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Avatar f tn HI, How are you? Half life of Ramipril is usually 3- 16 hrs. It is important that regular BP monitoring is done and to continue the medication as prescribed. Regular follow up with your attending physician is highly recommended. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Though the two belong to the same class of medication, these are not the same and have different metabolic profile and half life, essentially meaning different contraindications and dosage. It would be best to consult a local doctor for a prescription of the best suitable medication. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
1567714 tn?1318576793 The lowest bp reading yesterday was 140/90 pulse 64. I take 2 medications daily, Ramipril 10mg per day, Atenolol 50mg per day. I also take thyroxine 200 micrograms per day. I had a TT in April and radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer in July. I have really bad fluid retention. I wake with puffy legs and by the end of the day they are so puffed up that it is hard to walk and they ache. As of October 1st I have started to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes each day slowly.
Avatar f tn My skin would itch bad meaning I had to take Piriton. When I came off Clopidogrel after a year, the half life is around 8 hours. My dosage was 75mg daily, meaning after 48 hours I would still have around a mg in my body. The itching continued for about 2 weeks after. I was also put onto ace inhibitors (Ramipril), and they didn't cause any problems the first time. I stopped them under the Doctors orders for about a year, but then needed them again before having more stents.
Avatar f tn Dr ordered 30mg isosorbide which gave me headaches everyday but no more chest pains. After 5 weeks my cardiologist said to cut them in half which I did and after 2 weeks I'm still getting the headaches and now mild chest pains again. Has anyone else had this problem? The weird thing is, I tried stopping the isosorbide for 2 days and still got the headaches and worse chest pain. Today I resumed the 1/2 med and severe headache ensued.
Avatar m tn Metoprolol Tartrate only has a half life of 3-7 hours. So basically, after 3-7 hours you have just 12mg in your blood, then after 6-14 hours 5-6mg which will then slow down in effect. I would ask your DOC if you can split the dosage to twice a day, or change to another type of medication. I had the same issue as you for years, trying to balance my meds. Finally, we now have the medication to exactly the right amounts. Each morning I now take 2.
1140169 tn?1370188676 Ice pick feeling in left shoulder blade, usually lasts 1 hour to half a day. Tinnitus in right ear is very loud. Feb '10 MRI w contrast, brain. no significant changes March '10 Left tooth ache, moves top to bottom to top again. Left side of face gets sore. Very painful! March 29 '10 - dx MS prescribed Rebif DMD and Gabapentin. Neuro is also sending me to a respirologist to make sure we're not missing something in my lungs.
Avatar f tn By July, 2010, my EF increased to 45%. I feel wonderful and lead an active life. What is the prognosis based on this information?
Avatar m tn I am 50 and in great shape, I excersize at least one half hours everyday,with a mixture if cycling 20miles plus 45 mins weight training or jogging 3-5 miles and again 45 mins weight training. Have been doing this for the last ten years plus. I am 5.9 feet and weight 170lb about 11 stone 10. I eat exactly what is advised for me, fish,oats,chicken breast,lean meats,fruit veg.
Avatar m tn You have less than 11 days (04/17) until you see your doctor. You might try cutting the tab in half (pill cutters found at most drug stores). Try that for a 5 days as you continue to test and monitor your blood glucose. If your numbers remain in the normal range stop taking Metformin the last 5 days, but don't stop testing. Hopefully your glucose meter has memory where it stores up to two or more weeks of test results. Take the meter to your doctor and show him/her your results.
Avatar f tn In other words, I am feeling pretty hopeless, but mostly scared at this piont. I have had it all my life and I am 58 years old. I have had so many TIA's over the years, but recently, I had a small stroke in my brain stem. . The Neurologist had no answer to offer, he just walked out of the room after telling me that if I don't get it under control, I will die, or worse. I have taken a mountain of pills over the years that have not worked at all and I have followed the rules and nothing works.
Avatar f tn most blood pressure meds have a half life between 13-16 hours which means they could be wearing off. I had this problem, so I take 2.5 ramipril in the morning and 2.5 early evening. This kept my blood pressure the same for 24 hours.
401554 tn?1270217356 Hi. I've suffered from severe depression for over half of my life (I'm now 22) w/ anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with PCV's and PAC's with a higher-than-normal resting heart rate (95-100 bpm). My blood pressure would go up and down (sometimes with a systolic pressure nearing 200) and my heart rate would go up and down as well. At this point, my depression was so debilitating that I was willing to try ANYTHING, since antidepressants don't help much.
1210142 tn?1266080631 If you have not got the gastroscopy, I would get it before going on PPIs for life. In the other hand, I am surprised that you are not on statins, in fact those gave me the same symptoms that you describe until I realized that were gases produced by them. Any OTC pill to reduce the gases solved my problem. Are you taking any supplements? some like Taurine, COQ10, Omega-3..
Avatar f tn Hubby gets breathless very easily but we think that could be a side-effect of Ramipril - as is his very swollen ankles. His ankles were not swollen until they put him on Ramipril. Ramipril is known for many side-effects including breathlessness, swollen ankles, dry cough, runny nose, cold hands and feet, fatigue, giving the person taking it a feeling of being like a "zombie" and many other side effects. The hospital uses it because it is very cheap.
Avatar f tn If you have a heart condition it could be dangerous. But I am not an expert. You will probably start feeling wd's by the morning. Keep an eye on yourself and don't be alone if possible.
Avatar n tn my doc started inderal for fast heart bit (it was 100-110_. and ramipril for MR , but all these medicine are not suiting me. then my doc withdrow indreral, thereafter i am not geeting relif , i have going through panic disorder beacuse of my proble. kindly let me know how much it is dangerous for me and what precaution will i have to take.
Avatar m tn 3 months ago when I came out of hospital everything was fine... now 3 months later its mentally ruining my life....its either the plavix, ramipril or Lipator.... they stopped the metoprolol 3 weeks ago, so I'm assuming thats all gone now.... my BP is down the 125/75 in the morning before the BP tablets.... resting HR at 53....so its back to the docs this week... My excerice levels have still been good did 2 bike rides over the weekend.... 1 x 20km ride and 1 x 40km ride....
Avatar n tn What can I say , I feel your pain, I too I am sick of feeling not the best that's the way i'll put it, not really because of heart problems as my palps and B/p seems well controlled though i too have tachy and PVCs, but because of a chronic CTD that will be with me for life , but is not life threatening!! Hang in there and never give up or give in!
Avatar n tn I will attempt an ablation for these too when the time is right as I see no reason to battle on with a half a life because of these things when technology is there which can cure them completely. At this stage my EP quoted a 50/50 chance of success so I will wait until he can quote me an 80% chance of success before I go in for the procedure. If I get desperate he has told me he will attempt to ablate them now should I ask. I get probably about 200/day on average.
Avatar n tn but then I had a new frontal chest pain with dizzyness, Doctor said it was anxiety reaction, discontinued ramipril , started lysinopril 10 mg split pill in half take morning and noon. frontal chest pain gone but some tingling episodes in my left back remained for a few weeks . 200 mg metoprolol I split into 4 and take every two hours,.
Avatar n tn I guess I'm getting frustrated, discouraged and feeling a bit like a hypochondriac. I just want my life back and to put this behind me. Hopefully they figure out what is going on and I can get back to my normal routine. Thanks again for your advice.
Avatar m tn After tx my Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are fine. I contribute it to change in Life Style but who knows? I am not totally convinced HCV did not play a role in My High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.
Avatar f tn I have had this problem for, not kidding you, four YEARS! I've tried it all. Nothing works. I got tired of throwing my money away on doctors and tests with no answers. I finally just learned to live with it. I can't say I'm used to it, but I manage.
Avatar f tn I'm not used to taking all these drugs and know that i may have to be on plavix for the rest of my life because of the risk of stenosis with the drug eluding stent. This is weighing heavily on my mind. I went from being an active fun-loving person who now looks at the world feeling on the fringe of all the fun.
Avatar n tn Doctor's cannot figure out what it happening, it's hard to describe, been to ENT who prescribed water pills (no help), had eyes examined and new prescription (not helping) and it's been happening for a year and half now. I have been searching and searching for my own diagnosis, as this affects everything and every decision in my life. It usually only happens on the highway, sometimes I will get a touch of it on the city roads. My husband has finally witnessed this and is scared too.
Avatar f tn 42, male, have lost about 30 pounds in last 5 years, which is good but have driven people in my life nuts including myself. I have a strong belief that the vegas nerve is the culprit, and after coming across this page I believe it more than ever...am considering chiropractic help but now real sure what path to take any more. Big hugs to all!! and someday we will get to the bottom of our problems. Paul.
Avatar n tn i do not know, i was in casualty 2 nights ago and had my bloods done, chest xray, and heart trace, all fine, but i have this very real condition, made even more real by yourselves ..ive been told its not life threatening , beleive me it doesnt feel that way when your gasping for air and about to pass out especially when trying to slow down and stop safely in the car.