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Avatar m tn I thought nothing of it, but now that the swelling has gone down a bit, it has become really itchy and i have red bumps on the outside of my vagina. It looks almost like hives. They don't hurt but they are REALLY itchy...What does this sound like?
Avatar m tn I have the same thing on my vagina, red bumps all sizes, never on the inside but they seem to appear anywhere else, only on my vagina. They itch horribly and seem to spread. I've only been with my boyfriend and he's clean. I can't go to the doctor because my parents can't find out we've had sex. I'm very scared, please help me so I don't freak myself and my boyfriend out.
Avatar f tn I've had these red bumps, mostly little, on my vagina. Some are almost like pimples and puss at times, but I'm still a virgin, so I don't think it's likely for it to be any type of STD/STI. I shave, but I can mostly tell the difference between razor bumps and whatever these are. Can someone please tell me what I should do/what they are?
Avatar n tn red itchy and painful bumps on the inside and outside of vagina lips
437861 tn?1308000150 umm I'm 14. And I am a virgin. Lately I've been havin bumps appearing on my vagina. What is it and what should I do?
Avatar f tn Now, it is mostly healing (it's been 3 days) but there are still the little bumps on the right side, mostly on the edge or in, where I remember the wax being the most painful, and tiny bits scattered. I've never heard of this happening to anyone else as the bumps aren't red. Could this be a reaction to the hot wax burn or does it sound like herpes?? The bumps are clear, and a ***** itchy, definitely itchy if I scratch.
Avatar f tn I have these dark and dry spots on my vagina area. At first it started as bumps and that was from razor bumps. But for months now, these black spots WILL NOT GO AWAY. I have been using Dial, an antibacterial soap, but these spots remind me of blackheads. I don't know if this is some kind of STD, but it doesn't hurt at all unless when it sweats there and it starts to itch. I reall want these spots to go away.
Avatar f tn When I looked, only saw a small, red spot on my uvula. Today, I noticed I had a small piece of skin hanging on my anal opening. It doesn't hurt at all, seemed a little bit red but perhaps from me touching it so much. I am driving myself insane thinking that I have contracted something like genital warts or herpes. It might also be possible I developed some type of infection from that dirty bathtub water or maybe this is just the way my body is. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Avatar f tn im very itchy and irratted. i soon developed some bumps down there on the lips and near the anal area. the bumps are skin color and i tried to pop or scrap them off and they just hurt and bleed. one of them actually came off at one point after i went to the bathroom and wiped. could the bumps be part of the yeast infection? i am worried becuse if they were an std then my pap would have seen it right?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 and have found a sore bump on the lip of my vagina it had a white head. There was a close by hair that i had tweesered. Resently it had popped and pussed and bled a lot, its still red and sore. WHAT DO I DO?? HELP PLEASE...
Avatar f tn I have had two red bumps apper on my vagina they feel like pimples...but not white or anything none have appered since these two...what could they be?
Avatar n tn i have only 1 little bump on my vagina its red, but doesnt really itch, but i am itching everywhere else but hurts only when i touch the bump. can u tell me what this is?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex two days before I noticed the bumps, but I don't know if symptoms for herpes or anything would appear that fast. The bumps on my thighs have healed but the ones on my vagina are still there. The bumps haven't blistered like the symptons of herpes bumps. I don't know what else it would be, but i just want them to go away.
Avatar f tn I am only 16 and have these sore red bumps on my vagina... nowhere near the lips or anything though. It happened a few months ago and went away in about a month of having it. I JUST started having sex and they came back again. 3 weeks later. I've neverhad unprotected sex. I read somewhere that it might be the hair folicals? They do hurt a ton when I touch them. I don't believe it's herpes though. I'm still worried though. Any thoughts? I'd really appriciate it, thanks.
Avatar f tn I recently found like an area of about 6 red bumps on the right, out side of my vagina. They aren't filled with anything and arnt white. Just dry, red sore bumps. They aren't big just kinda small. My one and only sex partner has no bumps and swears he hasn't cheated. We have had sex for 5 months and I am just now getting these bumps.
Avatar n tn i have little bumps on vagina on the outside of it in between my thigh and the lips of the vagina. then i have two lines one on each side of the outside of my vagina that also itch and hurt. they are sore and itchy and sometimes the whole area down there burns after sex. im really worried and freaking out because im 23 weeks preg atm and i dont want to pass this on to the baby however i have had it for a while.. just thought it was 'normal'. the lips of my vagina hurts when we have sex.
Avatar n tn please help!!!! has anyone ever had red bumps around their vagina? they seem to mostly be at the root of hairs that are growing in, some on inner thighs and some on top like where vagina begins/ lower abdomen ends. is this hpv or some other std? they dont itch or burn, and i wouldnt have known they were there until i undressed. i wore new leggings today, though i dont think that would explain why there were bumps around the top and around where hairs are growing in.