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1176499 tn?1272683655 It seems that we never have time to prepare ourselves emotionally and mentally for the surprise of being told that we'll need to be on some type of dmd treatment for our MS. My doctors had suspected for almost a year that I had MS before it was diagnosed, but they had not prepared me for the fact that I'd need to be injecting myself with a dmd if the MS diagnosis came through, and I feel this is a bit of a failure on the part of the doctor to consider fully preparing a patient. I don't know.
211940 tn?1267884866 Hi all, I, like many of you, take medicine in the form of a shot (per syringe), in my case, Rebif. I have been self injecting Rebif now, for about 18 months, the only problem I have, is where to take my used syringes for proper disposal. When I talk to my doctor's office, they suggest my pharmacy, when I talk to my pharmacy, they suggest my health department, when I talk to my health department, they suggest my pharmacy or doctor's office.
333672 tn?1273796389 After the drug had gone to market, researchers learned that the new stabilizer had unexpectedly reacted with other ingredients, creating substances that caused immunogenic responses and intracranial hemorrhaging in some patients." Interestingly, "because they are derived from living sources, most biological drugs will be recognized as foreign invaders by the patient’s immune system." Copaxone is the MS drug likely to go generic soonest.
195469 tn?1388326488 It's known that some people on the Interferons, Avonex and Rebif have had no additional lesions, that have lasted years. That was my experience when I took Avonex. Since I now take Copaxone and have only been on it for a little over a year, I cannot give you a personal view of how well the drug is working for me. I am beginning to notice less relapses, though. How DMD's work is not fully understood.
Avatar f tn It's really difficult to actually get to the bottom of what causes an allergic reaction. Did you work with a particular Dr. regarding the ingredients in the Copax - the mannitol? I'm not remembering if that is in all of them. My gosh. It's been my experience that many of these allergists are not familiar w/the DMDs at all. I'd love to hear how they got to the bottom of it.
1713150 tn?1314470942 If you still have doubts about any interaction with your meds you could call your MS nurse or even your pharmacist as long as you know the ingredients in the solution when you ask them. Good luck, I hope you can get your tans! I know how much my daughter loves hers.
388544 tn?1231986094 the longest remission I'd had since second year post-diagnosis. After chemo, I was on Rebif for a while.....and unable to tolerate the drug reactions. We then waited for Tysabri. I had one infusion before they pulled Tysabri off the shelves -- and my neurologist decided to send me to an immunologist. His expertise in auto-immune diseases and related off-label prescribing was what we needed. I spent nine months on Imuran (an anti-rejection drug) with no luck [still flaring 5-7 times a year].