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Avatar n tn I tend to get the bumps after crying or if my eyes tear up enough to water the skin around my eyes. I've been trying to see a Dermatologist buy they refuse to see me because it's around my eyes. I went to EVERY type of eye doctor and they know that it's not herpes, but they don't know what it is. It got soo bad I started using my Son's cream for eczema (fluticasone prop 0.05% cream) and as long as I use it once every day it keeps it away. If I skip a couple of days it comes back.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else out there have hair around their areolas..not just a few...a lot. What about hair on their stomach..what some people call the "love line". I am SICK of hair..I don't know what to do! I even have hair "few" on my chest and shoulders. I was told I have too much male hormone....don't believe that then I also wouldn't have a problem being sexually active. I have no disire in that area. Is there another person like this out there? Please help.
Avatar f tn Cheilitis(Inflammation of the skin on and around the lips)is often seen in atopic dermatitis.Diagnosed by bld test like RAST.Treatment is by topical steroids or oral therapy of corticosteroids in severe cases.Topical creams like tacrolimus ointment (Protopic) and pimecrolimus cream (Elidel) are also useful. If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dermatologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
168348 tn?1379360675 that he felt were necessary (that had everyone in the OR laughing), but I don't think that he did since I still have my wrinkles and neck pouch. That's my biggest disappointment so far LOL. Pain has been minimal and I'm not even taking pain meds today (surgery was Tuesday at noon). So relax, be optimistic, and by all means pepper your docs with questions about things that you are concerned about.
Avatar n tn i kept washing my eyelids with the baby soap morning and night, changed my pillowcases ALL THE TIME and changed my contact cleanser to the clear care solution (the kind that bubbles up) ----since then my red swollen eyes have gone back to normal (thank goodness!!!) but now i have fine lines alllllll around my eyes where they had swelled so bad in the weeks's better than what i originally had but my eyelids (and under my eyes) have aged 10 years in the last 2 months from this...
Avatar n tn I went to my dermatologist and he said there is nothing I can do about it. Steroid creams are too risky around the eye, and they also create wrinkles. He said to keep the areas moisturised with vaseline, especially during the cold winter months. He said it could go away...or not. It's just the type of skin I have. I could be allergic to anything, make-up, food, etc. I think we just have to deal with it and learn to love our red and itchy eyes. If anyone finds a cure let me know!!!!!
Avatar n tn the slightly crepey skin and wrinkles inside the elbow crease, all the loose bunched up crepey skin on the outside of the elbow, skin has totally thinned on my hands- veins stick out (same with my feet), my feet has such loose crepey skin and are so wrinkled I can pull the skin on them pretty good, I have jowls, wrinkles under my eyes, getting wrinkles between the nose, three lines/wrinkles on forehead, lips are lined/ lost volume, boobs dropped and shrank, I get those neck things when I smile,
Avatar f tn O_o lol. Of interest, I've read the fingertips have vertical wrinkles if you are gluten intolerant. My fingertips are smooth but I already know I have no issues with gluten. I do have lactose intolerance though. TPOAb may lower with selenium (many studies show this) and I noted some improvement myself eating brazil nuts.
Avatar n tn I initially thought it was because of some cheap make-up remover wipes that I used to take off my mascara. Although I had been using them for a while, they soon started to sting and burn the area around my eyes whenever I used them. The use of any eye make-up other than mascara would result in a stinging sensation, which varied in terms of severity. Moisturiser and even baby-lotion would burn my skin.
Avatar n tn Also, I think I might have gotten some on my lips, because my lips are feeling funny now!! The worst part of all of this is TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! We are all going out, and I look like a puffy, red, leather face! What can I do???????? I washed my face with a hand wash with cocobutter in it, and I have put on tons of lotion to moisturize....but I still look and feel NASTY!
485259 tn?1519050626 Be careful with that because many fiber foods also cause gas. You'll have enough of that floating around from the surgery. For me walking around helped the most. It's not easy to get up or sit down but once you're in an upright position, just move forward.
Avatar f tn They got worse around my period. When I mentioned this and other symptoms to my doctor, including giving her my research I did, she agreed it was the cystic acne. I hope this information helps. Like I said, I'm not a doctor, but many of you said it isn't the cutaneous horns. Mine aren't either, so I'm assuming it is the condition I mentioned. I wish you the best!
Avatar m tn now i know i have to take antibiotics if i squize my pores around the chin so i do it a little bit less. i also found useful removing any light around the mirror so i can't see the pores. 2 - for my legs, i did the laser for permanent hair reduction. i am still doing the treatment so i still have some hair. however, because the treatment costs a few thousand dollars and if i pull my hair again it will make my hair growth back, i don't pull my legs' hair anymore.
Avatar n tn Although not in the anal region like some people have commented, just around the middle of the vulva and on the underside of the outer lips, but I'm reluctant to go see a doctor as they seem to be worse than useless.
Avatar n tn Rephresh is used every three days and the whole ph thing is what causes this most of the time. the vagina is acidic, with a natural ph level of around 4.5. your partners semen may be a little higher than this which makes the vagina more basic than it should causing the annoying smell, sometimes comes with itching too. rephresh is a vaginal gel that helps maintain the vagina's ph to a healthy level getting rid of this problem altogether.
Avatar n tn Never let any ‘normal’ soaps, chemicals or solvents touch the hands - wear elastic/rubber gloves when in shower/bath (seal with tape around wrists), when applying things like hair products or after shave, and when doing the washing/cleaning. Wash hands in a dermatological chemical free handwash, and/or use special non-soap soaps.
Avatar n tn Im so relieved to know I am not crazy or alone in this....I cant remeber having it always but again I dont go around feeling my head all day! I also am not sure if it aches on its own or from me having to compulsivly touch it now that I know it is there. I recently have been laid off and can not affort to have CT scans and MRI's. THis had truly been VERY helpful to me I am going to the store today to get VIT. D and CALCIUM as suggested by numerous people earlier....
1647691 tn?1363727302 said the only reason he can think that the embryos didn't implant is due to some kind of problem with the lining around the embryo (forget what it's called) that becomes the placenta and actually attaches to the uterine lining. He said my uterine lining looked great, I respond very well to the stim meds especially for someone my age (38), and he said we had good looking embryos (blast). I specificaly asked him if it was worth trying again for us and he said absolutely.
Avatar n tn Thanks everyone that replied back to me.. this is my first time writing on a forum so I am not sure of Forum ettiquite :) Went to the doc this AM... said that it just an auto- immune reaction since the tingles / pain / numbness / cold is "jumping around" and stops and starts. Also said that since I have an auto-immune problem that I need to try to avoid sick people and stay as healthy as I can, rest etc and let my body correct itself.