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Avatar m tn a. Insulin. Mixtard 30 (22+0+6unit) b. Tab. Neuro B( Vit B1+B6+B12) c. Tab. Mecobalamin. d. Cap. Rabeprazole. e. Tab. Flupenticzole+ Melitracin Question:- 1. If there any supplement preparation that can reduce the symptom of Neuropathy and gastroperesis? 2. If there any enzyme preparation that can help in digestion of a patient of gastroperesis and reduce the symptom of gastric irritation?
Avatar m tn 5mg daily once and now some I can see relieft in my abdominal pain and no flares. Is it possible with 3 months of regularly having Tab Baraclude we can see a good improvement and chance of clearing HBSAG to negative..