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Avatar f tn ACE inhibitors are used for treating high blood pressure, heart failure and for preventing kidney failure due to high blood pressure and diabetes. ACE is important because it is an enzyme responsible for producing the chemical, angiotensin II. Angiotensin II causes muscles in most arteries, including the arteries of the heart, to contract, thereby narrowing the arteries and elevating blood pressure.
769503 tn?1238499921 Hope I have the right site this time. I am a 65 yr old . Been on 10mg Ramipril and 40mg propranolol daily. All has been stable after lots of altering of dosage. However this week my BP is high. Is it ok for me to have an extra propranolol. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My husband has been taking Metformin, Januvia, Actos and Ramipril for his diabetes.....I am very concerned for him...I think it is too much medication and he refused to listen to my concern....also the diabetes is under control.... Thank you kindly....
Avatar f tn Some of these medications should be uptitrated by his cardiologist to allow for the maximum dose as he tolerates them (namely, Ramipril and Metoprolol). His Plavix should continue for either several months up to 1-2 years depending on the type of stent he received at the time of his percutaneous coronary intervention (bare metal stent vs. drug-eluting). As with most medications, daily compliance with all of these is imperative for maintaining healthy cardiovascular fitness.
Avatar n tn I had sinusitus about 8yrs ago and i went to a ears nose and throut dr and they went in and scraped out my sinuses then they pack it with gauze for a week then the coterize it after 2 times ofthe scrapes no more sinusitus also i smoked back then and that was the worst for my sinuses. i used to get bad headaches from my sinuses and now its been 8 yrs and still no pain .
Avatar m tn I had a stent put in in July 2008 and triple by pass in 2006. I'm 64 and had my first MI at 33. My father died of an MI at 46, my EF is under 30%. My EP (at one hospital) just suggested I eliminate the plavix while my CHF specialist (at a nearby major research university) said I would be on plavix for a "long time" (forever?).
Avatar m tn I have close friends and a relative that have done the HCG diet they have lost over 55+ lbs.each they feel and look great and recommend it to everyone . I have diabetes 2 and have been off my medication since 09. (Medformin, Er, Simvastatin, and Ramipril.) All these meds made me sick and gain weight. I recently went to my DR due to high blood pressure and he put me back on the meds but Glimpiride 1mg instead of the Medformin. I really need to lose some weight and my Dr is not into fad diets my?
Avatar m tn Metformin, Ramipril, and Simvastatin. I am also on some medications for cholesterol (my bad cholesterol is under control, my good cholesterol (HDL) is too low) and my cardiologist is trying to get the HDL numbers up. My cardiologist tells me it's okay to have a glass of wine each day with my evening meal while on cholesterol meds, however, I keep forgetting to ask my Endocrinologist if it's okay to drink a glass of wine with the diabetic medication. Is it okay? Thanks!
Avatar n tn , Yes, I may end up having by=pass surgery but do not know at this time, when. I try to manage my heart disease by living healthy and taking my medication and exercising. I wish you well. HD sucks.
Avatar f tn I was put on ramipril as my bp was high. I was also given a glyceryl trinitrate spray to use when I got the pain and before exercise, now this stops the pain and tightness. I was recently put on amlodipine and stopped my ramipril. Now since starting the amlodipine I no longer get the chest pain.Im wondering if this could mean I do have angina and what further test should I ask for to confirm?
Avatar n tn Can someone advise on what could be causing this and what could be remedial measure to stop this deterioration. I take ACE-I Ramipril, betablocker Carvidilol, asprin/clopidogrel, statins, dieuratics, aldectone. I will be highly thankful for your feedback and advise.
Avatar n tn I started having this sensation in end 2007, and in mid 2008 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have also been to the doctors to check my eyes, inner ear and no problems detected. Even the Doctor seem rather puzzled by my complaints. I have a feeling it is due to the blood glucose levels, or also perhaps due to dry eyes. Nowadays I have to get my sister to help drive on the highway.
Avatar n tn I don't know anything about Atenolol and I haven't looked it up, but if possible side-effects listed include weight gain, I think it worth your time to see what you doctor can recommend as a good change (lower dose, or alternative medication). At 6' I think you should target getting more than 20 pounds off, I'd think you'll feel better and have less diabetes risk if you get down to about 200.
Avatar m tn My face is red, hot and itchy - could this be due to Diabetes or the medication I am taking? Two years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. My cholesterol and blood pressure are both high (blood pressure has improved this week since my GP increased the Ramipril to 10mg and added Amlodipine 5mg). Does anyone else get a red face?
Avatar m tn I had a TIA in November 2008, i am doing everything the medical profession tell me, stopped smoking, trying to lose weight, taking one Ramipril (for blood pressure) one simvastatin, and one asprin (75mg) a day. Have had 2 MRI scans one with contrast, one doppler scan (neck) ECG, heart scan and currently being tested for diabetes. I keep getting sensations in my head, slight dizziness, and a strange feeling at the top of my legs, these symptoms come and go. Should I be having these?
Avatar n tn Shes already on zoryl-3 (glimepiride 3mg),piodart-15(pioglitazone 15mg), X-met( metformin 500 mg) besides that she is on antihypertensives( ramipril and hydroclorthiazide), allopurinol, hypolipidemic (atorvastatin). Her blood sugar is still high in the range of 240-270 mg/dl. I request you, and Sir/Maam please do take this message into consideration to inform me about the treatment options. Should insulin be started, her glycosylated hbA1c level was 8. And any other treatment options.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 58 and female. I have Type2 diabetese well controlled. I also am Steroid Dependant due to Adrenal issues.. I have alwYs had good BP but now it's suddenly gone up to 150/155 my consultant sent me to Care of Gzp with updose of Ramipril.. pleSe can anyone tell me how dangerous this reading is . Thankyou to anybody with any info for me.
Avatar n tn i have intense burning inside my throat, chest, shoulder and abdomen mainly leftside but have burning points at left hip, thighs and tops of both feet and hands. I feel hot on exertion of making bed etc. I have neckpain and headaches. I have burning in my eyes and nose as if a blow torch is up there. I am feeling depressed because of this as i think it is cancer somewhere in my body. I am 50 and havent had a period for 2 months. I am told my hormonal level is normal.
326176 tn?1239519289 I had shots of insulin (human) to fight back my diabetes mellitus too. On a strict regimen of diet and exercises I have felt the comforts of good health all these days. However things turned topsy turvey when two weeks back I had a sudden and unexpected fall just infront of my gate on reentering the household after a 30 minutes' morning walk.The spell was quite uncertain and I seldom remember what exactly had occurred.With the unexpected fall., I broke my teeth ..no cerebral damages sorted out.
341137 tn?1287308643 Hi my husband has FSGS and is on Cortisones, ramipril, onix? and many other pills, during the past six months he has worsened and now we think that he has diabetes on top of this possibly brought on by the cortisones. He has no strength at all and has become quite skeletal, he is 54 years old and has always been really healthy and strong - what is the standard treatment for this? and if he has diabetes on top - is it going to ruin his kidneys even more.?
Avatar f tn It is time to control the diabetes by natural means and try to reduce the medication. These pranayam exercises will help control the diabetes and the side effects.Build up the timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume later(after about a minute).The benefits will be noticed in weeks as the sugar level is checked daily.Over the long term the diabetes will be in full control. Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second.
Avatar n tn I visited many doctors and had various checks and echos and analysis and was told that I am ok and was advised not to take alternative medicines! I would be grateful to anyone advising me as the doctors I have access to seem to be too busy to consider my 'special' case, they wouldn't even answer why I am given ConcorCor which is said to counter hyper blood pressure while my blood presssure has always been lower than average.
Avatar m tn Best treatments are controlling blood pressure and diabetes if you have them, following a kidney diet, and exercising. Limiting protein, certain vegetables and fruits high in potassium and limiting phosphorus (packed foods are a big no no) can really make a difference. I raised my GFR about 12 points using a kidney diet. That is the only thing I changed. I hate to admit it but I didn't increase my exercises. For some reason me and exercise do not get along. lol.
Avatar m tn to kick the chew habbit first.. and then see your doctor and have him or her change the meds , to something you can tollerate ! and you can try Omega 3 oils (fish oil ) for cholestroal lowering , its a bit slower acting -but it works well. plus its natural and you want have any side effects from it. also wih Toprol you must ween off it slow.. even at 50mg per day useage your doctor should help you on this ! wish you luck and take care..
Avatar m tn I used to take Amlodopine 5 mg tablets fdaily or a long time [5-6 yrs]. Before 2 years the drug was chaged to 'Ramipril and Hydrochlorothiazide'. This is also a same 5mg tablet that I am taking daily. Recently my BP is more in normal range, even if I dont take the BP medication for a couple of days. I used to masterbate since I was 14. Have a very good sex drive. I think out of fear of impregnating my partner, whenever we do sex without a condom, I use to come very fast.
Avatar m tn Hi sorry for your troubles and glad your working on them. without knowing your Blood sugar (BG) levels at the time of your dizzy spells. its hard to say. dizzy spells can be low BG. some of the symptoms can be your body not used to the lower BG. Many of those symptoms can be something else. some of the Symptoms can be drug side efects, what drugs are you taking?
Avatar m tn all experts/members I am 64 year old man who is on medicine for HIGH BP, Diabetes and irrglar heart beat. I am taking Atenolol 25mg(OD),Ramipril 10mg(OD),Amlodipin 5mg(OD),ecospirin 75mg (OD),Telmisartan 40 mg(OD) for HIGH BP. I am taking Metformin 500mg(BD), Glimpride 1mg (BD) for diabetes beside taking Ayurveda medicine. I get -irregular heart beat every now and then which lasts for 24 hours.
Avatar m tn Rather, therapy should be directed at the root cause of the thick and stiff left ventricle with things like high blood pressure and diabetes treated appropriately. I can't comment on non-cardiac chest pain as chest pain can result from a number of different causes. CAD usually causes chest (angina)?! Treatment would be decreasing the heart's workload by dilating vessel; the role of specific treatments for diastolic dysfunction ''per se'' is unclear.
Avatar m tn My 29yr old BF had anoxic brain injury from his MI 3 months ago. Smoker, high cholesterol and diabetes. It happens more often than we realize. You are lucky, it could have been worse.
Avatar m tn my systolic was high in the office. I am hypertensive, I take 10mg Ramipril and he put me on 12.5mg of HCTZ. Recently, I started experiencing dizziness during exercise (slow jogging), not spinning but a loopy feeling. So I was told to come in for another stress test. I took it today. A different cardiologist was attending. He stopped the test out when he saw ST depressions when I stood up to get on the treadmill, I was nervous and they went away.