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Avatar n tn Does requip make you tired or sleepy? I NEED SOMETHING, and my doctor was not on call today! Any ideas? I have my kids during the day, and I can't be knocked out by things!
Avatar n tn Every few weeks now I will get a severe headache, have tingling in my face and down into my arms and hands, I get very sick to my stomach and have severe cramping in my legs. I do already have night cramps in my legs that I take requip for, but this pain is very severe and doesn't go away with the medication. I also have pain in my nod areas the next day and feel like I just can't eat enough to the point of making myself ill.
Avatar m tn I would have to say that more common symptoms are headache, eye symptoms, balance, etc. but it depends on the location of the tumor. Have you brought this to the attention of a doctor?
285107 tn?1318711557 hey just a quick question, my legs are driving me mad all day and all night i have no other majors problems with w/d just some mild diarrohea and a bit of a headache but my legs are killing me going to doc tomorrow any ideas on what he may do or is there anything else i can try i am desperate!!!!
7684852 tn?1437175492 doing laundry feels like this huge task, Trying to stay motivated and on task. Huge headache which is why I was taking them to begin with. But I did take a nice long walk with my dog! Wanted to know if anyone understands what I'm feeling....feels like a very fast heart beat in my temples and never knew what RLS was until last night. Yikes Just wanted to say I am pushing thru it but this....just hope to find someone out there who got thru this and is lovin' life...
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 4 1mg xanax's a day, 80 mg of celexa, 150 mg of welbutrin sr, 30 mg of abilify, and 1 mg of requip. If I consumed alcohol while on this medication could it cause my Blood Alcohol Content to appear higher than what it actually is?
Avatar n tn One time I had several in a row lasting two hours. Another time just recently, I had one so severe it gave me a headache which lasted about 24 hours. It seems their routine is I wake up or move to change my position and it hits. In the past I have suffered from restless legs but after taking the smallest dose of Requip for about 5 days it went away and has not returned, also I have had occasional leg cramps at night which is relieve with one dose of quinine.
Avatar n tn Lorazapam (or valium)for anxiety and sleeplessness Loperamide (immodium) for the runs Sumatriptan (tylenol or advil) for headache Dextromethorphan (Robotussin) for pain and restless legs Is that about right? Is there anything else or a different combination that anyone knows of that would be better? Thanks in advance.... He also mentioned clonodine. So maybe that too....
Avatar n tn At first the doctor prescribed me tramadol 50 mg, then she prescribed Requip 15 mg and now they prescribed me Meripex .0125 mg. My question is Why none of those medicines I just mentioned help me with the symptoms I have? It's really annoying I can't sleep at all I have to be walking up and down so it won't hurt that much and feel tired all the time ( I think is because I can't sleep) and i don't have any kind of sexual appetite. Can somebody help me?
1225279 tn?1295549187 Adderall 20mg 2x, Lamictal 150mg 1x, Requip 1mg 1x, Cymbalta 90mg split, Robaxin 500mg 3x, Xanax 1mg a/n (~3mg/week), Namenda 5mg 1x, Topomax 100mg 1x, Verapamil 120mg 2x, Buspar 15mg 1x Brain worsening: Repeating actions, cannot speak words, repeating words, 1 min temporary Alzheimer's, hands confused how to work, cannot understand what people say at times. Mood awkward. Moods unstable but confusion as to why I am having the mood. Different feeling then bipolar.
Avatar f tn I take more per day if I actually have a headache, maybe 3 to 4 per day which is only maybe once every month or two. I want to quit completely. How do I taper this low dose when my pills are capsules? I've tried to stop but get body aches and restless leg/body. Is there a seizure threat at this dose? How long will the discomfort of withdraw last? I just want to be done with this drug. I'd really appreciated any help or thoughts anyone could offer.
281019 tn?1235009097 Thanks so much for your reply & advice. My customer said that because I am young & I have only had strange symptoms for 4 years, that a normal MRI would not be the deciding factor in ruling out MS. My ortho really didn't seem to know what was wrong with my spine. He also seems to think that I am going to need my left hip replaced in the future. He thinks that whatever is wrong with my spine, may have caused my femoral head to flaten.
Avatar f tn Took Mirapex for several years, now on Requip. The meds have not cured me, but they do give me significant periods of time where I can get decent sleep and feel more rested. I also have sleep apnea, but the sleep studies didn't pick it up for several years because my legs moved so often I rarely slept enough for it to show up. The meds do have side effects in some, so do your homework. I think the sleep study is a good idea.
Avatar n tn You should have iron tests done since iron deficiency can mimic RLS. The treatments of RLS include Requip, neurontin, and narcotics (used rarely). Given the symptoms that you have described thus far, I would not be concerned about ALS or MS, but I would recommend that you get the EMG to further characterize what is going on. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn I had RLS wicked bad last night, but it's gone today...I have a little headache and some anxiety, and cravings, of course, but it's not bad. I am still able to go about my daily activities as usual. Maybe your w/d's, if they are really bad, are from the Morphine w/d?? I hear ya, though...quitting smoking is hard!!! But it's so worth it!
514273 tn?1311613235 Tired of popping pills just to sleep through the night, I finally had to go see my doctor about it. He gave me a trial package of Requip, and this time, I had a friend give me some Suboxone to handle my w/d's. With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, I figure this is the best time to get off the hyrdocodone. My question is, will the Suboxone counter the Requip's effect? I'm afraid to ask my doctor because he will think that I have an addiction or question where I got the Suboxone.
1225279 tn?1295549187 Adderall 20mg 2x, Lamictal 150mg 1x, Requip 1mg 1x, Cymbalta 90mg split, Robaxin 500mg 3x, Xanax 1mg a/n (~3mg/week), Namenda 5mg 1x, Topomax 100mg 1x, Verapamil 120mg 2x, Buspar 15mg 1x Brain worsening: Repeating actions, cannot speak words, repeating words, 1 min temporary Alzheimer's, hands confused how to work, cannot understand what people say at times. Mood awkward. Moods unstable but confusion as to why I am having the mood. Different feeling then bipolar.
Avatar m tn I have discovered that if I go more than 10 or 12 hours without my tramadol I begin getting a headache which progresses to nausea, upset stomach and a generally not feeling well, to the point that I have to lay down. Sometimes I even have cold sweats and chills. I have found myself taking one just to relieve those symptom I am concerned that I am dependant on the tramadol and it doesnt look like I am going to get rid of the pain, and the need, any time soon.
Avatar f tn I have had to take a couple OTC ibuprofen for my back or headache and immodium because of stomach issues. I am taking the supplements in the "Thomas method". At night i have been taking melatonin as well as drinking a mix of oj, honey & apple cider vinegar that my parents swear by for their RLS but I still fight the RLS VERY bad most nights. Any ideas of anything else I can try.
Avatar f tn I have a slight headache, and just feel blah. That's about it, been taking 15-20 10's a day for almost a year. Been on them way longer just went to this amount in the last year. Anyway, i'm taking tramadol 2 times a day and neurotin for the RLS, am I just putting off the inevitable? Delaying the withdrawals? Just wonder if anyone has had a similar experience. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am now on a very high dosage of Mirapex and also the Neupro Patch. This still does not work. Requip and all these other medications have not helped. The doctor now has me scheduled for physical therapy for my legs and also has scheduled for me to have a electromyogram and nerve conduction study. I don't know how this will help. But I kick all night, can't take naps, can't ride in a car, set at my desk or anything. I'm so tired of this awful disease.
Avatar m tn In the meantime, I have gone from teeth clenching, jaw pain, facial pain, insomnia to a chronic burning headache on top of my head. I am in the long process/waiting time for a neurologist to figure this out and I had an MRI today. See my posting "four month headache on top of head" a week or so back.
11570509 tn?1422390766 (Literally the first couple of hits eases up the pain) Topamax didn't have any immediate affect but when I stop it I really notice. Requip eases up my leg cramps a little at night but they still keep me awake. My symptoms mostly occur on my right side, facial numbness and pain, my throat feels "numb" on the right side, it's difficult to swallow, I choke a lot, even on water.
Avatar f tn During the incident I wasn't knocked onto the ground or unconscious, nor was I dizzy or incoherant. I did however, sustain a very mild headache in the back of my head (occipital lobe area).
Avatar n tn When I am standing or lying down I don't notice it. I am taking Lyrica and also Requip, but have stopped the Requip to determine whether that has been helping or not. I am going to visit another neurologist in two days. I have also been experiencing some back pain in the morning when I awake. This seems to subside quickly with activity, but there have been a few mornings I have been very stiff and sore. Think these conditions are related?
Avatar f tn About 3 years ago my doctor prescribed maxalt and hydrocodone. At first I only took it when I had a headache. Now I take about 3-4 a day. The hydrocodone...not the maxalt. I take only half of a 7.5 but it wears off quickly or doesn't work at all so I soon take the other half and then it goes downhill from there. My 30 day prescription is out in 10 or so days and I'm stuck waiting another 20 to refill.
209591 tn?1267418314 Currently I have fibromyalgia, hypermobility syndrome, myoclonus, neuropathy, kyphosis, scoliosis, osteopenia, mild spinal stenosis, mild disc degenerative disease, mild disc dessication, b-12/iron deficiency, anemia and possible Multiple Sclerosis. I have been prescribed Pamelor for headache prevention by my very first Neuro. At my first appointment with my Rheumy he prescribed Cymbalta to help with the burning sensations...
Avatar f tn At home, the basic technique is to space out the pills you take on a consistent manner until you take only one at night, then half at night, than every other night and then none. See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. It will make your withdrawals easier.
Avatar m tn I am so glad you are doing so well, since Suboxone is an opiate and is extremely addictive. People find it just as difficult to taper and quit. One of the patients in our clinic, who we had to detox from Suboxone, was so addicted, that no matter how far down she titrated this drug she could not get off. At one point she was literally just licking the 1 mg strip, but she could not give it up.
Avatar m tn I saw doctors, went to a headache clinic, kept a headache diary, and I really didn't get much relief overall. Basically I did comfort measures when I got them. But many years have gone by and there are a lot of medications available that may help you. Being young shouldn't prevent you from getting adequate pain relief. But sometimes when you're young (and in pain) we end up being impatient and wanting what we want and what we think we know is best for us.