be done) I got some typical flu like withdrawal symptoms for a few days and then it passed over. If your psychiatrist has authorized you to change medications, ask them exactly how it should be done and what to expect.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist put me on Abilify after the old reliable risperdal wasn't right for me because I couldn't stand the side effects and I had to be taken off Geodon due to chest pains to try risperdal. I was told anyway risperdal was a good one for psychotic disorders but of course every medicine is different for everyone, I guess I'm just unlucky with risperdal.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old daughter is suffering from PTSD, the Psychiatrist that she is seeing has her on 4 different medicines. These medicines are Prozac 20mg, Kapvay .2mg, Risperdal .5mg, and Imipramine. My question is first is this safe to mix and second what side effects could this mixture cause?
Avatar m tn stopping Risperidone (Risperdal) too quickly may be the reappearance of symptoms. i remember to have read somewhere that you need 3 weeks to taper off from risperidone but i don't recall the dose from which you start going down. so i presume 1 week is ok from 1mg till 0.5mg or better give it 2 weeks maximum.
Avatar n tn Hi- I developed severe akathisia after taking risperdal at night for sleep- it has been over 3 months since I have been off the meds and am suffering terribly. The neurologist I saw put me on xanax and I am up to 2 mg a day- divided throughout the day. As soon as the dose wears off I begin feeling horribly, anxious, more restless. I have been taking the xanax since May- and origionally was on a dose anywhere between .75 a day to maximum 1.
Avatar f tn The first time I tapered off it within a week with my Psychiatrist and went through horrible physical withdrawl symptoms--painful stomach cramping, hot / cold switches and insomnia, but after two weeks, the physical symptoms subsided, but then detrimental mental lows of suicidal thinking. I was prescribed the medication to adjunct Prozac, but I wasn't suicidal before taking it. I was not functional for two days and then went back on it based on my doctor's advice.