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Avatar f tn I have been using Restasis for several years now (only left eye) and lately it burns a lot, mostly after the evening application. Is that normal?
Avatar m tn My Eye Doctor suggested I keep Restasis in the fridge to make more comfortable and reduce the burning and to keep using ir for 2 days. Does Restasis lose its effectiveness when placed in the fridge. Also when are results typically seen? I have a TBUT of 5 and hoping to see an increase if ues consistently.
Avatar m tn 1. stye-hot red tender spot on lid that gets much better or worse over a few days. 2. Not likely this long after it got in your eyes. 3. YES MOST LIKELY 4. Sinus not cause dry eye, sinus meds can dry eyes. 5. CERTAINLY READ THIS: General Information on Dry Eyes a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes.
Avatar n tn I am using Restasis for dry eyes. I also use OTC allergy eye drops once daily which greatly improve my eye comfort. However, when the allergy drops are applied, I experience extreme stinging and burning for about 20 seconds. Is it safe to use allergy drops along with Restasis treatment? Do you have any info on this subject?
Avatar f tn At one time he mentioned surgery but then he said that he had to get the outside of the eye well before he could work inside the eye. I am seventy years old. I can not read, watch tv, drive or get outside due to the unbearable pain in my eyes and the constant watering and wiping away the water from my face. can someone please give me some info. and or advise I also have allergies.
Avatar m tn I had cataract surgery in both eyes Oct. 07...My eyes are still burning, I also have a bad glare problem. I can't drive at night. I put about 10 drops a day in each eye, night time is the worst. I've tried every over-the-counter eye drops. I'm retire so I don't do much paper work. I've been back to my doctor, he said he doen't know why they are burning. He said, if I want, " I could try a stronger eye drops", he gave me a prescription for Restasis.
429949 tn?1224695179 My opthalmologist has just put me on Restasis eye drops. Does anyone have any experience with these drops or have had any bad side effects from using them? I know what the information on the prescribing list says, but I trust someone who has actually taken them more than what that insert inside the box says! Any info would help!
Avatar m tn I have a moderate to serious dry eye. I am going to start my Restasis today and I know that I will not see the result till 2 months or more from now. I am also planning for a cataract surgery in 1 to 2 months. I also foresee that I will use some steroid or antibotics for a few weeks after the surgery. Do I need to stop Restasis once I start the steroid ?
Avatar f tn I have severe dry eye, and puncta plugs in both eyes to help. I wear contact lenses, I switched from rgp to soft contacts about a year ago. Everything was fine and comfortable until about a month ago, my vision seemed to be really off. I went in to get a new rx and was given a different brand of soft contacts, they seemed to kind of stick to my eyes and burn them. When I went back I was told that my eyes were so severely dry that they appeared to have little holes all over the surface.
Avatar n tn This is from a previous post on dry eyes: a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops. There are over a 100 different brands of artificial tears and they can't all be lumped together. Sometimes one will find the perfect drop.
Avatar n tn My eyes also begin burning in the evenings I took the eye drops for pink eye and made sure to change out all makeup and through away the contaminated contacts. I don't know if the pink eye has anything to do with my current problems or if it is just a coincidence. Can pink eye result in these problems? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn It may be due to dry eye, as a burning sensation is a symptom of that. Have you seen an opththalmologist (eye M.D.)? If not, please consider doing so. Your eye specialist may give you a referral, or you can find one in your area at if you live in the U.S.
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt, but it is very difficult to see unless I close my right eye. Sometimes it is my left eye. I have been on restasis before--unsuccessfully, but this year I decided to try it again. I have been on it for 8 weeks and around week 6 I thought it was improving SLIGHTLy, but it is not. And the burning when I put the Restatis in is extremely uncomfortable with a burning. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL.
Avatar n tn I've been having problems with my left eye. My eye gets very pirated (completely Red) When I go to the doctor (regular doctor) he gives me an antibiotic. However that does not seem to be working. I've been using Visine AC to help my eye clears up which it does for temporally Could this be an allergy related.
1533563 tn?1292288907 Despite the use of artificial tears and the placement of punctal plugs, my eyes severely burn whenever I use them, e.g. computer use or reading. Why is this? Will I damage my eyes if I continue to use them when they are burning? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/679268'>Eye plugs</a>.
Avatar m tn Best thing I have ever used is the new Restasis!!!!No more burning,itching,gritty feeling.Its for chronic dry eyes.WORKS WONDERS for me !!!
Avatar f tn That my ducts don't produce tears or something like that so I have to use over the counter eye drops daily. This burning, painful, running eye thing began just a few months ago and mainly comes on in the evenings and my "flare ups" last anywhere btwn 15-20 min at a time. It burns even while the tears are falling. I havnt got this checked cuz its something I just deal with. I want to know more about what I am scheduling to see the dr for.
Avatar n tn I don't know what you consider "natural" for me taking artificial tears even restasis for a problem is the natural thing to do. This is from a previous post. a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops.
184420 tn?1326743408 In late August I saw my eye doctor again and this time he put me on Lotemax eye drops (steroid) (for a month) and Restasis (Clindamycin) eye drops until I am off the triple med treatment. I had not yet started the triple med treatment but he knew I was going to start it and he did not want to risk any more problems with the eyes (knowing full well the triple med treatment can cause eye problems).
Avatar f tn I had one plug taken out and my eye immediately worsened with dry eye so I had it reinserted. I am taking all measures to aggressively treat dry eyes and don't feel that that is the issue. I just don't know how to find out a proper diagnosis and treatment. I want to make sure my eyes are healthy and it's difficult to deal with constant pain and discomfort.
Avatar n tn I have a when I look at a light that tells me whether my phone is on or off, the right eye shows the light to be orange, and the left eye shows it to be red.
Avatar n tn I threw away and bought fresh lens solution, case, makeup also. Now I have tried to wear my contacts again but am getting severe eye irritation and burning. My eye doctor prescribed Lotremax drops, but these drops have been stinging and irritating my eyes even more. My doctor wants to try Restasis or punctal plugs, but I don't know if I want to do all that just so I can wear contact lenses -- I feel fine when I wear my glasses. Could I be allergic to the lenses? lens solution?
Avatar f tn One other condition which should be considered is conjunctivochalasis, in which the thin covering over the white part of the eye is loose and can cause symptoms similar to dry eye.
Avatar n tn Because any surgery is a stress to the eye. An eye that is not borderline dry will not have the problem, if borderline dry eye does.
Avatar m tn Unlike my sister I have had several operations ( buckle--Vitrectomy--cataracts ) that my doc says probibly effected the tear glands production and elevated my dry eye from moderate to severe. Restasis did nothing . I am going to opt for the plugs--whats the odds of them working????? I buy eye drops by the box and worse case it will save me on eye drops if I can prolong the time between drops.
Avatar n tn I'm almost finished with the steroid drops for the left eye and dread a return to bilat. crimson, burning, itching eyes. Can steriod eye drops ever be used long-term for this if eye pressure is monitored? How about Acular alone? Would Acular keep dry eye symptoms at bay (I've tried eye lubricants made specifically for dry eye, but they provide almost no relief)?
467797 tn?1216214857 I have Dry eye and I have been under the care of an Ophthalmologist. I am currently using Restasis and OTC Refresh artificial tears. On my last Schrimer's test, I was down to 3/3. According to my Opth, my bottom eye lids turn inward (blocking tear flow) when I move my eyes but it's mild and he is not recommending corrective surgery just yet. If it is so mild, then why do my eyes burn so much?! My tear production is getting lower and lower - for instance, 6 months ago I was at 8/10.
Avatar n tn I never had a problem with my eyes until I started using Acutane and complained to my Dermatologist that I had severe burning. He said that was normal and just to use eye drops. I think I have tried every eye drop on the market, including Restasis. The over the counter drops seem to give me some temporary relief that lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. The Restasis I have stopped using because it did irritate my eyes for a while after use.
Avatar m tn In talking to other dry eye patients and reading on dry eye support sites as well as excellant input from this site I have concluded that, 1. many patients do not understand dry eye. ( myself included -although much informed now) 2. Too many doctors downplay or ingnore the pain discomfort and lost visual acuity from dry eye ( I have had many examples ) 3. Dry eye is extremely varied in its severity. 4.
Avatar m tn I know the eye drops have only made things worse but I only started the eye drops to fix the problem. I do have allergic reactions to dustmites etc but the specialist said its not caused by allergies because steroids dont work. I have been tested for dry eye but its not that. It gets worse every year, Im writing this with burning eyes and severe sensitivity, I also wake up with yellow crust around my eyes and huge swollen bags under them.