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849876 tn?1238928827 I was given the choice too - my options from the neuro were Rebif or Copaxone and I picked the copax.
Avatar f tn But once again he was loathe to make a hard recommendation. However, the options he suggests are Avonex and Rebif. But why did he ask if I'd tried anything else? Does he return emails without ref to my file? As neuros go, this man isn't at all bad, but he's kinda glib. I asked when he wanted to see me again, to which I got the canned response that he's always glad to see me. Then I asked how often he orders MRIs. Maybe never. He treats patients, not MRIs.
572651 tn?1333939396 It's bad enough we have to pollute the planet with our sharps. Anyway, Copaxone can stay out of refrigeration for a month at a time now. They shouldn't need all that keep-it-cold gear anymore on a regular basis. Maybe they didn't read their own leaflet. Sorry, I'm getting snippy now.
387113 tn?1313515683 I picked Copaxone because I too didn't want to have flu symptoms, I liked the relative portability without worrying too much about refrigeration, and also the liver issue. However, within several weeks I developed a huge allergic reaction to this. I think the Copaxone people, Shared Solutions, way underplay site reactions to their drug. Nearly everyone here on Copaxone has some site reactions, but mine were just extreme. So I was taken off it.
2013158 tn?1335995482 You can even phone the airline ahead of time and let them know what your situation is, and they can give you any additional tips for going through security. I've flown with Rebif in the past with no trouble at all. And think of all the diabetics out there who fly, too. We're eveywhere. I hope your trip is for fun things! Have a great time.
567489 tn?1297254314 I know mine did w/the Rebif. You can tell them about it, and then just show the script, and the travel pouch etc. They will screen them, and wont be a problem. Here is a great doc I use from tsa website as it has "everything" down to the size of shampoo bottle you can bring, how it has to be presented (in plastic bage) etc. Wishing you an awesome trip!